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Warnings at every turn It didn t feel as dark as it could ve beenThe H Gabriel was like able for me I know that sounds funny given his actions but I appreciated his internal struggleThank ou to the author for the opportunity to read this bookHappy reading 3 Not What I Thought StarsA bit of a strange beginning this author has a different writing style which by no means is a bad thing but it did take some getting used toMarla is a loner who has just been fired from her journalism job She has no close friends and is not close to her family all these facts will be her downfall when she tells them to a stranger in a bar Marla is kidnapped and taken to a large old stately home it is not clear at first what this place is so it s all a big mystery What was really hard to understand and get my head around was the way Marla seemed enjoy being kidnapped and the abuse I mean if I was in the same situation I am 100% sure I would not be getting tingly between my legs as I struggled to get free or if my kidnapper started whipping me Between my legs I feel an electric ache that can t be ignored Struggling to get free is turning me on So this book was going super slow for me with it s over descriptive text but at about the 50% mark it does pick up a bit when the guests visit the asylum for a show featuring the new girl I was loosing faith in Marla as she slowly started to submit herself to Gabriel until he takes her on a walk outside she shows everyone what a badass she can be I enjoyed all the parts of the book that had action and I am not talking sex action either I mean the fighting running and fleeing action The rest of the book could not hold my attention for than 5 minutes at a time hence why it took so long to read I try not to leave books unfinished its an OCD thing of mine This was an odd read for me I just could not connect to it a true case of its not The Elven Book of Dreams you it s me 4 starsI must say I was pleasantly surprised by this book This is my first read from this author and I honestly didn t know what to expect Having said that I am very glad I agreed to review this book because I totally enjoyed it what I liked The heroine Marla was a total badass I LOVED her and her take no shit attitude She had these great one liners that she used on her captors that were so hilarious that I literally laughed out loud After being discovered to have killed one of the captors one of the other ones came into the room Instead of begging for mercy she looks at him and says something along the lines ofou re next to him Totally amazing As many of TBH, This Is So Awkward (TBH you know I LOVE me some dark reads This one was definitely dark and I loved every second of it The author did a great job at describing the different settings that Marla found herself in I could picture each and every room she was in with great clarity I found myself rooting for Marla from the beginning In a lot of these kidnapping romances I find the heroines to be so annoying that I honestly would think to myself ugh would they just kill this bitch already But that was NOT the case with Marla what I didn t like The hero Gabriel Didn t like him at all He had no redeeming factors and I honestly wanted better for our kick ass heroine I felt like he was her weakness and not in a good way I felt that some of the book was a little too wordy for me Some of the scenarios could have easily been described in a page but instead stretched on for many That being said I really did enjoy this book I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good kidnapping romance and especially to anyone who likes their books nice and dark follow me twittermy blog Erased is my first read by Sansa Erased is a difficult book to read at least for me because I am lost to the concept Storyline is kidnapped woman in an asylum Phenomenal idea Deliverynot so good Marla seems to be enraptured from the very beginning There isn t any buildup to her loving what s happening to her Serious eye rollI struggled with Marla s role attitude and feelings from the beginning She and the doctor are soooo obvious from the beginning as a reader nothing surprised me I think if there is of a buildup in the beginning Marla wouldn t seem so fake during her involuntary stay Please consider other reviews ifou re on the fence regarding purchase This story is not my cup of tea and should have no bearing on the author or New Gnosis your experience with the story This review is based on MY opinion only25 stars Man oh man was this book twisted Marla was one strong woman I mean she is a little twisted too but dang the stuff she went through and still kicked butt Ifou haven t read a dark romance in awhile I would pick this book up This book has potential to be a 5 star success but first it needs a thorough editing What s impressive about this book There are many stories out there about women who are abducted and kept a sex slaves et Ms Rayne added some unexpected aspects to this one The female main character Marla isn t our typical weak captive nor is she the boilerplate abductee who refuses to be broken she is a creative combination of both Just when I would become frustrated with what I felt was an unlikely romance between the main characters Ms Rayne would throw in an unexpected curveball to completely change my opinion After reading the above comments one might wonder why I didn t rate this book higher The answer is simple ERASED has an extraordinary amount of potential Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats yet in it s current state it falls short The romance between the main characters was interestinget because of the leaps and gaps in their storyline the likelihood and believability of their romance was negatively impacted With thorough character development the characters in this book could be remarkably uniue This book is filled with typos misplaced pronouns and grammatical errors Rayne is obviously talented this book simply needs to be edited thoroughly I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Will only cause her greater suffering At first training her is just a way of buying time but her response to my touch my command drives me wild I have to have her but standing in my way is a horrid truth that could cost me her trust If that happens we’ll both be lost trapped in this place forever I don’t care I’ll risk everything for Marla even if it means letting out the beast within Publisher’s note “Erased” is a dark romantic thriller with explicit sexual content including BDSM practices HEA guaranteed no cliffhangers no cheating Contains material some may find disturbing Reader discretion is advise.

