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Super sexy Bridget and her eually hot friends have he whole summer ahead of Notes for the Everlost them Home from college and living inhe lap of luxury in her new Stepfather's house hings we.

Re definitely looking up When her eually hot new step brother Thomas catches her eye and falls into her well laid rap both she and he are in for No Biggy! the summer ofheir lives.

Enjoy Crush It! thisale of easing forced CFNM hot foot action and light femdom as Thomas gets caught in Bridget's web and is forced into a Command Performance he will never forg.

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I have been writing femdom fiction for years ever since the old altsexstories days on usenet and now have braved the world of epublishing Now fully onboard with the ebook revolution all my works will be made available in this new and exciting format and I am thrilled to participateHaving been warped as a child by Vampirella Comics Penthouse Forum letters Russ Meyer and the Ilsa She Wolf