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He helpful duck who wears a vest and bow tie and says clich d but somehow still Uncommon Wisdom funny things like egg xactly I also loved the twist on the lion tamer who is a lion that tames wild poodlesI ll be continuing to look outor new Hotdog titles at my local library and look Unseen City forward to the next adventure in the lives of theseriends Another great Anh Do book Hot Dog and his Art friends display a wonderfulriendship and overcome God Is in the Crowd fears Our kids loved this book Anotherunny installment about Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard facing yourears helping others and working hard to get what you want. D Hotdog and Kev cant wait to see the show Hopefully everything goes to pl.

To The Matriarchs (The Family fill in as a trapeze artist The support and encouragement of herriends and her bravery as she prepares to Notes for the Everlost face her greatestear is a great example When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) for readers teaching them valuable lessons in how to be a goodriendAs always I loved the humour in the story and illustrations While the illustrations are primarily grayscale each book also has splashes of colour In this book it s a couple of shades of purple so it deserves some brownie points No Biggy! for that alone There are also purple words and phrases throughout the storyMyavourite minor character was Ut Lizzies TERRIFIED of heights Shes going to be a clownthe unniest aroun.

As someone who s technically an adult I can tell you I love this series I can only imagine how much un they d be to read as a kid This series Attracting Birds to Your Backyard focuses on theriendship between Hotdog Kevin and Lizzie Hotdog is our main character and he s looong Kevin the rotund cat is a champion eater and sleeper Lizzie the lizard enjoys reading and making others laugh but is terrified of heightsIn Circus Time Lizzie goes off to join the circus to Deep Listening fulfill her dream of being a clown Through unforeseen circumstances she has toace her Bird-by-Bird Gardening fear of heights when she is asked. Lizzies joining the circus Her sister Emma is a highlying trapeze star

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Anh Do is a comedian artist and also one of the highest selling Australian authors of all time with total book sales approaching 3 million Anh’s first book The Happiest Refugee is his enormously popular memoir recounting his perilous childhood journey in a tiny boat from war torn Vietnam to Australia The book became an instant hit and has won numerous awards including Australian Book of the