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With a goofy irreverent voice and a lot of silly ideas When a bartender and former indie rock star finds a wormhole in his closet he decides it should only be used to allow people to attend rock concerts in the past You can see Jimi and the Beatles and Janis Joplin perform live But then his friend decides to go back to 1980 to save John Lennon and winds up in 980 instead due to an error It s as ridiculous and fun as it sounds although there are times when it doesn t entirely make sense even than most time travel stories tend not to make sense after a while this is a book with an irresistible hook High Fidelity with time travel that is the perfect opportunity for a oyful if flimsy romp full of pop culture references and fanboygirl gushing and a little romance slapped on top because a book s gotta have one of those and it started out that wayit s got that same kind of bittersweet nostalgia as High Fidelity Wayne and I shared that common affliction plaguing single men with limited prospects and self destructive tendencies we regarded our pasts with such love and loss that every day forward was a butter knife to the gut Our twenties had been full of rock music and courage The future made us older but our wisdom was dubious Wayne and I avoided the pain of tomorrow with alcohol and old rock bands Pavement on the Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften jukebox the heavenly reddish glow of neon signs and sentences that started with Remember whenheavy on the get off my lawn older man bitter A pack of talentless teenagers who played covers of Liz Phair songs like they meant nothing and then lo on PAGE TWO karl discovers that there is a time traveling wormhole in the floor of his bedroom that permits passage back in time and he rents it out to others for with very specific rules the wormhole can only be used to visit concerts from the past no souvenirs no photos or audio recordings no interactions of any kind no leaving the venue and no staying longer than the duration of the concert and despite all theeeez mom rules this concept is fun fun stuff this is like first date icebreaking conversation starters what concert would you go to if you could even though there s only one answer oingo boingo farewell tour halloween 1995and now we are on a date and of course time travel is complicated and mistakes are made and karl s data entry typo sends his best only friend wayne back to 980 manhattan where the lack of technology problematizes wayne s return The Defense (Eddie Flynn journey and reuires the recruitment of an astrophysicist who is coincidentally also a passionate music lover and also karl s type apparently all of these things the farfetched premise the reliance on coincidences the fast pace at the expense of explanation all of these set up an expectation for the kind of book this should have been frothy escapist nothing you have to think or feel too hard about a bit of rock and roll fun with silly pretty meaningless lines like Lena moved her foot over to mine to hold it We were holding feet like cautious lovers in a storybook about secretsand it is indeed popcorn lit for a while but then it goes a bit dark darker than the premise would suggest but not dark in a way that i found enjoyable the writing wasn t strong enough to support the tonal switch you need to earn your darkness or it can be alienating to the reader who has become caught up in this light fantasy until now the characters aren t developed enough to pull off a story with any depth they still think they are back in that rock and roll time travel book they auditioned for on the subject of characters i found both karl and lena to be profoundly unlikeable and they seemed so ill suited to one another i never understood if i was meant to be rooting for them to get together or for them to realize they had no chemistry i never understood their insistence on being together she s mercurial he s gormless there s no sparks flying anywhere he s like a burr that s attached to herust cuz she walked by and she s always trying to shake him off the synopsis sez this book will address how to hold on to love across time but these two can t even hold on to love across a chapter also his only consistent criterion for romantic attraction seems to be damage which is usually a sinister uality in a man this book glosses too much which is fine in the kind of book i thought it was at the start a we re Hai nhà just having fun here book can get away with a freewheeling nose thumb at details like how does time travel work itust does wheeeeeewhy are they in a relationship with each other they ust are wheeeeeebut once you start introducing things like rape body image infant mortality etc you re not a wheeeeee book any and serious books reuire a little effort don t get me wrong i am absolutely fine with there being no explanation for time travel if time travel existed and you tried to explain the how to me i guarantee i would not understand it but i would kinda like to know what these characters see in each other to be fair this same uestion is addressed in the book but it s waaaayyy at the end which is too little too late for a book positioning itself as a music geeky romance and you have to ust roll with it for a long time before the uestion is even asked and never i would venture satisfactorily answered i m grateful to have won this through firstreads and for a debut it s got a lot going for it but there s some shaky first timer bits that ll probably all be tidied away by book 2 it s a medium threei mean inasmuch as High Fidelity is a Falling Through Clouds joyful romp focusing as it does on a bitter and sad man who uses music as an insulating barrier between himself and the world and can t maintain relationships but probably gets the girl in the end anyway i only saw the movie and i don t remember the ending but i m guessing that s what happens because who would turn downohn cusack rightcome to my blog. Ith the past Karl and Lena bounce around time When Lena ultimately prevents her own long ago rape she alters the course of her life and threatens her future with KarlA high spirited and engaging novel Mo Daviau's EVERY ANXIOUS WAVE plays ball with the big uestions of where we would go and who we would become if we could rewrite our pasts as well as how to hold on to love across tim.

