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I was in no urry to read this because I was doubtful that eight men could love each other and frankly it seemed perverted However I read it because Gabrielle Evans is one of my favorite authors I am so glad I did Dark Devotion Dancing on the Ceiling has great characters and even though they re not very developed they really get better further into the series The Greek mythology in this series is well researched and very informativeowever if you know nothing about Greek mythology you may want to make a link to Wikipedia Two thousand years ago Hex and The Wee Free Men (Discworld, his lovers escaped Tartarus theyave no intentions of ever going back The oracle predicts the gates of Tartarus will open and release evil on the world Hex and Kidnapped his lovers must stand together and fight the evil The oracle tells them their gifts must be united and sealed Theeart which beats between them will bring their salvation and bring them together Hex All Quiet on the Western Front has no clue who theireart is Echo a man with no memory comes to Hex and História do Rei Transparente his mates bruised and naked in the middle of the night He escaped the lab wheree grew up and Hex realizes that Echo is their Best Mechanic Ever heart the mate theyave to save from those trying to kill Dinosaur Dinners him if they want to save the world from the coming evil Dark Devotion by Gabrielle Evans is the first book in the Fatefully Yours series a very different kind of paranormal romance This bookas demons working for the side of good They In His Blood have to be centered with theireart before they can fully achieve their powers Echo is their Desert Kings (Deathlands, heart In this story you get a really good beginning on what is to come This story provides a lot of the critical ground work we will need in the coming stories It s kind of an appetizer I want to know and didn t feel over whelmed by the amount of men in this book Which really shocked me you d think a book with seven men would be a little too much but the artful way Ms Evans writes didn t make it overwhelming The story is well thought out and I really appreciated that I really look forward to reading of this series and discovering where it takes me I look forward to seeing where this ride takes me in the future What Nothing s been resolved Not the lab Not the solstice war warning Not loverelationshipfeelings The only thing they accomplished was a lot of lust fulfillmentOkay okay the story outside of the menage plus was interesting between the escape from Hades and the escape from the lab I will probably keep reading to see whatappens with that stuff But damn I knew it was a series going in and some plot lines need to continue throughout but I felt like a longer story was just cut randomly to set the place for the next installmentAnyway basic review stuff The MC was a runt and the demons gigantic I get it I felt beat over the An Officer and a Spy head with the physical differences and those differences made the MC seem like a kid playing with adults at times Ew By the end I was rolling my eyes at the goofy kid behavior among the men Yes they reappy together but the silliness didn t do anything for character development or plot progression after the first couple of scenes of it Also Echo s personality didn t fit Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, hisistory Stuck in a lab all Ooko his lifeeld against Naked his wille shouldn t be so bold and demanding no matter ow Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage Romance MMMMMMMM demonsHex and is six demon warriors escaped the depths of Tartarus under Hades's watchful eye to live among the mortals in the Top World The Oracle as prophesized an epic battle to come a war between good and evil.

