Willard Leon Beaulac: Franco Silent Ally in World War II

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When World War II broke out in Europe Spain was already in ruins from years of civil war Hitler could asily have grabbed it and Gib. During World War II Beaulac as a member of the United States diplomatic mission to Spain partici­pated in the delicate intrigue as Hitler tried to Saving CeeCee Honeycutt entice or coerce Spain into fighting for the Axis while the Allies sought to keep the Franco forces neutral Spain’s policy was aimed at frustrating German designs which made it inffect pro Allied Yet for survival Franco had to maintain an overt attitude of friendsh.

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D kept him at a distance and away from Gibraltar And how he kept Spain neutral throughout the war by making Rising Strong empty promises to Hitler. Er avowed friendship with the Axis but instead to make it asasy as possible for Franco to stay out of the war Both countries continued to trade with Spain and supply her with com­modities that would nable her to survive That the Allies and the Spanish were able to carry out a policy that was often unpopular and difficult constitutes a great diplomatic victory one that may have altered the course of World War

Raltar thus gaining control of the Mediterranean Sea This is the story of how Spain s General Franco skillfully manipulated Hitler an. Ip with the Axis as well as a posture of nmity toward Russia This friendship that Franco his aides and the controlled media professed for Hitler provided Spain’s sole defense against German invasion Once Spanish policy became clear the Allied poli­cy was to be as helpful as possible Spain was starving weary of war divided politically and spiritually The United States and Britain chose not to punish Spain for