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Larly xplicit graphic bit that I felt didn t need to be so to convey the point and left me feeling really gross Maybe that was the point I also didn t like that the book Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, ended with her on the bus to Wuhu and neverlaborated on what happened afterward I would have liked to know what her future Not Without a Fight ended up looking like without having to google to nicely tie it all up I feel that that wouldn t have taken away from the point a harrowing childhood and the horror that was Mao s reign of the memoir rathermphasized the interwoven theme of wait and hope The true story of a young girl growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution Although some may find this book too sad or disturbing I found it very compelling and difficult to put down This is fairly recent history paralleling my own growing up years so it was uite poignant as I considered my own privileged childhood as I read it I love reading about all things Chinese The people and the culture fascinate me I ve read many books both fiction and memoir about the Chinese way of life Feather in the Storm is Emily s story of her life and that of her family while caught in the middle of Chairman Mao s Cultural Revolution What struck me the most while I read this story is that this was all happening in the 1960 s and 70 s Emily is the same age as me There I was going to school shopping in a well stocked grocery store and having a carefree A rightist and class Garden Bouquets and Beyond enemy As a result Wu's family would be torn apart and subjected to an unending course of humiliation hardship and physical and psychological abuse Wu tells her story of this hidden Holocaust in which millions of children and their families died through a series of vivid vignettes that brilliantly and innocentlyvoke the cruelty and brutality of what was taking place daily in the world around her From watching helplessly as the family apartment is ransacked and her father carted off by former students to be publicly beaten to her own rape.

This book gives another personal perspective to what we have learned about the culture revolution in school or through textbooks The best non fiction book I have The Unseen Wonder ever read The writing style is beautiful and the translation in Czech is also very well done beautifully written a very good read Shocking insights into a girl s life under Mao s dictatorship The storyline is very straightforward and does not get overmotional at any time so it seems creepily bleak and neutral sometimes just like the conformist Chinese society Nonetheless the author never fails to add her very personal note and shows the reader how the citizens actually thought about their lives A mind boggling The Management Bible eye opener to us Western people who take a civilised life in freedom for granted and will struggle to believe that suchvents took place only decades ago and partly still do I can really appreciate the trauma and history in this book I picked it up at the library because the cover was intriguing and mentioned a stolen childhood I also personally loved being surprised at the underlying Zu schnell element of faith That being said I did learn from it and ammpathetic to her suffering SO awful and couldn t imagine having lived that life and it was a fairly asy read in terms of flow and descriptors though at times it was a bit choppy but that comes with the territory and didn t bother me much What did bother me was a particu. It is my hope that this memoir may serve as a reminder and a memorial to all of the children who were lost in the Chaos Emily Wu writes at the beginning of Feather in the Storm Told from a child's and young girl's point of view Wu's spellbinding account which spans nineteen years of growing up during the chaos of China's Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution opens on her third birthday as she meets her father for the first time in a concentration camp A well known academic and translator of American literary classics her father had been designated an ultr.

Hildhood On the other side of the world Emily is denied the ability to read books food is rationed and she s shuffled from town to remote village and back again at the whim of the Communist party I was safely tucked into my same cozy bed ach and very night And when my parents made me clean my dinner plate by saying There are starving children in China they didn t make that up They had watched the vening news Much of this story is tough to read Emily is a sweet and loving girl who makes a lot of friends along the way And she learns how to discern between the good and the bad or in other words how to play the game She reaches her breaking point many times but she gathers her inner strength and keeps on goingFeather in the Storm is a story that is a history lesson with a personal touch This memoir is a true testament to the strength and resiliency of the human spirit Non Fiction Kind of depressing book about a girl in China during the cultural revolution I felt like it was missing an afterward because the book nds while the author is still in China but you know she currently resides in CA I would have liked to have known how to got to America and if her life changed or improved after the Cultural Revolution I read this a long time ago and it taught me so much about my culture and history So haunting One of those books that make me never ver want to bitch about anything Invisible (The Curse of Avalon ever agai. And the hard labor and primitive rituals of life in a remote peasant village Wu is persecuted as a child of the damned Wu's narrative is poignant disturbing and unsentimental and despite the nature of what it describes is filled with the resiliency of youth andven humor That Emily Wu survived is remarkable That she is able to infuse her story with such immediacy power and unexpected beauty is the greatness of this book Feather in the Storm is an unforgettable story of the courage and silent suffering of one small child set in a uicksand world of ndless terr.

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