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Voluntarily chose to write an honest review forBook one in the brand new Remnant Gods series This book is just amazing We got some incredible world building along with characters that we can ovehate all placed into a world full of magic Vesper ends up wrapped up in a mess not of her making and as an empath the emotions are debilitating Add in her guys as she meets them and maybe she will get some relief All I know is that I was totally sucked into the story and could not put it down I even whimpered when I reached the História do Rei Transparente last page because I did not want it to end If you enjoy PNR RH books then you have to go buy this Ioved every single minute of it so I give it 55 stars InterestingI finally went back and finished this off It was definitely interesting and I really Best Mechanic Ever like Gesler and Deimos The other supporting characters are pretty cool tooLooksike Gesler just may have something to answer for Hi my name is Gwen and I am a pre book orderholic it has been 1 day 10 hrs and 15 min since I Dinosaur Dinners last pre ordered a book But damn it s addictive but in my case it sike Russian roulette that usually involves me shooting myself in the foot often than not yet I keep on tryingBut for once I ve got a good onebut of course me being me I seem to have read these books in the wrong order and should have started with So Dark the Night The Brightling Court 1 So Dark the Night for a better feel for the world building but which I am reading nowBut you know what I think this is the better of the two books with a much stronger Urban Fantasy In His Blood leaning my fav Also the world building was just great I justoved the Desert Kings (Deathlands, layers Elle created with the Shade and Fade which are edgy and dark As well as characters that are intense yetikeable and what attraction between Vesper and Deimos WOW It does have BDSM elements BLEH but not too in your face LOL and I hope it stays that way The mystery element was strong and with no obvious bad guys it made for a very enjoyable read Can t wait for the next book So Dark the Night is the only other book I ve had from Elle Cross but I know I will always be reverently holding her books close to my heart 90% of my reads are for a great escape Therefore it s only An Officer and a Spy logical I goooking for reads that reflect me or my situation the Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, least Iook for characters I find interesting but don t relate much in real Ooko life 9% of my reads are for discoveringearning The Naked last 1% percent I reserve for readsike Grit the ones which make me feel Shadow Scale (Seraphina, like psychoanalyzing myself And nobodyikes being psychoanalyzed esp if it s by one s self But back to Grit I see too much of myself which contradicts the major objective of escaping in the first place I mean it sucks that I have to be such a sissy girl but I just can t help and bitch slap myself some hard Claim The Crown loving Enough of that personal weird monologue ish bit I come here to review the magnificent read that is GRIT The buildup of the plot the settings the charactersare slow enough to be savored and relishedike refined dishes But at the same time the story delivers breath stopping action scenes I ve always been in awe of that satisfying balance For example I m slowly introduced to the politics between Remnant God tribes and Humans as if easing me to a complicated system Which is a very considerate thought on behalf of the author The story The feelings I m overcome with tumultuous emotions throughout the whole ride From Vesper and Corbin s journey to solve an unusual crime to the personal adventures Vesper has had the sensual dreams she keeps forgetting afterI may need a palate cleanser from being intoxicated by such powerful words I mean what s with them being craftily arranged to affect even the coldest of hearts And yes I m referring to my unfeeling black heart It feels Nerds like I have experienced every vivid detail myself JustSUPERB Moving on to our characters Grit is full of charismatic real and well rounded characters As if the main ones aren t the only ones deserving of developed personalities But for the sake of everybody I m only going to fangirl hardcore about Vesper Deimos and Corbin Selfless Strong Stunning All of those are our heroine Vesper and freaking 1 Selfless Whenever people characterize selflessness they often think of its heroic aspects But Elle and Vesper are able to reveal the self deprecating side of the same coin The thing about people with the default of selflessness of a saint is that every time they do things most consider as noble sacrifices they also condemn themselves to a world of hurtMy only anchor was the vast frozen nothing inside of me A no man sand A null that I d been patiently feeding and growing At its center was an ice fortress my mental construct that hid the heart of my powerFor fuck s sake the woman s an empath on top of that At first she s only close with Corbin and Megan Semi close with Jack Then In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, later on with Deimos Can count heroved ones in one hand and all that jazz But the engths she will go to for them Indefinite For all her talk about being detached and distant Vesper feels deeply and bleeds profusely2 Strong The infamous preconceived notion with strong people is that apparent. Sual homicide When they discover that the victim was under the protection of the Remnant Gods the investigation brings Vesper under the attention of Deimos the new Power Broker of Manhattan As she has been hiding from stalkers being under anyone'.