Est part outside of steamy ot sex of course was the interaction between these demon warriors and Echo He Nerds had no problem throwing temper tantrums or putting them in their place and I thoughte was adorable I am definitely looking forward to the next story for most people its the seven lovers to one male that s an issue For me it s echo s temperment I could admit at first I wass skeptical on In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, how this series would work out As I read I understood I uickly liked the demons and all of the other characters which were added Heck I even like the antagonist With Echo I findim to be really bitchie manipulative and demanding and self centered According to most paranormal books I understand the mate bond and the need to assert yourself in the relationship I dont see any reason for Bark him to act adverse in thinking someone who is brutallyurt would want to go after On Such a Full Sea his mate When someone isurt and you find sanctuary you feel a sense of relief and want a grasp of setting your reality in that sanctuary after being terrorized and brutalized Not with Echo Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! he goes into these Jealous fits and lashes out whene meets people that are in this situation I mean this is the same person who Cannibal himself was in the same situation and needed saving 3 StarsIt didn t bother me as I thought about this book that went through eight persons relationshipThe seven demons escaped from Tartarus andeard about a prophecy Then they met a guy who didn t even known Mastered (The Enforcers, his name so they named the new guy as EchoI loved this writing style fromer other books the story didn t confuse me though From my experience with this kind of story going around the m nage this one didn t mess up and mostly emphasize at EchoEven thoughI didn t like some Echo s behaviors He freaked out Man, Son of Man he alsoad a temper and Alter Ego he ran from the problems But I did enjoy this book This book is somewhat of a challenge I mean 8 men in a relationship really and will not be for everyone but I must admit I really liked it What fascinated me was the concept ofaving a group of demons escape Hell and yes the mythology behind it was somewhat abused to make the story fit then being threatened with aving to go backThe fact that they even ave their own ideas Uncommon Wisdom have developed the beginnings of a conscience is interesting It is almost as if free willad suddenly beset the creatures of the underworld and Satan or whoever is in charge doesn t like it This is an interesting contrast to Heaven where God supposedly instilled free will into Unseen City humans in the first place The thought experiment of whatappens when this idea takes root in Hell does Art have my interestWe don t find out too much aboutow they will God Is in the Crowd have to defend themselves in this first book Most of it is taken up with introducing the characters all 8 of them giving us some of the backstory and a taste for what is about toappen It is clear that Echo will play a key role and I liked watching Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard howe comes into the demons life and begins to make a difference The bonding between them felt like it was only a first step like a minimum reuirement that is purely physical at this point I am The Matriarchs (The Family hoping for it to grow into something deeper and meaningful as we move alongI definitely look forward to the rest of the serie. Ld upside downIf fighting an angry god weren’t enough the warriors learn Echoas escaped from a secret lab idden away in the mountains and it isn’t long before trouble comes looking for them Can the demons keep their new mate safe when it seems the entire world and the Underworld is against the.

Afe e felt in that When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) house It just didn t ring true If that came out little by little ase grew comfortable and let go of the past then I d be accepting of itHonestly this is sounding like a lot of griping but overall I did get drawn into the story finding it difficult to put down and that is the most important factor for me I couldn t take the characters too seriously but the lab and the prophecy No Biggy! have me curious to read of the series So win even if an imperfect one Enjoyable bookI liked this book It s a little short but as it s part of a continuing series at least I know there will be I like Echoow Crush It! he fiery and not the passive mate that often comes with being the mate to a bunch of men Demons being kind and thoughtful is an interesting twist There are a lot of characters the demons that you are introduced to all at once and it is taking some time for me to really tell the differences in their characteristics But they become concrete and individual toward the end Hex is the most known from the beginning ase is the leader There is some excitement and threat to Echo which I like and a incoming battle that they all Attracting Birds to Your Backyard have to prepare for I like the anticipation I read this book out of pure curiosityI wanted to know could this author pull off a book with 8 guys in it Or specifically 7 kind of demons and 1 psychicumanshort answerYes Long answerHell yes I recently read a mm where the main characters names were so similar I kept getting them mixed up I was expecting this to appen because of the amount of guys But the author somehow cleverly creates each character as a complete individualThe sex is ot but not unrealistic not all 8 at once the sharing between the other men is already set up and the connection between the demons is awesome I loved reading about them I never got confused about who was touching whoI smiled I grinned I adored the sex scenesHowever there was a few negativesI sometimes found Echo mildly cliche with Bird-by-Bird Gardening him being just a little bit too perfect and cutesy I wouldave preferred a few flaws but this was just a mil 45 StarsI m a fan of mmm romance I purchased this ebook as a curiosity to find out The Works of Saint Augustine how the Author pull this off A relationship between 8 guysI didn tave great Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone hopes for this book Ionestly thought this is going to be bad I was expecting lots of sex orgies My Teacher Is a Robot hardly any plot don t forget I bought it out of curiosity onlyI must say I loved it what a surprise very interesting and different story line right amount of sex scenes funny and charmingWhat do you know I m buying the rest of the series and I m looking forward to read about these gorgeous Demons Iave zero problem admitting that the initial appeal for me of this book and series was SEVEN warriors and ONE bratty bottom I mean Supper Club hello EIGHT menaving sex I couldn t even really wrap my brain around that many body parts in a sexual situation togetherBut I was sure willing to tryThis introduction book of the series was done really well It began to explore each of the men and their mate along with the background stories and what their future Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) held in store for them It didn t try to answer and explain everything right off the bat which was good because that mightave ruined it for me The That will test the warriors as never beforeWhen Echo arrives on their doorstep cold naked and Professional Capital hungry they immediately realizee is their mate and the prophesized “heart” that beats between them Echo may be the ultimate weapon in the war but Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) he’s also a spitfire ande instantly turns their wor.

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