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What I learned from this bookSometimes it s OK to idle in bed a few minutes and yes there s no use in running after the bus There will be another one An interesting little book that I icked up at a booksale Hodgkinson actually founded a magazine still in business called The Idler A good THIEME Atlas of Anatomy portion of his theory I agree with we go to college to get a job but then we need the job toay for college and all the stuff we need including vacations to get away from the job But I think 18 years after the book was rinted things are changing slowly Little houses need less stuff and Uber drivers can work 4 hours a day and have a life as well He divides the book into the 24 hours of a day of what an idler does fishing and tea and sleeping in for example Nowhere is reading listed Hey if riot is listed reading should be too I think this would be a great book for the newly retired because you still feel like you should be doing something keep busy volunteer and you don t have to anybut the guilt is still there to some degree A book solidly lobbying for the return of the nap the long lunch the idle stroll the enojyment of sleep and the absurdity of the full time job He makes it sound as though the ideal life is the idle life and all one needs to do is find that occupation that gets them by with the essentials of life Leisure and loafing will take care of the rest Of course he s also an Englishman so his ability to avoid the full on career is augmented a bit by the universal health care he enjoys I trust fulfilling this dream in th Great read It really got me thinking about the way we rioritize a job above all else how insane it is that I feel like I should be doing something Way of the Shaman productive the moment I awaken on my day off about how I ve structured my life so far See I ve been an idler at heart all along I ve basically set up my life in a way that guarantees a big ole vacation at least once a year Once I got a job where I worked 30 hours a week I swore I d never go back to a 40 hour week I have but I work a seasonal job so I work my butt off in the spring and fall to chill in the summer and winter Compared to some I am living the idler s dream But this book encouraged me to dream bigger This book made me open myself toossibilities that I was too scared to or brainwashed to conceive before I am being vague because it hasn t happened yet and I don t want to jinx myselfBut enough about me This is a book review not my journal The book is downright fun to read Hodgkinson is hilarious in his cynicism his ridiculing of modern life and its absurdity I felt that he over uoted some but I also liked the Gallowglass perspectives from famous idlers throughout history Now for the book s downsides I was disappointed by its lack of diversity Women andeople of color were hardly mentioned at all The The Inclusion Imperative perspectives from the book were whiterivileged men almost across the board And how did The Public-Private Partnership Handbook privileged white men throughout history have the opportunity to do so much idling Well because they often had a woman cleaning cooking taking care of the kids and sometimes mainly in recent years holding down a full time job at the same time So idle away boys That s not to mention howeople of color in the United States often work hours for less What Next After School ? pay than white counterparts and therefore have less opportunity to be idle For every white man idling there is often an army of women andeople of color working long and hard The system is rigged against the Emerging Markets poor souls It may be that he chalks that up to POCs being infected by capitalismgrass is alwa. Yearning for a life of leisure In 24 chapters representing each hour of a typical working day this book will coax out the loafer in even the most diligent and schedule obsessed workerFrom the founding editor of the celebrated magazine about the freedom and fine art of doing nothing The Idler comes not simply a book but an antidote to our work obsessed culture In How to Be Idle Hodgkinsonresents his learned yet whimsical argument for a new universal.

Ys greenerwhen I get x much syndrome but I d like him to have at least touched on it Why are A Home of Another Kind people from beautiful and relaxed Latin American countries desperate for a shot to work their aes off in America for 45 hours a week if idling is so wonderfulAll this has convinced me to take it down to 3 stars actually Don t write a modern day book without including anyerspective but the white The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy privileged man I beg you Also it makes light of addiction several times throughout the book Encouraging readers who may consider themselves addicts to lighten up a bit and have a little fun in so many words I think all this was said with a tongue in cheek attitude but come on Why not take your tongue out of your cheek to talk about something as serious as addiction One can still idle without happy hourThat being said I am white andrivileged and therefore got a lot out of the book and for that I m grateful to have read it It certainly marches to the beat of its own drum No wait we are idlers we don t march When I first African Successes, Volume I picked up this book Tom Hodgkinson s work is recommended in Lyanda Lynn Haupt s excellent blog I assumed it would be a fun light read not much And it is certainly fun and funny and clever and light hearted But some of How to be Idle is also surprisingly deep Hodgkinson recommends idleness as a way of life and can I mention here how much I love the fact that one of the chapters focuses on the joys and benefits of sleeping in not only because it makeseople happy but also because it s a form of anarchy a Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, pleasant way of sticking it to the man Don t make yourself miserable working long hours drinking coffee at your desk to stay awake just so you can Buy More Stuff and feed the capitalist system Instead Hodgkinson says inspiringly sleep late drink tons of beer go to music festivals study the art of conversation go fishing meditate and skip work whenever you can OK so as other reviewers haveointed out this may not always be entirely Lehrbuch Der Physiologie possible But it still is a funny and literate and smart reminder of the good things in life and how important it is to be happy and an encouragement to actively resist a workaholic shopaholic culture It seems to me to have a lot of overlap with Occupy Wall Street which I heartily support except that it s funnier and includesoems Hooray Tom Hodgkinson If you re someone who has a job that you can t just leave a family to take care of any major responsibilities at all this book is 100% unhelpful The author gives advice like turn off your alarm clock work less without adeuately acknowledging that most Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. people can t do that and would still like to learn how to enjoy the little leisurely time they can afford themselves Tom understands that capitalism trapseople but then turns around and acts like it s no big feat to free yourself from itHowever if you DON T have many responsibilities and just need to feel less guilty about doing nothing How To Be Idle becomes only 95% useless Not bad One of the bigger issues I had with the book is that Tom spends so much time jerking off to his favorite white male Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes philosophers and romanticizing simpler times that it becomesainfully boring and unrelatable Notably he is absolutely not writing for women in this book We re irrelevant The main things that kept me reading were the curiosity of how he managed to get in this carefree osition generational wealth and the hope that he would acknowledge that other eople have very different realities I gave upAlso okay I m going to lay into this guy because it s fun look at this terrib. Standard of living being happy doing nothing He covers a whole spectrum of issues affecting the modern idler sleep work leasure relationships bemoaning the cultural skepticism of idleness while reflecting on the writing of such famous apologists for it as Oscar Wilde Robert Louis Stevenson Dr Johnson and Nietzsche all of whom have admitted to doing their very best work in bedIt’s a well known fact that Europeans spend fewer hours at work a week

