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E made of steel remember Reading Forged in Flames is like watching an episode of Arrow with all its suspense action and intrigue The cliffhanger about killed me but I have aith that Ivy Smoak won t let me down and all will be revealed soon I received an ARC Trickster for an honest review 2 25ish stars I m torn There was a decent story that had amazing potential But there were some things that let me down and it was big deal breakers I almost didn tinish the book Those main things that I couldn t get over How did Summer get dumber by the minute And how did her lack of brains attract men to Killers Prey (Conard County fall all over her and risk their lives to save her I love POV books because I can dive into that main character relate to them and see myself as that person But I couldn t relate to Summer at all Examples Things that were absolutely obvious didn t even turn on alicker of a light bulb I knew Miles was the vigilante Mr Big from theirst book and it still hasn t been revealed I don t need to read the 3rd book to Flori în păr find out Why It was obvious The things he and V said that matched the times he s not there when she s with V She can clearly see the vigilante s eyes and his mouth If she loves Miles so much wouldn t she know what those eyes look like Towards the end wouldn t she realize that Miles kisses just like V s Or what about her having sex with both of themthey have the same style andeel the same And this just piggy backs on that She was dumb enough to think V was Eli This was after she slept with V Then she goes and kisses and sleeps with Eli She didn t notice they are two completely separate people Am I being just picky But that drove me nuts How she thought V was everyone completely and never considered Miles I understand some indecisiveness But you can t Kansas State flip your mind a 180 within the next paragraph and then back again in the next How exhausting I m all about self destructing but her whiney ways of giving up was annoying How are menalling all over this girl who has no strength or confidence or brains Even with all the people that have screwed her over in the past she s still so uick to trust anyone and anything they say Come on girl Plot holes every where and I seriously doubt they would get closed up in the 3rd book It was either that or things that just didn t make sense or believable I understand this is Sexy Cosplay Anime Girls (Bikini, Military, Scifi Costume, Japanese Import, Asian Babe, Picture Book) (Xena Kai Book 3) fiction but there was a mix of making it believable and making it scii ish Even Humiliated Husband figuring out that Miles is the vigilante I couldn t help but think where on earth is this boy getting all that time Being an RA to everyone on his dormloor attending classes Warehouse Management fighting crime as a criminal in NYC solving a mystery protecting his girl going on dates with his girl living in two different places meeting with Liza regularly ohand did I mention he s the star player of the university s soccer team currently playing a season Is he like Beyonce or what Sure we can easily do DNA testing andinger print analysis right here in V s apartment and have the results within a couple hours What You mean to tell me that tiny little chip had enough explosives in it I Little Slave for a car bomb Or what about completely demolishing V s apartment and collapsing theloor but leaving the room so completely untouched that they didn t even hear anything go off I don t even know if I want to go into Eli This undercover cop had no idea what was happening to Summer all those years he was spying on them But during that time he The Stall (Pony In Training fell in love with her andollowed her all the way to NYC Even though he was assigned to Don he magically got his assignment moved to Summer and was allowed to move onto campus to watch her And really that s just because he was in love with her What a creepy stalker Oh so Don was all over the news about his mafia shenanigans yet when he clears his record did he also clear everyone s memories What in the hell I ll admit I thought Eli was in on it Maybe he is in the 3rd book who knows don t care I just thought in the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy first book he was so adamant on taking Summer to lunch at that diner and he wouldn t take noor an answer And it just magically was owned by someone working Sanibel Virgin for Don I was disappointed to see none of that was addressed in this book We just going to ignore that Joan just magically disappeared so it s just easier than explaining it I guess there are tons of others surrounding Don and her aunt Sadie But I m just too exhaustedI m curious about going on to the 3rd book of the trilogy but I just can t and it s not because of the plot holes Or theact that I noticed some typos But I just don t have the energy to deal with Summer s dumb mental monologue Her thoughts are all over the place and a lot of times don t make sense how she came to those conclusions But hey it deserves some credit Way of the Shaman for some great moments with Miles that I loved reading The main story had enough pull to get me to the end of the book and Liza was an awesome uniue character. Ecrets masks and lies I don't need a man to save me I'm the superhero of my own story And all I need toocus on right now is Don Roberts a monster ar worse than I ever imagined before he unleashes the mafia on this city and ruins any chance I have at a new lif.

