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This is a series of mostly extremely short vignettes straight from the lives of femdoms and their subs It rings authentic very similar to Candace Blevins s books in its authenticity But like her books this also has a writing problem After a while these short stories run into each other it s clear as what they started out titillating TendernessWith all the craze about Domination submission the depiction of BDSM kinky sex one thing has somehow been pushed to the side over and over again and that is tendernessIn Sharyn Ferns very capable hands we are ifted with a collection of shorts that speak to that carnal heat the sexy sweet dynamic and the core of power play exchange between a Domme and her submissive men Whether it is their intrinsic nature or simply a man who would like to temporarily remove the yoke of power that the world expects of him far of the male sex seek to be submissive than many yet realize Hence the level of insightfulness in these chroniclesIn reading this collection slowly over the last few weeks I was really very Lásky hra osudná / Adam Stvořitel grateful that Ferns compiled it My inner flame was lit than a few timesSexy Hot Tender For anyone who is curious or looking to reinforce what they already know this is areat book to add to your collection One of the most fascinating collection of stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading The author has an amazing ability at capturing your attention in the beginning and keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting to read the next tale of passion and romance The author lures you into the stories just as you are one of the characters Each kiss brought me The Exchange goosebumps each strike made me cringe and every shared moment made me warm inside I am amazed at how well the author reflects the real emotions between a Dominant and her submissiveI have only read a small portion of this collection and I haven t yet been able to stand to put it down Thank you for such a wonderful collection of passion love and pain Sampled only I didn t realise this entire volume is all vignettes some. This anthology of true life vignettes offers intimatelimpses into hot BDSM play between a female dominant and her boy It includes passionate moments that cover the amut of play teasing denial chastity flogging caning pegging slapping and much It al.

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Fifty Shades we see a woman s fantasy of BDSM while in The Original Sinners we see a world of characters in their various stages of dominance and submission In Domme Chronicles Erotic Tales of Love Passion Dominance we see a woman s dominant perspective on the beauty of submissive menMiss Ferns creates this very personal hallway into hot intimate memories full of love passion and tenderness between a dominant and a submissive Each memory is either written in first person or third person As a journal entry or a fiction stub As a declaration of love or a promise of ephemeral existence The domme as modeled after Miss Ferns s personal life is not your mainstream image of an overpowering woman covered in latex and high heels But it s hot I mean it s endearing than hotEach story takes a different approach in showing how much love she s felt for her submissive In showing the power a submissive really has over a dominant I really don t have many wonderful things to say about this collection of vignettes I don t think words could ever express the diversity of sentiments little kisses and ravaging sex involved in the entirety of the collection It s just amazing to own this collection It s amazing to see this perspective of dominance in a world where the sadist dominant is portrayed as a broken humanIn short This book is a must have for everyone in the scene For everyone interested in a woman s perspective of love For everyone who s ever loved 5 stars of course smileI couldn t find another way to add it to my bookshelf than to say I d read it I have and then I had to rate it it s ood What strikes me as so very different about this book by Sharyn Ferns from other BDSM books about femdom relationships is that it is told from the viewpoint of the domme and not from the submissive And yes it is very extreme pain and suffering she makes these men endure for her but she also lets the reader know what she ets out of this type of play or relationship both emotionally and physically This is a voluntary review of this book. Nd moan but still you push back against me until I am fucking you against the wall tearing at your skin like I am oing to devour you No stereotypes no billionaires no far fetched fantasies This is what real Ds looks like Sexually explicit ADULT CONTE.

Barely two pages Not my cuppa tea but sure to appeal to others A lovely and arousing collection of stories Hot interesting well written I am a long time fan of the author s blog and was not disappointed ok for the record it does say in the book description this is a series of vignette into a real BDSM relationship where a man submits to a woman I was intrigued problem is the vignettes Small Crimes give you nothing I mean nothing some we literally 2 pages and all I could say was WTF All of the vignettes are told from the Domme s POV with you onlyetting some insight into hur sub through some minimal conversation And I do minimal Here s my thing that pretty much turned me off really early in the book all you hear is safe sane and consensual That is the motto in BDSM Well this chick id far from safe and sane So she Vasculitis: Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired gets pissed off at him for some stupid reason ties him up spread ewagle on her bed and then beats him with a belt and the buckle until he bleeds to make herself feel better She admitted to being pissed off and emotional and hit him at this time not when she was calm and could think rationally so that pretty much said what a psycho this bitch was and this pooruy was howling in pain and just kept saying if it makes you feel better then says I forgive you for beating him to a bloody pulp becasue she was mad there were plenty of other instances that showed how much this chick was off her rocker but frankly I was just not interested at this point I was waiting for the tender moments which there some but frankly since its just little snippets of their time together you really miss the whole setup and you have no clue what the tender moment was for or if its Les lixirs floraux de Viviane faire soi-mme genuine or not I just didn t find anything redeeming about this bookespeciall the cost This review was originally posted on Sopphey SaysI m a huge fan of Miss Ferns I found Domme Chronicles her blog about the same time I found Fifty Shades of Grey and The Original Sinners The three perspectives of BDSM relationships are areat entry point into the scene In. So includes incredibly sweet exchanges full of tenderness and ownership lots of kissing laughter affection and silliness “Your breaths come hard and fast I bite you relentlessly thrusting up against you from behind Every new attack makes you wince

Domme Chronicles Now I have booksMy hope is that the way I write about Ds and BDSM play is something that people can relate to I'd like those who are just curious to think it sounds like insanely hot fun and those who are experienced to nod at times in recognition and say 'Yes THAT'