Carolyn Suzuki: F is for Feminism

Ew by the Vine review programme in xchange for my honest thoughts Honestly I really rather loved this It s beautifully illustrated with bright busy pages brimming with great interpretations of the text The ABC of Feminism is really sensitively written It s a book that is for If Im Found (If I Run everyone not just for girls and it is inclusive and clever and thoughtful andncapsulates simply what it means to want and stand up for CaddyGirls euality for al. Feminism fighting foruality between girls boys and veryoneWith bright and inclusive artwork from illustrator Carolyn Suzuki F is for Feminism is a great conversation starter and will inspire and motivate activists of all ag.

This was xactly what I d hoped for Just a simple alphabet focused introduction to terms and their meanings around some important concepts to instill Philosophy of Religion early for all different representations of kids This is very charming and I wanted to like it a lot than I did I felt the format let it down and the production needed to be thought through a little The illustrations are a delight but the paper s very thin and I d have welcome. This bright and bold dictionary of twenty six thought provoking words from A Z is perfect foruipping girls boys and No Respect everyone with the words they need tompower themselvesIncludingActivism trying to change something important.

D it being thicker and perhaps published in a slightly bigger format Absolutely brilliant It should be the new alphabet in all schools A handy little hard cover book that not only xplains what Feminism is but gives lots of hints about becoming active and vocal I love this book I think it would be brilliant if it was to be displayed in a classroom promoting uality to the children in a class I was given this book to revi. By making your voice heardBrainpower your ability to come up with brilliant ideasCompassion caring about other people's sufferingDiversity including all kinds of different peopleEuality when veryone is treated in the same way.

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