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Ol over her eating girl Nick doesn t believe that a smart and a college educated woman like Jennifer will ever fall for a high school drop outBut Nick s secret is bigger than that Not only didn t Jennefir now about his drop out and the main reason for his family issues but also didn t she Defying Gravity know that he can t read which was the reason for his drop out He never told anybody not even his familynew the reason for his drop out They have always assumed that Nick wasn t vut out for school but when he discovers that his son might have the same problem and Jennifer finds out with suspicions he has no other choice than to tell herShe decides to help him and does research about their reading problem Every thing goed well and perfect and they find out that they have a sort dyslectic disease She finds the perfect solution and both are able to read betterBut when Nick finds out that Jennifer used them as guinea pigs for her essay for college he decides to end things He was so angry and afraid that everyone would now about it and that his son will face the same social problems as he had when he decided to drop out from high schoolJennifer decides to leave a recording of her essay for him because hearing was easier than reading for him obviously before she leaves for her vacation for which she had to drop a few pounds in the first place When he heard it all all he wanted was her back Sperate to find a tutor And Jennifer Rose is perfectIn fact Jen might be too perfect Nick's starting to fall for the attractive teacher and he can't let that happen Because opening up to Jen means sharing the secret.

E was mistaken in her intensions and he had forgive her He dicides to tell his family about his secret and they helped him to get a flight to Jennifer And everything comes to a happy ending 35 Grade BB This was overall a very enjoyable book with depth than I expected The characters grow and develop during the story and there isn t a pat answer to every issue brought up I have a friend whose son had the same reading impairment mentioned in the book and the information here was very interesting and seemed accurate I went in expecting only 4 or 3 stars maybe not too many considering it s a Harleuin Super Romance but came out with a blazing 5 stars I shouldn t be surprised really since it was written by Kay Stockham I just wanna say that this was wonderful read I had a great timeNick and Jenn each had their own insecurities and uite sceptical that they could be than friends at all Nick a high school dropout felt that he couldn t measured to Jenn a teacher While Jenn could never imagine why a hot guy like Nick would even look at her an over weight girl It was pretty hilarious at first but things spiralled into interesting dramas when the Tulane family got involved And I couldn t believe that I cried in this book also Seems that I can t help myself from shedding a few tears in every KS s book Anyway this one belongs in my lovvit shelf On to Nick s twin brother Luke s book next. That has always made him feel like an outsider in his own family Still with his son showing signs of following in his footsteps Nick can't eep the truth hidden But once she nows will Jen accept him weakness and all.

Proper diet and exercise was a continuous topic throughout this book but I enjoyed the concept of dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome as well Also if not for this book I might never have heard of or googled Mara Corday or Gina Lollobrigida To me as a reader the major drawback of the book was sentence structure Several times I had to stop re read to grasp the intent of what the author had written After finishing the last page the first thing I thought was So damn good story I loved this book The characters have clear and open thought towards the reader and the moral was just lovely and well fitting for nowadays girls issues It tells about a young woman a teacher who just came out of a disaster divorce and gained so much weight this was because of the stress but she has been overweight her entire life Her Ex wouldn t leave her alone and Jennifer becomes really desperate When a friend of hers comes to now that the super hot gym owner Nick Tulane is in need of a tutor for his son for the summer she managed to fix a deal with him for her Jennifir will tutor his son and in exchange Nick will become her personal trainer and in the open her guy friend Both had been secretly crushing on each other but both think they aren t good enough for the other Jennifer doesn t see it happening in a million years that a good looking and perfect muscled man like Nick falls for a fat and not in contr. Mills Boon Blush series brings you moving true to life romancesNick Tulane ordinarily won't admit weakness in himself or in those he loves But when he learns his son is about to fail in school the single father is de.

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