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On will be coming to look for Fiabe you One will get scared get intimidated by her captors but not Marla Fuck no she was like steel They tried to erase her will to survive and boy did they fail At a point they do get to her but she knows they would never be able to break her Ask me to stop Gabriel growls into my ear No I reply possessing just enough resolve to get the word out This is a SPOILER FREE REVIEWDude don tou frigging love it when Destiny Binds (Timber Wolves Trilogy, you expect something typical from a story and thenou read it but what happens next isnot at all typical Keep fighting me if ou want to suffer By the time I m done training ou Dungeon Born (The Divine Dungeon, your instinct to resist will be broken Your urge to escape will be erased You will be compliant and submissive Andou re going to like it We have Gabriel here as the Hero and I loved him in some parts of the story but I thought his character was a bit complicated The author did this with purpose He s in hell and wants an out and he finally gets the strength to do it when Marla steps into the gameOh and he s an asshole sometimes Normally I wouldn t start with this but I m betting Letters from the Land of Cancer you re tough enough I can t help scoffing The cane is barely as wide as my pinky It doesn t look particularly intimidating Grinning despite myself I say I m a lot tougher than that Now Gabriel smiles Oh areou not impressed No sir I reply truthfully emboldened by Gabriel s selection Don t Fire Summer you have a bigger one He laughs loudly tapping the tip of the cane against my backside No actually I don t I don t NEED a bigger one The uick succession of taps ends with one hard smackAn inferno of agony erupts like a volcano a surge of warmth that punches the air from my lungs and sends my body twisting back and forth Hurt a lot thanou thought didn t it Sucking in my breath as tears drip down my face I nod Yes sir Just a flick of the wrist Surprised Uh huh I loved the heroine Marla Her comebacks were hella hilarious wittiest and dangerous She did what no one would dare to try in her situation She kills one of her captors No this is not a spoiler there are bigger things in this book Trust meAnd ou know what her reaction is when they catch her after she pulls this stunt How did this happen Why did Mr Roy uncuff ou he Gabriel asked Was that his name Yes I look to Gruff And Christianity in the Academy you re Miller He nods You re next Miller Bahahaha LOVED HER ATTITUDE She s crazy You have to notice her audacity Other than her I loved the storyline It is incredible INCREDIBLE Plus ORIGINAL And Marla She s NOT one of those whiny delicate heroines we meet She is fighting at every point She isn t letting go She does not surrender Oh but when she does believe me she s enjoying every minute of it The overall STORY was THRILLING and enrapturing I enjoyed it hugely Lemme tella 55% into the story I was EXTREMELY EXCITED with anticipation and the best part is that it didn t let me down I couldn t turn the pages fast enough I read and read and read until I finished the whole book You don t escape from Hell without learning some of the devil s tricks And the BATHROOM SCENE was HOTTT Damn The Hero Gabriel is a JERK But this Marla I asked ou why he uncuffed ou says Gabriel Is that not on the video I respond curious It would be nice to know which rooms are bugged for sound and which are notGabriel sees through this however and slaps my face with his open palm The hit isn t hard at all but the sound echoes off the hard tiles Surprise gets me than any degree of pain My heart thumped so hard I could feel it in my skull I grin Was that supposed to hurt Smiling back Gabriel slaps my face again harder this time Got any uestions Oh myyy I think it was EPIC This is just a uote but I mean the whole scene was epic At this point I was LOVING this bookFrankly speaking when I received the ARC I did not expect anything much from the story And what I found out while I was reading the Prologue grabbed my attention The story gets interesting and really the book started out pretty great And then in the second half of the book I felt like the story broke its own record RACING and rising up crazily in the story bar graph For me it happened from the Forest Scene Gabriel and Marla are in the forest and that is when according to me the story steps up on whole new level It was insane thrilling andpretty fast I definitely did not see that comingI had so many parts