Peter B. Gray: Endocrinology of Social Relationships

My ratings of books on Goodreads are solely a crude ranking of their utility to me and not an evaluation of literary merit entertainment value social im I read 3 or 4 books a year that I will maybe understand 2% to 10% of if I m lucky This was one of those books this yearThis is a very technical book In was able to expose myself to a lot of to Il libro In social relationships whether between mates parents and offspring or friends we find much of life s meaning But in these relationships so critical to our well being might we also detect the workings even directives of biology This book a rare melding of human and animal research and theoretical and empirical science ventures into the most interesting realms of behavioral biology to examine the intimate role of endocrinology in.

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Erone sull aggressivit maschileL argomento affascinante e stimola considerazioni che vanno ben al di l degli aspetti meramente scientifici Parzialmente deludente forse il capitolo sulla diversit sessuale scritto con un linguaggio eccessivamente politically correct non viene usata nemmeno una volta la parola omosessualit e probabilmente con un condizionament. And rising scientists whose work is shaping the field go beyond the proximate mechanics of neuroendocrine physiology to integrate behavioral endocrinology with areas such as reproductive ecology and life history theory Ranging broadly across taxa from birds and rodents to primates the volume pays particular attention to human endocrinology and social relationships a focus largely missing from most works of behavioral endocrinolo.

Ensato per studenti undergaduate descrive come gli ormoni influiscano sulla vita e in particolare sulla vita relazionale e sessuale Diviso in tre parti una teorica una relativa ai non umani e una dedicata agli umani il libro una rassegna delle conoscenze attuali ancora ad uno stadio iniziale basta vedere il risultati contraddittori degli effetti del testost. Social relationshipsThe importance of hormones to reproductive behavior from breeding cycles to male sexual display is well known What this book considers is the increasing evidence that hormones are ust as important to social behavior Peter Ellison and Peter Gray include the latest findings both practical and theoretical on the hormonal component of both casual interactions and fundamental bonds The contributors senior scholars.

I have a passion for understanding various aspects of human reproduction from an integrative evolutionary perspective That's a sensible scholarly passion too in a Darwinian world the ultimate currency is reproductive successMy academic training as an undergraduate was at UCLA where I majored in Anthropology and GeographyEnvironmental Studies While I began as a Civil Engineering student on