Jeremy Proulx: Great Concepts in Philosophy

Ed to their times and how philosophy can help us form mature and insightful reactions to our present The text progresses chronologically beginning with philosophy in the ancient world and nding with philosophy as it is practiced today Part I introduces ideas from ancient Greek and classical Chinese philosophy as well as from religious philosophers in the Middle Ages Part II.

Explores how major revolutions in science and philosophy influenced how philosophers thought about human nature and politics freedom in society and the rights of women In the last part students learn about how thinkers like Marx Nietzsche William James Hannah Arendt and Cornel West challenge classical philosophical ideas and provide resources for thinking about our own time.

Great Concepts in Philosophy A Historical Introduction takes students on an historical tour of foundational concepts in philosophy As readers learn about key philosophical ideas they also learn about the philosophers who created them and the times in which they lived By presenting philosophical ideas within historical context students better understand how philosophers react.

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