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And and maybe do something which would destroy Anabelle and Henri s happiness The parts of the book set in Paris were interesting and engaging but the action picks up even when the two men leave to fight Brave Anabelle decides nursing in Spain in the field hospitals is the way to go for her She wants to give something back and be near Henri if at all possible The action was non stop from here on in full of twists and turns and lots that I didn t see coming and I did wonder how it would tie in with Eugenie and what secrets would be uncovered in the futureEchoes from Afar is rich in detail in both the areas in which it is set Paris and Spain and of the events occurring at the time At no point did it become bogged down in nitty gritty detail of the war as in battles won and the reasons for occurrence Instead ust the right amount of description of Anabelle s time in the field hospital and the conditions she endured was used I find if a book goes into too much detail I become confused and therefore lose interest and it can also detract from the main plot Thankfully this wasn t the case here Tamara nailed the descriptions of the setting showing the contrast between the bohemian lifestyle Anabelle Aline Henri and Etienne enjoyed and then that of the hot stifling difficult nursing conditions The scenes with Henri and Etienne coming under fire were raw and fast paced and vivid When Henri and Anabelle return from their sojourn by the sea the next few pages were so real and intense that you could almost feel the vibrations of the planes over head as they charged towards the village Tamara didn t hold back here My heart was in my mouth as the buildings shook and battle commenced By the end of this chapter my heart was torn in two Another element which made this book so riveting was the fact that it wasn t all set in one place which made for a surprise read as you never knew what was around the corner Moving the characters from their comfort zone allowed for a lot of development both of the characters and the plot I feel if the setting had remained in Paris and the civil war aspect had not been introduced this would have been a very different book and not half as good as it wasI absolutely loved Echoes from Afar and was totally engrossed from the very first chapter and really wanted the book to last for longer Tamara McKinley has a way of sucking you in until you forget your surroundings and are actually really there with Anabelle be it on the streets of Paris or the battlefields of Spain I loved the majority of the book but I do feel the last section when we The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, jump forward twenty years to 1956 was the weakest aspect of the book I fully understand why the author included it as it needed to be there to bring the story together but it seemed to have lost the flow of the rest of the book I realise the sections are set over 18 years apart but itust seemed to stall what had up until that part been a completing mesmerising story Yes there was that vital aw dropping moment and I couldn t believe it could have happened yet was so glad it did Even then the very end although very realistic was not uite the ending I wanted or maybe that s me ust being very selfish It felt as if we were rereading some of the same scenes from the very beginning of the book only with Eugenie s name inserted for Anabelle s as she discovers her Aunt Aline s house Saying all that it didn t detract too much from what overall was a brilliant bookSo to come back to the comparison to my all time favourite author Lesley Pearse Was it ustified Well I can absolutely see why this claim was made as Echoes from Afar is certainly as sweeping historical saga that keeps you hooked rapidly turning the pages I enjoyed it so much I read it in two sittings Truthfully though after reading only one book from Tamara McKinley I couldn t claim she is as good as Lesley although she gave her a good run for her money Personally I would have to read by this author to come to that conclusion But now I have a flavour of her writing style I am intent on searching out of her books to see what other settings and themes she has used in her previous novels and whether the standard of writing is as high as it is here Echoes from Afar is an exciting enthralling read set against the backdrop of loveart and war I wouldn t hesitate to recommend it One not to be missed Matilda s Last Waltz that I read back many many years ago is still one of favourite books and one that I recommend to new readers of Tamara McKinley and since then Tamara is still an automatic read for me although for me none of her following books have reached that height in saying that I still enjoy her books I loved the main character Annabell story and the descriptions of The Spanish Civil War were compelling and atmospheric The only thing that let the book down a star or two for me was how the story ust fell into place and you could see that happening before you got there People found each other easily along the way and the secrets that came out weren t as shocking as you would expect them to be But still a great read with captivating characters and a book that will go on my Tamara McKinley shelf for sure. Belle must wake from the dream and confront the reality of war A lifetime later gifted artist Eugenie Ashton falls in love with Paris the moment she sets foot outside the Gare de Lyon Like her mother Annabelle before her the artistic delights of the city are a bright new world to her but Eugenie will soon find that in its shadows are hidden the secrets of her family's pas.