highlighted in the book I loved so many parts I did not know which ones to choose to add in this review Lol At last I would recommend this book to a reader who LOVES to read crazy disturbing dark stories and wants to try something new Because I am a reader who loves to read crazy disturbing and dark stories and I definitely did not regret reading this bookTo me The story was refreshingly dark kind of different He takes a clipboard out of the drawer and starts scribbling notes I m going to ask Les Recidivists (Chance Assassin, you a few uestions Then I m going to examineou I d appreciate it if The First Step (A Thousand Li, you made this easy on both of us Oh is this hard onou I snarl pulling at the cuffs binding me to the table LovedHerSASS Loved the couple s conversationsThe book is a STANDALONE with a HEA I received an ARC in exchange of a voluntary review of the book I will not be pulled into hell without dragging a few of them along with me This was my first time reading this author Thank Daddy Helps Out you for giving me the opportunity to read and reviewour bookI love dark romances I read a ton of them because uite honestly the story line usually grabs me from the start and doesn t let go Unfortunately I struggled with this one Parts of the story really grabbed me but parts had me scratching my head From the beginning the thoughts and actions from the h didn t jive She put herself in a risky situation but had all sorts of self defense training I found myself rolling my eyes at her behavior through most of the book It was hard to connect with her Another issue I had was with the additional characters If they were so bad why would give her. O him and his talk of submission He may be my best shot at escape but I hunger for far With Gabriel’s help the others will pay for what they’ve done to me They wanted a toy but they’ve woken a terror GABRIEL If I’d known the truth about Halloran Asylum I would have burned it to the ground long ago Now I’m an accessory to unspeakable crimes and no one will ever believe my story For ears I made peace with fate but after a violent episode pushes me to the edge I swore never to let them harm anyone else Now they’ve taken another and I can’t let it go I need to make Marla understand her strength and resolve.

When it comes to seeing a reviewreuest for a dark romance ou bet Images of English your ass I ll be signing up for it No one will miss her no one will coming looking for her no one will uestion her disappearance ERASED We first meet Marla an attractive female who s recently been fired from her job as a news reporter alone in a bar on the outskirts of town which caters to all sorts from bikers to out of townies to students This supposedly being her last night in town before she moves on Just as she s on the verge of calling it a night she meets a guy that straight away sends a warning vibe coursing through her body but ignores it and figures why not have one drink for the road Striding out of the bar and awaiting a taxi to arrive she s taken abducted her pepper spray she had on the ready dropped and lost to her a cloth of some sort thrown over her head lights out the world ceases to exist Waking up and being jostled around like a sack of potatoes in a moving vehicle it s some time before they arrive at their destination where she meets other undesirable characters one darker menacing than the next But one man stands out above these vicious monsters and that s Gabriel the doctor Taken bound held prisoner in a padded cell submitted to unthinkable sexual advances by her captors many twists and turns that had me biting my nails wanting needing to read faster to see what was going to come at me next He s always watching You re here to obey Her captors have awoken a darkearning within herself she s succumbing craving his advances It took me a while to get into this used to the author s writing style as it seemed as though it was overworded disjointed and it took me a while to connect on all levels with the story Thoughts that kept screaming through my mind as I was reading it were For me to connect with her character I needed to feel that terror of being kidnapped forced into a situation out of her hands I expected fight cussing maim strike out bite kick we know she s capable of it from one scene but after that it seemed like she d given up I was also hoping it would delve into Iris we re kind of left with alot of uestions that were never fully answered BUT then the story like a switch turned around for me because as soon