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So stubborn at one point or another that I wanted to kick him However in spite of their individual stupidity keeping the two of them apart at various times I never got so rustrated with either one that I started to dislike him or to dislike the two of them together These two guys are better together than either one of them is when they re apartCONS The angst level in both of these novellas is rather high Certainly not the worst I ve ever read but these are not happy Cannibal flitty little stories that made me smile the whole time I was reading There s a decently long section in both Heat and Flashover during which the guys are separated and unhappy Often when the guys are talking to each other they leave off the subject at the beginning of the sentence and just start with the verb Want you with me Tuck Wanna be with you Couldeel you etc This doesn t bother me if it happens on occasion but when it s too prevalent I get annoyed by itOverall comments I didn t absolutely love this but I liked it uite a bit There s a decent amount of Mastered (The Enforcers, fairly graphic sex when the guys are together anyway and the characters are lifelike and struggle with realistic problems Warning a couple of the bedroom scenes turn ever so slightly toward bondage This book is recommended to anyone who loves toughiremen with a soft side Great story I have read it at least 4 times. Estead he and Chance are separated Man, Son of Man for a while Chance has been promoted to Captain and can't leave his jobor long putting strain on his relationship Even when they can Alter Ego find time to be together they have toace adversity rom the locals problems in their own personal lives and even the weather as they try to get the arm settled enough to leave it behind Can Chance and Tucker keep it together even when the Uncommon Wisdom fire burns high enough tolash over their hea.

Minus in my book Temple s storyline and character development didn t get watered down because of the sex If anything everything came together nicelyJust an FYI Chris Owen and Tory Temple just recently released Never Too Early The Beginning Never Too Early Finding Their Way Never Too Early Full Circle A new series released in 2015 which Unseen City features Tornado and Jakerom Owen s Bareback and of course Chance and Tucker The series in one word is HOT I highly recommend reading this omnibus and Bareback before embarking on the collaboration mentioned aboveHappy reading Realistic story with well drawn characters and a healthy dose of angstWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 810PROS This is the second Art firefighting book I ve read by Temple theirst was Tinder and she portrays a well rounded view of the life of a God Is in the Crowd firefighter She doesn t dwell on the actual calls they go on which would probably makeor rather depressing reading but she includes enough detail about the characters schedules and habits that the reader gets a good idea of a typical Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard firefighter s lifestyle Temple does a good job of creating masculine characters who seem realistic The main guys in this book are tender toward each other once theyall in love but neither of them is particularly emotional or effeminate Each of the main characters is. Trouble threatens to tear the two apart though when Chance is injured which takes a toll on all of his relationships most importantly the one he had developed with Tucker In The Matriarchs (The Family fact it shatters everything they've worked so hardor Can Chance and Tucker rebuild their lives coming back together to be better than ever Then in Flashover the boys Notes for the Everlost from Heat are back When aamily tragedy orces Tucker to return to Kentucky to wait out the probate on the old hom.

I absolutely love this series It s a great mm erotica with an exceptional storyline A well written erotica with depth Fireline is essentially the Omnibus collection of Heat Tinder Flashover To Serve and Protect Embers I read these books back in 2009 and I ell hard No Biggy! for Chance and Tucker Both these men have gone through hell and back to get their little piece of heaven Chance is a bossy but loveable hardworkingirefighter that keeps his head down and gets his work done He doesn t wave the Crush It! flag so to speak but he s not ashamed of who he is Chance comes across as solid and unassuming a team player until you put him in the bedroom of course Tucker is your sweet southern paramedic who is absolutely adorable and taunts Chance every chance he gets Despite his light playful easy going and adorable manner Tucker has been through a lot Being gay in the south wasn t easy Add in an intolerantamily and anyone can understand why Tucker would choose to leave his past behind himThe sexual tension and attraction in this book is everything The supporting characters the Attracting Birds to Your Backyard firefighters are realistic and likable in their own way The path to establishing a solid loveable relationship was a rocky and understandable one Temple hit all my happy buttons If you re not aan of erotica this book may not be Deep Listening for you There is a lot of sex in it which is a plus not The sparksly when Chance and Tucker meet in Heat but Bird-by-Bird Gardening flames catch in Flashover These two guys are too hot to handle Chance thinks he's got a pretty good life He loves his job as aireman he's got an ocean view and he has a great bunch of The Works of Saint Augustine friends Heigures there's not much reason to change until he meets Tucker a paramedic who works his shift Tucker might even be worth breaking the don't ask don't tell policy at work might just be worth coming out or.

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I live in southern California the land of no seasons Is wind a season I live with three dogs two cats and some tortoises I'm married to a firefighter which is great in the sense that some nights I get the TV all to myself but not so great in the sense that some nights I have to figure out what to do when the washer starts leaking Or when there's a bat in the house which is a thing tha