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In answering people s concerns about the mysteries of existence and the niverse Unfortunately too many people run to belief systems started by confidence men and that do not hold How to Learn a Foreign Language up to scientific scrutiny I knew Chris Evans slightly when he worked at NPL in the 70s and he was also a regular knowledgable phone in host on London s Capital radio on all things Psychology related He died far too young 1979 but he did leaves this brilliant and amusing look at cults and religions The Scientology section is a tour de force Though this book is perhaps in some ways dated and could be due for an pdate It still holds its own and for any critical thinker a book like. Ay's bizarre beliefsInclu.

Dr Evans did consultation work for a favorite TV show from childhood The Tomorrow People I has be looking for this books for several years before finding it in the Monkey s Paw in Toronto He examines UFO cults Scientology and A ick informative read My copy s falling apart let me know if you are done with yours Another fine book to add to my skeptical bookshelf Evans writes on the strange worlds of Scientology UFO s black box medicine and New Age gurus It is an old book but still holds p nicely today It definitely deserves a seuel to answer today s views of these belief systems The framework of the book is interesting how classic religion is no longer enough. A penetrating look at tod.

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This is always a welcome read Its age does make it some what charming and the subject of theology never really dates though some of the cults therein mentioned are now accepted as credible religions I managed to devour this book as a teenager and really found it interesting Around this period I was reading a lot of books on the subject from all sides of the subject This was certainly one of the best books I came across during this period of interestIf you like to read about religion and specifically those relegated to Cult status then this book is for you A very nice intro on some of the featured cults which could help to motivate one to investigate further70 Ding a study on Scientolo.

Dr Christopher Riche Evans 29 May 1931 – 10 October 1979 was a British psychologist computer scientist and authorBorn in Aberdovey he spent his childhood in Wales and was educated at Christ College Brecon 1941–49 He spent two years in the RAF 1950–52and worked as a science journalist and writer until 1957 when he began a BA course in Psychology at University College London graduat