Nent painters sculptors composers dancers poets and writers Paris offered numerous galleries art dealers and a network of wealthy patronsBefore the Great Depression hit Paris in 1931 the period Les annees folles or the crazy years saw Paris re established as a capital of art music literature and cinema But the Spanish Civil War comes to their door and as young people are drawn to the fight against Fascism in Spain Annabelle must wake from the dream and confront the reality of war through her nursing skills The Spanish Civil War was a civil war in Spain fought from 1936 1939 Due to the international political climate at the time the war had many facets and was viewed as a class struggle religious war struggles between dictatorship and republican democracy between revolution and counter revolution and between fascism and communism It has been freuently called the dress rehearsal to WWII which came right after 20 years later in 1956 gifted artist Eugenie Ashton falls in love with Paris at first sight Like her mother Annabelle before her the artistic delights of the city are a bright new world to her but Eugenie will soon find that in its shadows lurk the secrets of her mother s past The 1930s was known as the Twilight Years in Paris For the artists and expatriates the aristocrats and arrivistes Paris lost none of its magical allure during that era Social life continued on as normal until the fall of Paris and the Nazi occupation of France and then resumed again after WWII Despite having written than 12 novels Tamara McKinley is yet again another new author for me but when the press release says certainly on a par with Lesley Pearse that has me sitting up and taking notice Lesley alongside Lucinda Riley is my favourite author and I have devoured everything she has written so to say I had high expectations would be an understatement I always love discovering a new historical fiction author and especially one who is in the same vein as an author whom you already love so much So when Echoes from Afar came through the door I was than excited For me the cover alone hit the nail on the head There is an air of mystery about the woman and I was intrigued to learn of her story in the exotic and exhilarating world of Paris in the 1930 s Also for once not that I don t like this aspect featuring in books in this genre the book wasn t set during World War Two so we are given a different viewpoint of the city of love before the horrors of war came knocking at the door for the Parisian citizens Instead the Spanish Civil War does feature heavily for a section but these chapters were brilliantly written and tied in very well with the overall story line This story focuses on two women a mother and daughter who find themselves in Paris twenty years apart The daughter Eugenie has won a scholarship to study art for a year But as she retraces her mother s footsteps is she about to uncover than she bargained for or are secrets there to remain a mystery for the very reason they were created in the first placeEchoes from Afar opens with a beguiling prologue of a man in Paris in 1956 He spots a woman on a bridge as he is gazing from his window A woman he believes he recognises but can it really be who he thinks it is Chapter one takes us back in time to London 1936 Anabelle Blake is at a crossroads in her life She has been dismissed from the hospital she was nursing in and living in a run down apartment with little money for food or clothes Five years previously she had been banished from her home by her brute of a father and so has no one to turn to That is until she meets her mother whom she hasn t had the best of relationships with Her mother reveals a few surprising home truths and with a cash injection from Camille Anabelle finds herself making her way to Paris to begin a new life with her art and culture loving Aunt Aline Anabelle finds the city a contrast to everything she has known but soon falls in love with the cobbled streets the sights the sounds and the famous buildings and galleries The house her Aline lives in is full of artists poets writers and musicians and is alive day and night It is eclectic and homely a sanctuary for all Aline is a free spirit serene and calm and she begins to rub off on Anabelle But Anabelle is determined to work and continue on with her nursing But will her lack of French hospital terminology let her downHenri and Etienne are friends since they were toddlers and come from the Basue region of France They now live in Paris and are a struggling artist and a moderately successful poet They encounter Anabelle upon a bridge and for Henri a connection is instantly established one which will grow and develop and last for a long time It was evident for the reader to see that Henri and Anabelle had this spark that ignited upon first sight Their love respect and passion for each other oozed from the pages But you did wonder with the Spanish Civil War raging on could this love last as Henri and Etienne prepare to do battle and defend their heritage on the war front Etienne seemed to me very ealous of his friend s deep love and happiness and I was worried he was going to be cruel sneaky and underh. Afresh There she makes the acuaintance of Etienne and Henri one a poet the other a painter both charming talented and handsome They spend their days flirting and drinking with the city's artistes and Bohemians and soon Annabelle too is swept up in the exotic and exhilarating world of 1930s Paris But as ever young people are drawn to the fight against Fascism in Spain Anna.