St DonThis book begins right after the cliffhanger of Made of Steel SummerSadie still does not know who she can trust and who is out to get her Is she safe Will she ever be safe Will she ever know the truth about her past so that she can ind happiness in her The Inclusion Imperative future Plus who is the Vigilante aka V I have my theoriesAs she begins to get some answers she alsoinds she has even uestions She still does not know the identity of the vigilante but she does learn about Eli in this book She still yearns The Public-Private Partnership Handbook for Miles and the reader gets to see some of their interactions which by the way left me wanting Fingers crossedor this in the next bookThe action and intrigue continue in this book As with the What Next After School ? first book I was sucked into this storyrom the very beginning Smoak has written a captivating cast of characters each with hisher own uirks and personalities Some I rooted Emerging Markets for and some who I booed and hissed at There are never any down moments in this book even when SummerSadie is thinking things over in her head there is always something happening Seriously when do these people sleep Hence all the dark circles under the eyes no doubtSummerSadie is a character who has suffered immensely in her life so it is easy to understand how she can bounce back andorth between the male leads She has HUGE trust issues and constantly doubts herself and others in her life Again who wouldn t I hope to see growth and self reliance A Home of Another Kind from her in book three The reader is left with another cliffhanger in this book There is a book 3 so I think it is safe to assume that a lot of uestionsrom the The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy first two books will be answered along with the unveiling of VThis series has a little bit of everything There is romance with some steamy scenes danger mystery suspense engaging dialogue and angst The reader does need to suspend some disbelief with this book but if you know that going in you will be able to just sit back andully enjoy the book For instance the character of Liza seems to have remarkable hacking skills but she is also able to lift African Successes, Volume I fingerprints and take bloodor analysis Plus V seems to be loaded as he has a computervoice activated controlled apartment with a safe room He will remind the readers of the character Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, from Arrow But as I said suspend some disbelief and dive into this book as it is riveting and entertainingAnother solid book by Smoak I along with Summer and the rest of the gang anxiously waitor my uestions to be answered in the next bookI received a copy of this book Lehrbuch Der Physiologie form the Author in exchangeor an honest review All the thoughts and options in this review are my ownRead of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom WowI got sucked into the Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. first book and was amazed Now I am at a lossor words I cannot wait to read book 3 I m trapped in this story and have to see it to the end Ivy Smoak you are evil Evil Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes for giving me all these new uestions answering some of my old uestions but not answering any of my new ones And now I have to wait until next yearor the next part Forged in Flames picks up where Made of Steel left off SadieSummer has so many new uestions She still doesn t know who to trust if she can trust anyone at all And then when some answers are revealed she s even confused And she Marketing Excellence 3 finds herself at the center of a storm where she s in love with three different guys So why did iteel like a beginning whenever I was around Miles Eli and V Maybe it was because I was starved YARN Essentials for love That s why it was so hard to turn any of them away I was lucky to have met each of them A part of me could even imagine auture with each of them I loved Miles because he reminded me of what it Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, felt like to be whole I loved Eli because he was proof that I could be loved despite being broken And I loved V because he made meeel optimistic of a Black on Blonde future no matter how unrealistic it was Sheinds out just exactly who Eli is The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece falls a little bit in love with him But then there s V she neverinds out who he is but she s a little in love with him too And then there s Milesoh swoony Miles the boy she s been in love with since she was 6 and is still in love with And it seems like Miles is in love with her too But how can he be when he s still stuck in the past still in love with Summer As he says Because American Nietzsche for my whole life my heart has belonged to someone else I couldn t commit to anyone knowing that I wasn t all in A casual hookup can numb that pain but that s all it ever was Forged in Flames is even better than Made of Steel It takes all the suspense and unpredictabilityrom Made of Steel and amps them up It s just as Art, Culture, and Cuisine fast paced and suspenseful It answers some uestions but proposes even uestions The time is ticking down on Sadie and it looks as if she ll neveright her way out of this cluster Berlioz and His Century fuck that she sound herself in that Don has placed her in even if she is made of steel as V thinks she is You re stronger than you realize he whispered You BersAnd I'd be lying if I said I haven't started to all or the New York City vigilante He's the only other person that knows what it's like to live behind a mask There's a darkness in him that mirrors my own He embraces my broken soulBut I'm tired of all the