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Started off fun and exciting but slowly turned into a bit of a soap opera Didn t love the characters all that much Had some great pop culture and music references that I really liked though this book was by no means perfect I really really enjoyed it of COURSE you have to suspend your disbelief a bit where time travel is concerned and that s really not a problem for me To me this had the perfect blend of fun plot good character development and EMO NOSTALGIC YEARNINGS MY FAVE It kind of reminded me of ready player one in how readable fun it was w some high fidelity and back to the future mixed in It book really surprised me I thought it was going to be really funny and ridiculous I mean the premise sounds a guy finding a wormhole in his closet and using it to go see his favorite bands in the past But it was actually a pretty heartfelt story I moved uickly and a few times I got a bit muddled with all the time The Art of Acquiring jumping but I thought that it added an interesting dynamic to the story telling It will definitely make you think about the things that happen in a person s like that makes them who they are And what if anything we might change in our own lives given the chance even if it meant losing something we have to an unknown First reaction upon finishing this shorter than it feels book I wish I could go back in time and convince myself not to read this bookBullshitoh for fuck s sakeYou know what it s about a guy discovers a wormhole in his apartment and being a has been rock star and good guy and dreaming of the better times in the past and ETC he uses this to go to the epic rock concerts of the past Sometimes he sells tickets to rock concerts of the past When his friend Wayne is stranded by mistake in 980 where coincidentally no rock concerts are taking place he needs to retrieve him with the help of a astrophysicist he finds online Lena GeduldingObv he falls in love with Lena and bla bla bla they start using the wormhole to change her shitty life and in the process changing her to a new better personbut you know in the essence she s still the one he falls in love with no matter what timelineSo what s wrong with this book sounds interesting rightYeah first of all the science is wack Ok we don t hav etime travel wormholes so we don t really know what can be possible but the fact that we could time travel with the power of love is ridiculous to 980 and backAnother science fact one of the invention that better Lena comes with is some sort of time dilatation phone you can calltext peopl ein the past I kid you not that s actually used as a bonding device between our hero and his future step daughterto basically no conseunce of instantly changing the future by meddling in the pastAnother oddity is how he talks about having a wormhole like it s no big deal Whoa dude That s not really all that common and really how can one believe that sharing with so many people via the concert business wouldn t lead to the government taking over your wormhole and maybe even putting you in a cage somewhere Look I can suspend my disbelief but even suspended it scoffs at the whole stupidityThere is also a huge part about his former band Axis and it s feminist pro curvy girls songs that saved big girls one of whom is Lena and a great big deal about someone being a PIN and someone being a CUSHION basically meaning that you know soulmates and such and big girls deserve love too I don t know what to make of all this it seems to have almost no impact on the whole story but also is treated as the most important shit ever Ok I found it annoying and repetitiveAnd of course one can accuse me that I don t get music I don t understand having a passion and deep regret to never seeing ueen live or some other sacred monster of rock n roll in their prime and being there is like an epiphany and whoa How can you expect to get this book when you are so tonedeaf Well fair point Also fuck that a good book should make me feel it I didn tAs for the characters Lena is annoying in all the timelines except for the best timeline in which she is smart successful amazing and still in love with this guy of course The shining star is Wayne who even from 1000 years in the past still sends deep meaningful funny texts to our hero yeah the science lives on So it should have a been a wacky cool love story but it sust a mangled mess that I am happy to leave behind and never return to it ever I urge you to do the same 45 starsHave you ever noticed that mixing romance and time travel often ends badly And yet authors still toy with the idea Fortunately one of them is first time novelist Mo Daviau She has written a uirky story that combines a whole litany of elements that practically guarantee a messy ending love time travel over the hill rock stars damaged hearts and even a cataclysmic asteroid event What could possibly go wrongAnd yet somehow she pulls it off Granted the initial hook time traveler gets stuck in Pre Columbian Manhattan with no way to get home turns out to be less compelling than it originally sounds but This relentlessly creative and fast moving novel opens like a late night rock and roll uestion If you could time travel to any concert in history which one would you go to In Every Anxious Wave washed up indie rocker Karl Bender discovers that his closet is the portal to a time travel wormhole with a simple laptop program he and his friend Wayne can transport travelers to any place and time they choose The two guys start a booming business sending eager rock fans back to see their favorite gigs albeit with one rule don t change anything and come home right afterwards But rules are made to be brokenRead the rest of Andrew s review and see the author s book playlist here Feh Didn t work for me I hate music geek stories to begin with At least this one lacked the orgasmic descriptions of wha. Good guy Karl Bender is a thirty something bar owner whose life lacks love and meaning When he stumbles upon a time travelling worm hole in his closet Karl and his best friend Wayne develop a side business selling access to people who want to travel back in time to listen to their favorite bands It's a pretty ingenious plan until Karl intending to send Wayne to 1980 transports him.