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Ly they don t break That they must be invincible when in fact they re actually not And I think that s what makes Vesper strong the self acknowledgement of weaknesses and flaws3 Stunning Need I say I just I really ove herDeimos This herohe s everything to me Can I have a Deimos in my On Such a Full Sea life please No but really I often don t pay that much importance to heroes in my reads Ateast no than the heroines Plus I often feel Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! like they belong to their respective heroines BUT But but but Deimos isike the holy grail of men I can t help but want him or one Cannibal like him for me I have nothing to say against him whatsoever I mean if Vesper blushes on his presence I might just swoon and faint Also you know Gordon Ramsay s meme about how he treats the kids on his cooking show vs the adults Imagine him as Gordon Ramsay with Vesper as the kids and others as the adult LMAO He s just so gentle and so warm and somasculine to her With a mix of reverence on a whole otherevel I might have melted every time he calls her darling that s about 29 times you guys sighsCorbin She s that bff who deserved a separate book She s awesome complements Vesper the best and is the coolest boss detective ever Here s my favorite from herHey now First I believe in freedom of religion I can worship whatever the hell I want Second Just because something s broke doesn t mean it can t be fixed Not saying it should be fixed just saying Broken isn t the end of the world it s just the end of one way of being Nothing nothing Mastered (The Enforcers, less Iove it so much I really do PS I m adding this because I found out that this MIGHT be a reverse harem I m still not sure OMFG I mean I Man, Son of Man love Deimosbut I also freakingove JACK I m so torn about it tbh BUUUT whatever happens Alter Ego later on myove for GRIT won t ever essen Of that I m fucking sure of PPS Megan is a trip So funny seeing her tease Vesper She s ike that comical younger sister so full of charm and smile Aaand if this is indeed a reverse harem aside from Deimos and JackI think Balin Jules Corso and Prince Arris are all good candidates winks Do you ever read a book where you feel Uncommon Wisdom like it probably made sense to the author in their head but when putting it into words they severely missed the mark in helping the reader understand what the hell is going on The world buildingeft me confused than anything It Unseen City lacked flow It had me rereading sentences several times I feltike something was missing I don t need every Art little detail but this book needed just aittle bit I wanted to God Is in the Crowd love it based on the blurb but I just couldn t get into the writing I didn t hate this In spite of it s flaws it had potential It had a great premise and a fresh new world There s no jarring info dump attempting to explain the dynamics and set the scene You re eased into it but then you reeft hanging Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard like the author forgot to explain the rest of it There is so much that could have been done It could have been great dammitThat being saidOh my god The messThe timeline is incredibly short Far too short I swear the book only spans a few days which ruins the romance aspect Who falls inove that uickly People with issues That s who Far too much was happening with the plot for it to span only a few daysVesper had almost no personality or backbone unless it served the plot and especially not in the presence of Deimos Nope Around him she is a The Matriarchs (The Family literalimp noodle They re all a bit one dimensional caricatures to be honest but since she is front and center it s obvious thereIs this smut Or is it fantasy I Notes for the Everlost literally could not tell It readike a fantasy novel until the When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) long copious sex scenes butted their heads in and overstayed their welcome This woman needs to calm her vagina down nobody has that much sex without pain or even friction burn of some sort Again only a few days Yet she has sex than five times On multiple occasions it ends one them starting all over again hinting at an all night sex marathon God Damn I have aeg cramp just thinking about it That s not even getting into the fact that no guy can get straight back into it immediately afterwards Lets be real here It takes a minute or twoThere are things I genuinely enjoyed But I ve thought about it too No Biggy! long and all I can think about is how annoyed I am First and foremost I don t know what SPECIAL personabel this book as a Reverse Harem because it s NOT What this book is and should be Crush It! label as is aStrong Alpha Male because that s what the author provided Now don t get me wrong I did reallyike this book and have already jumped into book 2 and can t wait for book 3 because guys it s really that good I mean the author comes off as Snooty Tootie with all her big words but damnit I got a dictionary and can follow right along HA As far as the main characters are concerned I did Attracting Birds to Your Backyard like the heroine even though she s kinda going through an identity crisis and doesn t know where she comes from and hasost memories of what she may be FYI she s still trying to figure that out in book 2But damn the hero of this book Deimos is a serious Alpha Male whom with one Deep Listening look can make you fall to your knees and worship him DAMN Overall Rating45 A Really Good Read. S attention is the exactast place she wants to be Too bad for her Deimos had spent his entire Bird-by-Bird Gardening lifeooking for Vesper and now that he's found her he intends to keep her Grit is for mature readers Lots of crime mayhem and steamy sex scenes aboun.

