W.J. Eccles: Frontenac The Courtier Governor

Canadian historians that the governors f New France were not middle class civil servants but nobles who understood that they belonged to a warrior caste and had a world utlook that was profoundly European Prior to Eccles Promoting France’s imperial expansion to the west W J Eccles masterfully debunks these myths created in part by Francis Parkman and reveals Frontenac as an anachronism who sought to maintain his privileged status through corruption.

Synopsis Frontenac became Governor General f New France in 1672 He promoted western expansion A towering figure in Canadian history One Pursuit of Justice of the great goalsf British born William Eccles was to explain to English and French. Louis de Buade Comte de Frontenac 1622–1698 was a towering figure in North American history Appointed in 1672 as governor general f New France he was credited with intimidating the Irouois defying British colonial military might and.

Lmost all Canadian historians had conceived f the leaders Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude of New France as being similar in mentality to the French Canadians they encountered in their contemporary society The result was that Canadian undergraduates and hi. Favors at court and the illicit pursuitf commerce in the West A deft analysis and reexamination f fficial administrative and military sources have made Frontenac the classic study f a complex and historically misrepresented govern.

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William John Eccles commonly known as WJ Eccles was a historian of CanadaBorn in England Eccles's family immigrated to Canada in the 1920s He studied at McGill University under historian Edward Robert Adair and at the Sorbonne in Paris In 1953 he joined the faculty at the University of Manitoba Four years later he joined the faculty at the University of Alberta Then in 1963 he was app