T.A. Chase: Embrace My Reflection

All tell no show storyline was much better than the writing This was a sweet and fun read Ronnie and Lucius met in igh school and became best friend but life led them down separate paths 10 years later they meet up The relationship picks up from where it left off Just a nice sweet read I like books that show that just because a male character is effeminate or wears female clothes doesn t mean An Officer and a Spy he s not a man or thate s not desirable 35 starsHaving a protagonist like Ronnie Lake is a breath of fresh air I love Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, him uhmer for embracing who Ooko he is Even ife must faces judgment from other people it doesn t really put Naked him down It is a lovely story and there is tenderness between the two of them that just makes it wonderful The scene where Lucius touches Ronnie sair and notices Shadow Scale (Seraphina, how soft it is is sweet A great cross dresser x cop childhood friendslovers reunited story Embrace My Reflection was very very sweet Iad a silly grin on my face the whole time I spent reading it Both main and side characters felt real and three dimensional Plus points for author for providing some background and soulidentity searching on the subject Exactly what I needed 35 starsalso contains a scary stalker and some very Claim The Crown hot loving This was an extremely sweet story A friend of mine would call it sugar kink it was so sweet But Ronnie s character stole the show You ve got to love a guy who isappy to Nerds have a penis but whene wears In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, his comfortable jeans puts them on with silk panties andigh Bark heels lolRonnie and Lucius were best friends inigh school and lost their virginity to each other the night before Lucius left town and it s been ten years since they ve seen each other when the story begins The plot with the stalker following Ronnie as On Such a Full Sea he works as a female impersonator in a night club was a bit predictable but I enjoyed their story anyway Lucius Montagne and Ronnie Lake were best friends duringigh school and in those two years they fell in love But Lucius joined the army and left Ronnie behind to deal with the pain of being aloneNow a decade later Ronnie works at Cindi’s Cabaret in New Orleans as a female impersonator He’s come to terms with the fact that e likes to dress in

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Fun read While I like TA Chase s writing a few of er recent offerings ave not been my favourites However in my opinion this book indicates to me anyway that she s back I thought that the protagonists although not perfect were well drawn other than a few niggles and the supporting characters were fully fleshed out In many books with cross dressers the characters are cardboard cut outs but in Embrace My Reflection TA Chase makes er cross dressing character three dimensional and sympathetic Ronnie made no apologies for dressing in women s clothing not only when performing at Cindi s Cabaret as Veronica Lake but also at Mastered (The Enforcers, homeanging outThere seemed no doubt that Lucius loved Ronnie but I didn t feel that there was a strong explanation for why Man, Son of Man he didn t contact Ronnie in the 2 years sincee returned to NO However I really liked Lucius especially the way Alter Ego he protected thosee cared aboutThe reason I didn t rate this book igher is because of a few concerns I ad about Ronnie s characterization My main issue was I thought that the character was defined by being a cross dresser rather than this being just a part of who Uncommon Wisdom he was Conseuently I felt that what was missing from the story was about Ronnie the man without theeels and makeup but perhaps that didn t Unseen City happen because we re told that Ronnie believede was ugly after years of mental abuse and conditioning by Art his father and wearing feminine clothing madeim feel beautifulIf you like sympathetic characters and cross dressers you might want to take a chance on Embrace my Reflection I think someone else said the same thing already but it seems like TA Chase is back on track with this one I was kinda disappointed with a couple of previous releases but I really really enjoyed this story I loved the characters and God Is in the Crowd how sweet it was Ronnie especially I really liked that they didn Omen’s clothes as well asis eartbreaking love for Lucius Although Ronnie’s appy The Matriarchs (The Family he still longs to reconnect with the man who leftim all those years agoLucius returns to New Orleans and gets a job as a detective on the police force Finding out Ronnie also lives in the city brings all of Lucius’s buried feelings to the surface When Lucius.

Angst over the 10 year separation but both realized they needed that time to become the men they are in the present Really enjoyed it this Notes for the Everlost has everything I love about a TA Chase written story TA Chase always delivers a wonderful story The one thing I love about Emrace My Reflection is the main characters Ronnie He is all man even while wearing silk and satin and strong enough to loveimself even when those who should love When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) him best turned their back The best part is the love was solid between Ronnie and Lucious despite the years apart and their coming together was beautiful Embrace My Reflection is a must read and will remain on my TBR list as they are characters I would love to revisit Ronnie and Lucius are great together I really liked the fact that while they were apart for 10 years they understood and were accepting of the experiences they eachad while away There was no jealousy and getting upset just a feeling that it was what was necessary to bring them together again Lucius Montagne and Ronnie Lake met in No Biggy! high school Ronnie was being bullied by a couple ofomophobic twins and Lucius came to Crush It! his rescue solidifying an instant friendship one that grew easily throughout those turbulentigh school yearsAt 18 years old though Lucius Attracting Birds to Your Backyard had signed up for the military was shipping off to boot camp and leaving Ronnie andis love behind Not before spending one passionate night together Deep Listening however A night that both meneld close to their Bird-by-Bird Gardening hearts for the next ten years Now at 28 Lucius is a respected New Orleans Police Detective andis newest case is investigating a The Works of Saint Augustine harassment claim by one of the female impersonators as Cindi s Cabernet A female impersonator that goes by the name of Veronica Lake but is known in every day life as Ronnie LakeThis was my first story where a female impersonator is one of the main protagonists and Discoversis Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone high school sweetheart is being stalked by a sleazy United States senatore immediately jumps into action Protecting the man My Teacher Is a Robot he loves comes naturally forim Accepting that Ronnie dresses like a woman owever is a little difficultYet can love find a way to survive no matter the obstacles in its wayGenres Gay Contemporary Acton Adventu.

There is beauty in every kind of love so why not live a life without boundaries Experiencing everything the world offers fascinates me and writing about the things that make each of us uniue is how I share those insights I live in the Midwest with a wonderful partner of thirteen years When not writing I’m watching movies reading and living life to the fullest