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Those who know me best are aware that besides books music is my other big passion There is not a single day that I don t feel the need to get carried away by songs that make me emember places situations persons and emotions I don t constantly try to hear new bands or artists because I d Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, rather stick with the ones I already love Nirvana is one of those bandsMost of you probably have heard of Nirvana the most memorable band of the 90 s also because the tragedy that ended up the band but whateally stands out for me is the ethereal and timeless music Heavier Than Heaven tells the story of the man who created Nirvana from his childhood until the tragedy surrounding his death This book also accounts for the story of Nirvana Although I m not catholic A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners reading this book was a little likeeading Jesus Christ story even though I know the end it s impossible to avoid the desire that it had been otherwiseWhile I was eading about Kurt Cobain s life I ealised the devastating impact that a divorce during the childhood can have in a particularly sensitive and different child Sometimes there are profoundly defining events in our lifes and if we don t have the mental structure that allow us to carry on the conseuences can be catastrophic I ve ead the story of a man who grey in the middle of contradictions inside himself like spending his The art of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain was all about his private life but written in a code as obscure as TS Eliot's Now Charles Cross has cracked the code in the definitive biography Heavier Than Heaven an all access pass to Cobain's heart and mind It eveals many secrets thanks to 400 plus interviews and even uotes Cobain's diaries and suicide notes and eveals an unreleased Nirvana masterpiece At last we know how he created how lies helped him die how his family and love life entwined his art plus what the heck Smells Like Teen Spirit eally means It was graffiti by Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna after a double date with Dave Grohl Cobain and the over bored and self assured Tobi Vail who wore Teen Spirit perfu.

Hole life wanting to be loved and then succumb when he had the entire world at his feet I followed the story of a genius he was one like it or not that without his peculiar character and the traumatic events that he had to go trough wouldn t have left us what he did It s also an account sometimes shocking of what drug addiction can make to a personI can t avoid feeling sad eading this tragic tale but sometimes we have to stand face to face with others struggles so we can learn to put things in perspective and learn Here s what I learned life is our most valuable giftSince this biography was writen based in interviews Dave Grohl and Kurt s mother notably stayed out there is a lot of subjectivy here Sometimes I think the author took too much liberties in his assumptionsI don t ecommend this book lightly but I think it s a must ead for any Nirvana fan and for anyone who cares about the imperfect human being Charles R Cross s Heavier Than Heaven isn t just one of my favourite biographies it s one of my favourite books A few years ago when I had my own music blog I had the incredible opportunity to interview Cross I thought I would include that piece here as a tribute to this wonderful book about one of music s most iconic and dearly missed figuresSeattle is a place I have been obsessed with from an early age Cameron Crowe s 1992. Me; Hanna wrote it to taunt the emotionally clingy Cobain for wearing Vail's scent after sex a violation of the no strings attached dating ethos of the Olympia Washington outcast teen underground Cobain's stomach churning passion for Vail erupted in six or so hit tunes like Aneurysm and Drain You Cross uncovers plenty of news mostly grim and gripping As a teen Cobain said he had suicide genes and his clan was peculiarly defiant one of his suicidal elatives stabbed his own belly in front of his family then ipped apart the wound in the hospital Cobain was contradictory a sweet popular teen athlete and sinister berserker a kid who escued injured pigeons and laughingly killed a cat a talented yet astoundin.

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Film Singles and its incredible soundtrack is partly to blame for this The Washington city is famous for many things its coffee its ainy weather the Space Needle the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame Seattle is also noted for its famous people the city is this book is almost eual parts fiction and Courtney Love approved versions of actual events it gives some information but it should be taken with a grain of salt there are TONS of proven historical errors i don t blame This booked disturbed me a bit I know everyone wants to ape the corpse of Cobain but not me and admitting this is embarrassing but hey we e all friends here Reading it I saw a lot of myself in Kurt Cobain and it worried me Am I going to blow my brains out I certainly hope not Maybe I elated to him in the way that a lot of people did Maybe he s just a common guy who was thrown into something bigger than him At any ate Charles Cross eally did his esearch and created a book that I ate like chocolate cake Sad I just noticed the average ating for this book was 4 stars Yuck The author does a decent job putting together Kurt Cobains life and ise to fame In the last chapters he takes creative license in describing Kurts last moments all the way to his suicide It s disgusting No one was there that we know of He has no ight. Gly morbid visual artist He grew up to be a millionaire who slept in cars and stole one a fiercely loyal man who uthlessly screwed his oldest best friends In fact his essence was contradictions barely contained Cross the coauthor of Nevermind Nirvana the definitive book about the making of the classic album puts numerous Cobain generated myths to est Cobain never lived under a bridge that Aberdeen bridge immortalized in the 12th song on Nevermind was a tidal slough so nobody could sleep under it He gives the fullest account yet of what it was like to be or love Kurt Cobain Heavier Than Heaven outshines the also indispensable Come As You Are It's the deepest book about pop's darkest falling star Tim Appe.

Charles R CrossThis is Charles R Cross a rock music journalist and author based in Seattle He is the founder of Backstreets magazine a periodical for fans of Bruce Springsteen editor of Springsteen the Man and His Music a compilation of Backstreets articles and is also author of a biography of Kurt Cobain titled Heavier Than Heaven His most recent release is entitled Room Full Of Mirrors A Biography Of Jimi HendrixIn 2004 while conducting research for the Hendrix book Cross rediscovered the gravesite of Jimi Hendrix's mother Lucille Jeter Hendrix in an abandoned section of Greenwood Memorial Park where Jimi Hendrix himself is buried in an elaborate granite memorial The gravesite of Lucille Hendrix was lost because the standard welfare marker of her day an inscribed brick became buried in decades of mud from the area's notorious heavy rains Cross delivered a moving eulogy for Lucille when a proper headstone was dedicated at the siteCourtney Love the widow of Kurt Cobain has acuired the rights to Heavier Than Heaven which is now being made into a film by Universal Pictures This is the first film to be made from Cross' work