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At first it seems like an ordinary street in an ordinary neighborhood But ids sense there’s something different about Midnight Place It's nothing tangible just an eerie sensation that won’t go away Walk down the street a street like Midnight Place and all too soon the te.

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D almost brainwashed She is convinced that someone else is behind their bizarre hostile behavior But who could be responsible Who could have such powerJo thinks she’ll find the answer on eerie Midnight Place Will Jo be able to save her friends or will she become a zombie to.

Rror is realWhat’s happening to the teenagers in Ashford Suddenly crimes are being committed by the nicest Lured In (Dark Paradise, kids Honor roll students have become juvenile delinuents and petty criminalsSopho Jo Latera is shocked by her friends’ actions In her opinion theids seem hypnotize.

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Lionel Fenn Simon Lake Felicia Andrews and Deborah LewisGrant won a World Fantasy Award for his novella collection Nightmare Seasons a Nebula Award in 1976 for his short story A Crowd of Shadows and another Nebula Award in 1978 for his novella A Glow of Candles a Unicorn's Eye the latter telling of an actor's dilemma in a post literate future Grant also edited the award winning Shadows anthology running eleven volumes from 1978 1991 Contributors include Stephen King Ramsey Campbell RA Lafferty Avram Davidson and Steve Rasnic and Melanie Tem Grant was a former Executive Secretary and Eastern Regional Director of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and president of the Horror Writers Association