J.S. Blackman: Forever-Immortal

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Fourteen year old and begins to wonder if immortality is a gift or a curse Who created the mysterious liuid and is there something insidious going on The answers might prove dangerous than she could possibly have imagined Join us for an adventure back in time filled with mystery love and hope as we discover what it would be like to be FOREVER IMMORT.

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People will ask and wonder what it would be like to be immortal They would ven plan what they would do if they were They think it would be wonderful Truth is it's not Magenta Andersen was born in Dublin Ireland in 1884 At the age of nine the family immigrated to America One afternoon just after her fourteenth birthday she is walking down a street

N New York City when an out of control automobile sends her flying through a window covering her with strange chemicals When she awakens her life has changed No longer susceptible to injury or aging Maggie discovers she is now immortal As the years pass and her family and friends grow older and die around her Maggie remains trapped in the body of