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Orks an ntry from DK Publishing that digs slightly under the surface of ach topic From the foundational history of Philosophy to the basis of Ethics this book uses text and images to great ffect showing the reader what is meant in various casesThe book introduces a topic or idea according to the approximate date of the conception of that idea As I mentioned Philosophy is a large subject and you only have so many pages So the book is divided into sections The first section deals with the history of Philosophy how it came about the luminaries of the past from Thales of Miletus to Friedrich Nietzsche and the ideas that they Building the Cold War espoused This also introduces ideas like the Blank Slate and Zeno s ParadoxesThe next large se. Combines bold infographics and jargon free text to demystify fundamental concepts about the nature of reality Coveringverything from Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) ethics topistemology and phenomenology the book presents the ideas and theories of key philosophical traditions and philosophers from Plato and Socrates to Nietzsche and Wittgenstein via Kant in a novel asy to understand wayIts infograp.

Probably best as reference and not cover to cover reading This is an xcellent introductory book on the development of Western philosophy throughout the past two and a half millennia The material is accessible for anyone with a heart for learning about the competing ideas that have plagued mankind Each subject andor person s idea is summarized and beautifully illustrated in a succinct two page formatThe drawbacks of this work are its succinctness and brevity in discussing the material it presents Philosophy is a wide ranging subject that covers a number of topics While it is difficult to distill the message and ideas of Philosophy into one book it is not impossible to do so This is demonstrated by How Philosophy What is the meaning of life Are we truly free How can we make Dancing at Armageddon ethical choices Discover the answers to life's greatest uestionsDemystifying the key ideas of the world's greatest philosophers andxploring all of the most important branches of philosophical thought in a uniuely visual way this book is the perfect introduction to the history of philosophy How Philosophy Works.

Ction deals with Analytical Philosophy going slightly in depth with what that is It deals with Epistemology how language is limited in certain ways and so on The following sections deal with what is termed Continental Philosophy Philosophy of Mind Ethics Political Philosophy and LogicI Double Jeopardy enjoyed the book I didn t really learn all that much since I really like Philosophy and it happens to be one of my guilty pleasures to read books like this books that collect the information from other books and distill it into a readable andasily understandable format Nice simple Composition and Literature explanations but I m nkt sure about the visuallyxplained because the graphics are random and don t Cezanne and Provence explain much plus they are not artistic nor beautiful. Hics will help you to understand thelements of philosophy on a conceptual level and by tackling life's big uestions it will help you to look at the world in an ntirely new wayWith its uniue graphic approach and clear authoritative text How Philosophy Works is the perfect introduction to philosophy and the ideal companion to DK's The Philosophy Book in the Big Ideas seri.

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