Ariel Slamet Ries: Cry Wolf Girl

From the moment I saw the cover art I knew I was in for it CRY WOLF GIRL is the kind of story with the kind of art that leaves you heartbroken that there isn t MORE even though you know that part of what makes the story so good is its perfect lengthThere is a frenetic energy in the lineart and the coloring I could sigh dreamily forever about the use of color in this that increases the tension throughout. The story goes like this There was once a girl named Dawa Having lost her family to sickn.

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THIS ART Masterful artwork and minimal text tells a deep story about dealing with pain and demons a stunning take on the boy who cried wolf in the form of a truly beautiful thriller comic big big Ariel Ries fan They do so much with a short story The colors and action are dynamic the writing gets at being trapped in your own head and past actions the worldbuilding is there even though it s a short comi. All her endeavours nothing she tried ever left her feeling so full as the art of trickery.

The telling of this particular story Even though we focus on Dawa s experience there is clearly such a lush background for each of the surrounding characters hinted at through all of their interactionsFor those of us who are thinking about what community means what healing looks like and what building trust looks like this is a story you want now Gorgeous and highly anxiety inducing So an excellent read. Ess she found herself with an emptiness inside that she did not know how to fill Alas in.