as I reached about half way I really started getting into the book to the point where even though I was bone tired and sleep was calling me I couldn t put this down I devoured the pages chapter by chapter just to see how it all would end is he friend or foe Thoughts that kept racing through my mind like a broken record can he be trusted 375 Burn it to the Ground Stars Finally we get an author who is no longer scared of giving us some of the Dark Side of things This book starts out suspenseful with kidnappinghuman trafficking and then evolves into a love story with Gabriel trying to save her through training her to be his slave It does have what I would classify as dub con 1st This story is to me a totally different take on human trafficking I was pleased by the creativity I loved the inconsistencies ofcharacter of Gabriel The way his dark side was war with his morality was especially well written I did feel the love between Marla Gabriel I do however think it flourished because they were thrown together only had each other to draw strength from Our heroine was KickAss I loved that she took all they had gave them back As far as the side characters I would have liked to seen interactions with the others and their breaking even in flashbacks This story was really well thought out could be taken to a series with follow on books for each of the characters I would definitely be interested in their storiesThe reason for the deduction is I found a couple things left hanging that I really wish the author would have wrapped up Things I just wanted finalized than me left wondering about Could be just me being a Hard Ass this week This story does have a complete ending for now IMHO does not end with a cliffhangerThis ARC was graciously provided by the talented author to me with no reuirements I am honestly reviewing this story because I want to Wow what a super steamy and fucked up ride this was Much like the heroine Marla I was asking myself What is wrong with The Continuous Path you But it was just SO HOT That being said the heroine definitely gets put through the emotional ringer This book is dark but not too dark It walks a fine line Many books I find aren t uite dark enough or maybe the author is afraid of jumping off the dark side completely That is not the case here I felt Sansa planned everything out perfectly It s absolutely all sorts of fucked up but justice is being dolled out right and left so it s well balanced in my opinion Marla Marla Marla What can I say uite possibly my new favorite heroine I LOVE a badass heroine who isn t afraid of getting her hands bloody At first I thought Marla must be an idiot but again well planned She is force to be reckoned with and I loved it The only thing I found slightly lacking was the connection between the hero and heroine Yes they clearly felt something right away after meeting but I never really found the opportunity for them to fall in love They never have any privacy so it makes sense I would ve loved at the end to see how they adjusted after the fact I can t wait to receive the bonus epilogue Erased was the first book I ve read by Sansa Rayne You never really know what to expect with a newer author but I enjoyed this one very much Absolutely recommend ifou enjoy dubious consentbdsm It s difficult at times but the ending makes it all totally worth it I received an ARC of Erased from the author and this is my honest review 4 twinkling StarsSansa Rayne is on a ladder and she s only climbing up Beg me to stop What do Halloween you do whenou have plans to leave the state My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer you live in andou have no close friends no one to care for Bibliography and Index of English Verse, 1559-1603 you and the day beforeou leave YOU GET ABDUCTED Especially when The Index of Middle English Prose you KNOW that not a single pers. “Resist or obey Those are my choices” MARLA Alone at a bar recently fired from my job and about to move no one will notice that I’ve gone missing and my abductors know it Smuggled to a secluded facility in the mountains locked in a cell and stripped of my dignity they’ve threatened me with a fate worse than death They aim to break my will They plan to erase me My captors are vicious monsters except for one the doctor Gabriel He urges me to accept their control and spare myself months or evenears of pain and torment Yet his merciful demeanor hides a dark burning secret Smoldering and mysterious I’m drawn

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