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I started Grit uite The Works of Saint Augustine late at night after I d finished reading a book by another author I thought the other book was good almost 5 stars but then I started Grit and it reminded me what a true 5 star read isCross s writing style is smooth and flawless her world building and character development is phenomenal All the different ability s and Remnant Gods politics could of easily been confusing but Cross delivers it in a way that not only makes sense but is truly captivatingVesper Tallinn is a powerful individual who can do extraordinary things but she has a softer vulnerable side This is the second book I ve readately where the heroine doesn t need rescuing and yet neither is she all powerful and kickass it is a refreshing change and makes it easier to relate to the character Vesper s colleagues and friends are a wonderful group of varying individuals these side characters are interesting and Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone likeable and offer insight into Vesper sife Our hottie Deimos may be a true alpha but he treats Vesper with both adoration and respect and hot damn he s sexyThis is the second book I ve read by Cross the first is still waiting for me to finish reading it and I could not put it down Part of the reason might of been because it felt ike a true urban fantasy than paranormal or reverse harem as I know Cross s other books are RH it s worthwhile to note that so far Grit is not a RH although I ve heard rumours regarding book two and the writing felt mature all the characters are already grown which is definitely something I appreciate Just ike her other books we definitely see some action both in regards to mystery and fights as well as in the bedroom andor kitchen tableGrit has gone straight into my favourites folder which is reserved for those books that surpass 5 stars for me Highly recommend This was pretty good but not without issues I found Vesper and her abilities to be uniue and interesting The mystery and investigations really kept me attention Corbin her best friend was just as intriguing and I Supper Club loved how the contrast between the two was shown instead of told Deimos was the typical alpha male but he surprised me a couple of time when it came to reactions And Jack God my heart hurts I picked this up because it came up on a RH group but after reading it I m not so sure now which is sort of a bummer because I wanted her to choose Jack I did knock a star off of this because there were many things that were unclear I could tell a great deal of work went into Vesper but there were areas of world building that came up short causing confusion which bugged me through theast 25% of the story view spoilerFor instance do humans have magic We know the remnant gods do as well as their children who are half human There was the business with the gabbing shadows the ones that took Jack and the ones that attempted to kidnap Vesper If humans were behind the murders then how did they create pockets where the gods couldn t find them and how did they become the shadows Plus there was the uncharacteristic business with Corbin Vesper s best friend freezes her out and basically ies to her and there is never really any reason why Because it wasn t fleshed out or even resolved adeuately explained and dealt with so it feels ike Corbin refusing to give info to Vesper was a plot devise and nothing else which is annoying Vesper s secret project about Corbin s past that she thought was tied to their current case was Professional Capital left just hanging and didn t go anywhere The capture of chaos ring went too uickly and I cannot believe that Corbin didn t see to Vesper who was cut up and covered in blood when the police arrived They share aook OMG I think that confused then pissed me off the most The Corbin from the 1st half of the book who cared about Vesper was gone Since the chaos ring was gathered there really wasn t a reason given for what was going on only hinted that it was wide spread The Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) lack of depth shows here than anywhere else and it was an unsatisfying triumphant over the bad guys The other thing that bugged me was Vesper sack of emotion or thoughts to new discoveries about herself She had basically none and she didn t even mull over what she Berlioz, Vol. 2 learned That was frustrating for me because it drew the character away from me instead of drawing me closer And seriously how do remnant gods become orphans You would think they would be doing something to remedy that And theast thing that really irked me since she spent so much time The Middle Sin (Cleo North looking for Jack she doesn t go and see him when all is said and done She doesn t even think about him I mean WTF hide spoiler An amazing concept great characters fantastic world building I can t wait for Read using Kindle Unlimited Grit The Remnant Gods 1 I absolutelyoved this book It sexy stylish full of suspense It has three great female characters an excellent enigmatic male I do wish the whole Orphanage background was explored I know it probably will be in future books but it The Mediterranean Millionaires Mistress left me feelingike I had huge gaps in my knowledge This was NOT enough to stop me devouring this wonderful read however Debbie 1970 UK I received a free copy of this book which Behind veils that hide them from mortal eyes the Remnant Gods walk among mortals in this Urban Fantasy set in an alternate NYC Vesper Tallinn is an empath and artist who has been recruited by her best friend an NYPD Detective to help solve an unu.

Hi I'm Elle Cross and I write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance I live in NYC with my husband and the imaginary dog that we will one day adopt I have a massive makeup collection and I'm grateful that as a freelance makeup artist I can justify buying even When I'm not playing with color or my imaginary friends I can usually be found in the nearest diner or bubble tea shop trying to t