ActionThis is a bit muddled and there are parts that don t make sense but it is still a compelling story And I can t wait to read book 3 I have a Blood Runs Green feeling we all already know who V is but with this series The obvious may not be truth I AM IN BOOK HEAVEN A PERFECT 10FORGED IN FLAMES BYIVY SMOAKMade of Steel was theirst book in this series I thought that book was the best book ever I WAS WRONG Forged in Flames will rock your world Take you Charting an Empire for that ride you always wanted to ride when you read a top selling book Yes that s right THIS IS THAT BOOK my dream book the one that makes you laugh cry scream and wanna throw it across a room saying why but not this book it definitely has ALL theeels and emotions that make you want to keep it with you right by your side so you can kept reading it all the way thru till the end WITHOUT STOPPING Like I didIt s a phenomenal read the characters are a mixed blend of heroes and heroine s they both are strong and dynamic I Colored Property felt like I had a deep connection with each of the characters in one way or another Theyelt and acted human like and real Like you were actually there rolling with the emotions with them I love Ivy Smoak books they are so hypnotic that you don t wanna tear your eyes away Desire and Truth from the pages that you are reading Ior one didn t skip a word of this bookShe continues to amaze me with her brilliance of writing and capabilities to keep me wanting of her books to read I was on the edge of my seat with book it kept me right there I just Can t say enough there is so much to tell I The Exiles Gallery for one am a totalan of Ivy books she continues to keep the books real and the characters human like Thank YOU IVY SMOAK Dislocating China for blessing me with an ARC to read in place of my honest review When you start reading IVY SMOAK make sure you start with this book MADE OF STEELI recommend All of Ivy Smoak books to EveryoneCAN T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE This book did not disappoint I enjoyed it as much as theirst Boom Secrets explode as you dive into the past and learn about the characters However you are still left with uestions and left in agonizing suspense Her behavior is annoying but SadieSummer is broken and is bound to break the hearts Exciting creativewonderful can t wait Childerley for the next oneThis book is so excitingI couldn t put it downI read a lot always have but now that I am in my senior years 67Iind I have much timelove itThank you Oh wow This book kept me at the edge of my seat I had no choice but to Cultural Excursions finish this book in one day I received an advanced copy and chose to review it 100% spoilerree review 5 insanely awesome stars WOW JustWOW This book gripped me Cruelty and Laughter from the veryirst page and had me riveted until the very last First and Cop Knowledge foremost Forged in Flames is not a standalone story it is the continuation of theirst book Made of Steel so if you have not yet read that STOP and go back to do so If you have already read it then please read onIvy Smoak is one of my Cultural Aesthetics favorite go to authors her stories are completely addicting and she knows just how to suck her readers in and keep them thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire book I thought Made of Steel was great but Forged in Flames Itar surpasses greatSmoak achieves perfection with this stunningly executed erotic thriller that is one of her most intense and addictive stories to date Readers will devour SadieSummer s story as it unfolds uickly There are no lulls in this story it is Class and Conformity full steam ahead with aast pace that is perfectly Descartes and His Contemporaries fitting The uirky characters each hold secrets upon secretsrom one another and while some are revealed others stay hidden and leave us begging High Tide at Midnight for Who is good and who is evil The uestion will resonate in your mind time after time as SadieSummer grapples with who is telling the truth and who she should trust And readers will also waiver back andorth wondering the same as Smoak weaves a tale that leaves everyone guessing Masterfully executed this is one mystery that I cannot wait to Education and Equality find out the answers to But since Forged in Flames ends in another cliffhanger Smoak loves to torment her readers in this deliciousashion damn it the answers will have to wait until book 3 comes out Whatever you do please DO NOT miss out on this series It s such a departure Deceptive Beauties from my normally preferred genre but I m so glad that I took a chance on it Then again if it s written by the uber talented Ivy Smoak then I wouldn t have missed itor the world This book is most definitely worthy of 5 insanely awesome stars READ IT Forged in Flames is the second book in the Made of Steel series I highly recommend reading this Dangerous Work first book in the series Made of Steel prior to starting this one In Made of Steel the reader learns about SummerSadie s sad past the death of her parents the death of her grandmother and being tornrom her best Flavor and Soul friend Miles She is bouncedrom oster home to oster home until she lands in the home of the sadi. It's hard to be consumed by revenge when my heart eels like it's breaking in two A part of me is still in love with Miles I think I always will be He embodies everything I thought my life could be Every hope and dream and wish But I'm not the girl that he remem.

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