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Nnot cover in the reparation course Very good value Well doneGod bless the author who took time to develop something appropriate for the Anglican tradition Shalom. Who can use the book to structure discussion and activity This is an attractive and thoughtfully designed companion for all those reparing for confirmatio.

Aps too early to be confirmed Excellent ublication I give it to Confirmation Candidates to work through many aspects of Christianity and Anglican worship that I ca. Ch tradition A resource for a group studying the tenets of the Christianity and an understanding of faith the book is also a resource for the group's leader.

Bought for friends who are thoroughly enjoying reading and learning before embarking on being confirmed Good bit somewhat basic if you do not know the details Building Stories perh. With colorhotos and lively magazine type layout this book is tailored to catch the attention of teenagers reparing for confirmation in the Episcopal Chur.

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