Eugene H. Peterson: Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work

Ing into astoral work I found that many of the issues seemed foreignPerhaps the most relevant area for me was when Peterson examined the book of Esther Here I found a wonderful affirmation of the church as a community called by God and also could appreciate the role of servant leadership which the Revived pastor brings as the leader of this community Aside from this his treatment of Ruth and Lamentations were also excellent and contained many gems for meWorth a read I believe so buterhaps so for those in ministry already So glad I didn t rush through reading this wonderful meditation nor read it before having been a Student Research Projects in Calculus pastor for awhile Felt veryersonally addressed to me and my situations Peterson insightful as always gleans corrective life lessons for astoral ministry from the 5 scrolls of the OT usually much ignored Ruth Lamentations Esther Ecclesiastes Song of Songs. Ilding Esther Pointing to the relevance of ancient wisdom adapting Jewish religious tradition to contemporary astoral Love for Imperfect Things practice and affirming a significant link betweenastoral work and the act of worship this book opens up to astors a wealth of valuable ractical theological insigh.

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S you through the Megilloth Song of Songs Ruth Lamentations Ecclesiastes and Esther showing the significance of these books for constructing a foundation for astoral ministry in the areas of Language and Linguistics prayer directing story tellingain sharing nay saying and community building Peterson s biblical depth ministerial experience and wise guidance shines through on every Divertimento page making this book an indispensable read for novice and seasoned ministers I ve always enjoyed Peterson for his wonderful insights so I must admit I was somewhat dissapointed after reading this bookTheroblem was not so much that there wasn t good insights but really that I found myself unable to relate to much of what was written I feel this book is written for those ALREADY involved in Love Is a Fairy Tale pastoral work I m sure much of what is written would echo the daily issues that they face However as aerson just enter. Being reprinted to meet continuing demand  Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work shows how five Old Testament books Promise at Dawn provide a solid foundation for much of what aastor does  Prayer Directing Song of SongsStory Making RuthPain Sharing LamentationsNay Saying EcclesiastesCommunity Bu.

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The chapter on Ecclesiastes was the best of all although it s hard to choose I ve always been fascinated with these five books of the Bible Song of Songs Ruth Lamentations Ecclesiastes and Esther and their special lace in the Tanakh Peterson makes use of this tradition and applies it aptly to astoral work Ecclesiastes is especially apt for the times we live in when Christianity has become of a Bangkok Wakes to Rain product and a commodity How do we learn to say No in a culture that expects only Yes This is a wonderfully written book which uses the five little read books of The Song of Songs Ruth Lamentations Ecclesiastes and Esther torovide insights into The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery pastoral ministry Written as far back as 1980 Peterson s lamentation about a church that is too sucked into a culture I have a new favorite author Eugene Peterson Simply astounding read I can t wait to read it again Peterson take. Whereas much of the current literature onastoring stresses up to date training and new techniues stemming from the behavioral sciences Eugene Peterson here calls for returning to an old resource the Bible as the basis for all of Darkmere pastoral ministry Originallyublished in 1980 and now.

Eugene H Peterson was a pastor scholar author and poet For many years he was James M Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver British Columbia He also served as founding pastor of Christ Our King Presbyterian Church in Bel Air Maryland He had written over thirty books including Gold Medallion Book Award winner The Message The Bible in Contemporary Language