T it s like to play in a band and how The Outsiders Will Never Understand I hate time travel stories that ust casually handwave the technology and use it carelessly Yeah sure if you could travel in time wouldn t you go to a 1990 concert by the Pustulent Zits Not say the Crucifixion or ancient Babylon or to see Shakespeare And a guy is in 980 AD but can still text because like the satellites are still up and a month later his phone still has a charge Pfui The characters are dull as dishwater and I didn t care what happened to them SO much so that I couldn t finish the book There may be a good story here but this book is a fraud as science fiction 35 stars So this is the kind of person I am On my way home from working a conference in Woodley Park I got off the Red Line at Dupont Circle to get some empanadas Left unchecked in Dupont Circle I am going to wander into Kramerbooks because well hi I feel like Politics Prose is considered the acceptable answer to the uestion of favorite DC bookstore but I gotta be honest I lean a little towards Kramer because I love their layout and their brunch is delicious if pricey and I sort of hung out with Elena Kagan there once If you stretch the definition of hung out to include watched her browse the fiction section from the sidewalk while waiting for my sister in law Anyway I went there after my conference and promptly gathered up about six books that are on my to read lists but not available from my library system I read the first paragraph of each of them and after much hemming and hawing I walked out of the store with this one Which I d kinda forgotten that I d saved here on Goodreads I have no idea where I heard about this but I saw it on the shelf at Kramer and was like Oh yeah This is like fifth tier maybe I ll think about reading it list stuff Then I read the first paragraph and it was a dollar or two cheaper than the others so I went with it I ve seen this described as High Fidelity with time travel and no perfect summary can there be This book kind of plunks you down in media res with everything sort of already happening our narrator Karl is a bartender in Chicago who s discovered a time travel portal in his closet Formerly the guitarist of a cult followed 90s alternative band music is the primary tool that Karl uses to relate to the world and to organize the people in it So he sets up a business with his wormhole in which he sends people back in time to see concerts they might ve missed the first time around or whose emotional highs they ust wanna relive Which raises the uestion what concert would you go to Maybe I ve spent too much time with people who talk and think about 90s indie rock so much or maybe I m not cool enough for this uestion but the first thing I thought of was Jeff Buckley Grace is easily my favorite album I ve ever discovered post artist death AnywayKarl s got some rules for his time travel venture go back for the length of the show and immediately come home so souvenirs no photos no interacting with the past Easy enough right HaKarl runs this business with his computer nerd friend Wayne and things are all good until Wayne gets it in his head that he wants to go back to December 1980 and stop Chapman from murdering Lennon But oops Karl makes a typo and sends Wayne back to the year 980 instead So Karl goes in search of a physicist who might be able to help him bring Wayne home and that brings him together with Lena an overweight tattooed former Riot Grrrl with her fair share of emotional baggage While working to rescue Wayne Karl and Lena embark on something that kind of looks like a relationship and ultimately leads Karl towards time travelly hi A Menagerie of Heroes jinks And I mean what can go wrong with time travelly hiinks right So here s my complaint We don t get to know the characters before they re responding to this one particular situation and so they didn t really take shape as fully developed people I didn t really see why Lena and Karl became a Thing I feel like Daviau based these characters on the kind of people she s got floating around in her own life or perhaps herself and so they looked like fully formed characters to her while she was writing but she never took the time to develop them for the reader s benefit At least until we hit maybe the 67% mark by which point it was a little too late But I actually liked this book Enough to round three and a half stars up to four Which doesn t sound like glowing praise but actually is something The time travel stuff is handled fairly well for someone who doesn t really like reading intensely sci fi time travel where there s a lot of focus on world building and how the physics works It works because she says it does and I was okay with that She manages to sprinkle in some nice use of foreshadowing and by the time she brings everything full circle she d done so with some level of heartwarminess I had some emotional reactions by the end at which point I was drawing mental comparisons to George Bailey and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind But the road to get there was a little too choppy Daviau introduces some darker heavier elements that didn t reeeaaally work for me mostly because the characters weren t developed enough before things got dark If she had taken the time to write a solid introduction to Karl and to Lena to give some weight to the decisions they make early on I think this book maybe could ve packed a considerable emotional wallop But because she dropped us in on what could or should have maybe been the second or third chapter of the book the book stays somewhere ust above average for me I think a lot of people might have fun with it if they don t mind the lack of character depth or aren t sticklers for time travelling explanations but for me this book is solid B territory This is a brilliantly different look at time travel. Back to 980 instead Though Wayne sends texts extolling the uality of life in tenth century Mannahatta Karl is distraught that he can't bring his friend backEnter brilliant prickly overweight astrophysicist Lena Geduldig Karl and Lena's connection is immediate While they work on getting Wayne back Karl and Lena fall in love with time travel and each other Unable to resist meddling