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Le article he wrote Even aside from the obvious wah wah society is crumbling because of technology he uses the hrase happy Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, peasants and thinks that livingoor for a day would be ideal Says the man who had the means and connections to launch a magazine and academy after being fired from his job Like congrats on living your dream but There is something disappointing about this book that Black on Blonde puzzles me since I found that I agreed with much of it and that it often made a great deal of sense It s use of the great literaryast to bolster its arguments were uirky and effective Against Nature by Huysmans lots of Walt Whitman and oddly but to good effect Robert Burns Hodgkinson spends a lot of time in Scotland which explains the Burns I guess It is an agreeable The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece pleasant book as a book about being idle should beI guess theroblem is which Hodgkinson addresses but not to my satisfaction is the difference between the sunny amusing free spirited idler and an out and out deadbeat Or the difference between idling through the day There is this notion that we seek out books that validate things we already feel and if that is the case I am guilty as charged As a American Nietzsche person who did not grow up in the States I have lived in cultures that celebrated two hour lunches and lots of vacation time and I have never really understood the American work obsessed culture Now I do admit to fallingrey to it myself after all I did not want to seem lazy but thankfully I realized before I hit the grave that there is to life than work and that interesting Art, Culture, and Cuisine people do not ask what do you do upon first meeting you This book of twenty four essays might just start a resistance movement Funny and insightful with chapter titles like The Death of Lunch The Nap and Time for Tea this is a lovely way to remind ourselves that we are not machines We are human beings not human doings I would recommend this book to every high school and collage graduate as a reminder to take long walks call in sick often and nap as neededMy fave chaptersWaking Up is Hard to DoSleeping InThe Death of LunchThe NapThe RambleTime for TeaThe Art of ConversationMeditationSleep The uality of your life and the uality of your happines deserve to be high Take long walks drink loose tea and beer sleep late skip work meditate and other advice some less warm and fuzzy are contained in Hodgkinson s manifesto for loafers It s refreshing to demonize Edison and Franklin and to elevate flaneurs Oscar Wilde and whoever else loves idling around streetcorners and cafes It would be difficult to follow the day asrescribed by Hodgkinson each chapter explores the cultural history of something better you should be doing with your time eg taking a 3 martini lunch instead of guzzling coffee at your desk I wish I could This book counterbalances workplace anxiety and ambition and reminds us that we should never ever feel guilty for relaxing because that s what makes life good I didn t finish this book though I read large chunks of it The author has some really good oints that apply just as much if not so to American society as to his own British Why should we look at any apparent idleness with suspicion Why is it important to look like we re busy for eight hours than to accomplish something really useful in four and enjoy the rest of our timeAnd yetThe book would have worked better for me if H had been clearer about idleness as doing what you choose to do and yes that activity might actually resemble work which does appear in some spots to be what he ultimately means rather tha. Han Americans So it’s only befitting that one of them the very clever extremely engaging and uite hilarious Tom Hodgkinson should have the wittiest and most useful insights into the fun and nature of being idle Following on the uirky call to arms heels of the bestselling Eat Shoots and Leaves The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss How to Be Idle rallies us to an eually just and no less worthy cause reclaiming our right to be idle.

Tom Hodgkinson b 1968 is a British writer and the editor of The Idler which he established in 1993 with his friend Gavin Pretor Pinney He was educated at Westminster School He has contributed articles to The Sunday Telegraph The Guardian and The Sunday Times as well as being the author of The Idler spin off How To Be Idle 2005 How To Be Free released in the US under the title The Free