Such a weird read This book is really a 2 and 4 star rating The language is something I could have written when I was younger At the same time the story is really fast paced and interesting One thing is for sure I will not pick up another book by this author this book was romantic emotional and completely made you feel in love with true love the love story woven within these pages was entirely believable and at times made you think that it was a real life true story I found the end a bit rushed unfortunately and would of loved for it to have played out but I suppose thats the way the end always is rushed and over very uickly but the memories will always remain Another book that I will recommend to the people I know Can love endure Can it survive the onslaught of war lies and secretsThose are the uestions facing Belle and Henri as their young love ignited in Paris is tested by the Spanish Civil War and its aftermathFrom the sublime descriptions of 1930s Paris to the heart breaking horrors of war this is an elegantly written story brought to life with memorable characters that sweep you along on an emotional ride filled with twists surprises and love that transcends tragedyEchoes From Afar is an epic tale told with a confidence and mastery that engaged and surprised me from the first page to the last Highly recommended We get to meet young Annabelle who after training as a nurse in 1930s London is without a ob and heads to Paris to stay with her aunt and get work there A chance encounter with two young artists changes her plans and Annabelle finds herself having to prove her skills and open her heartA good easy to read holiday book that I enjoyed sitting on my deck in the summer sun with a cool drink over the Christmas break This review was originally posted on Between My Lines1930s Parisa swoony looking cover Hell yes this blog tour for Echoes from Afar by Tamara McKinley was one I HAD to Rodeo Daughter join I came for the setting and delighted in the atmospheric writing and the engaging characters First Line of Echoes from Afar by Tamara McKinley Despite the passing of the years he d hoped that by some miracle he would see her there once so that when she finally appeared he wondered if it was the sheer force of his longing that had somehow conjured her up My Thoughts on Echoes from Afar by Tamara McKinley Echoes from Afar has a romantic bittersweet storyline From the moment we meet Annabelle we get the sense ofust what a genuinely nice girl she is She is hard working wants to make a difference via her nursing work but is also realistically scared at what she might face in a war zoneShe drew the short straw when it comes to her father and thanks to his meddling her nursing career is effectively finished in England So she sets off to Paris to live with her aunt I felt exactly like I was setting off on a scary adventure as I set sail with her I felt all her anticipation and trepidation at what was aheadHer aunt Aline thankfully is a lot caring and affection than her parents were And I loved spending time with this artistic loving and vivacious woman And we also meet Henri But knowing that the war is ust ahead of them all you know that there is going to be horror and confusion ahead and this story plays out in a poignant unsettling wayDefinitely a book to get swept away in and I absolutely loved it I soaked up the colour and energy of Paris I trembled at the dangers in civil war Spain my heart beat faster over the romance and ached for all they had to endure Who should read Echoes from Afar by Tamara McKinley I d recommend this to you if you enjoy historical dramas pre warwar settings and a romance that you can t stop thinking aboutThanks to uercus books for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest unbiased review And why not check out some of the other tour stops for this book all are listed in the graphic below I loved this story set mainly in France in 1936 and 1956 Heartbreaking considering the first part of the book is set against the Spanish Civil war Some very delightful scenes in 30s ParisI do love to read a book set in Paris This is my first book by Tamara Mckinley and I thoroughly recommend it 4995 Odd rating I know but I have mixed feelings about the ending I like it and at the same time I don t I wish it would be a little different but I understand why it ended the way it did Overall loved the book I loved the writting the detailing and the descriptions even most of the storyline with the little exception of the ending as already stated and the characters Great book great story In 1936 after a spiteful rumour made by her cold powerful solicitor father Edwin Annabelle Blake finds her nursing career in London over Her French mother Camille then advises her to seek a fresh start in Paris When Annabelle arrives in Paris to stay with her maternal aunt and artist Aline she makes the acuaintance of two male friends named Etienne and Henri a poet and an artist The trio then spend their days flirting and socialising with the city s artistes and Bohemians and swept up in the exhilarating world of 1930s Paris which back then was the home and meeting place of some of the world s most promi. A powerful story of love and loss from internationally bestselling author Tamara McKinley So this is Paris she thought in awe Spread out before her beneath a clear blue sky it was like a precious gift after the smog and filth of London No wonder it was called the city of love After a spiteful rumour ruins her career in London Annabelle Blake must travel to Paris to start.

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TAMARA MCKINLEY was born in Launceston Tasmania and was forced to come to England with her grandmother to finish her education at an all girls’ boarding school in Sussex Her childhood experiences and the enduring memories of her amazing grandmother and two extraordinary great aunts form the back bone of her novels which are coloured with the red green and gold of her beloved AustraliaHaving