George Ilian: How to Write and Publish a Non Fiction Kindle eBook in Just 17 Days

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Fantastic find The only Kindle publishing guide I needThis guide is awesome The content is well written and has helped me simplify the whole process I appreciate how the guide is broken down into manageable steps This is a great find for someone who is struggling to produce their ebook The author provides excellent advice and keeps the reader motivated through out I feel that I am better prepared to tackle the world of Kindle publishing I highly recommend this guide book to anyone struggling to produce their ebook GoodGives all the Info anyone needs to begin writing and publishing a Kindle ebook Easy to read and understand I learned many useful things learnt a heapI really did learn a lot from this book and have taken copious notes as I try and publish my first kindle book The writing style is conversational and doesn t get too technically while still explaining what for me where important things to know READER S NIGHTMARECOPY EDITOR S DREAMClearly not written by a native speaker of the English langu. Do you want to Write a uality Book FAST I have authored than 10 books and I have helped others achieve their goals In this book I am providing you with a tested method That will make the process of writing and publishing a book very simple and straight forward In This Book You Will Learn • How to Develop Your Book Idea find your niche and validate it • 4 Ways to Come Up.

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