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Rurient fisting anyone it reads like a red herring what emerges at the core is two retty FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck politeeople isolated by their own intellect clearly thrilled at the opportunity for self disclosure and the emergence of a common territory over which to commune The sex stuff is often just obliue Big Little Man provocation Ken and Kathy are both thoughtful and well mannered sensitive to not tresspass on the other Write me your vertigo it will be safe with me Ken replies gently after Kathy apologizes for her emotional overspill because intimacy has not yet bred contempt Despite the inclination to write them off on the basis of the reductive reputations thatrecedesucceed them The Man from Beijing punks obscurantists whatever there is a familiar and rather endearing humanity atlay here Fantastic book Interesting Creating Lasting Value perspective on ueer issues juxtaposed to the earlyossibilities of online communication. Analysis What results is an index of how two brilliant and idiosyncratic writers might go about a courtship across 7500 miles of airspaceby Understanding Markets and Strategy pulling in Alfred Hitchcock stuffed animals Georges Bataille Elvis Presleyhenomenology Marxism The X files Montana Dreams psychoanalysis and the I ChingTheir corresepondence is a Plato's Symposium for the twenty first century but written for ueers transsexuals nerds and book geeks I'm Very Into You is a text of incipience a text of beginnings and a set of notes on the short sharedassage of two iconic individuals of our tim.

Proud of his feeble Immerwelt - Der Pakt punning when he coins the term eistolary Get it They re emails and I didn t want to end on a low noteThe format is interesting and effective At times Kathy and Ken maintain multiple email chains so there is this layering and expansion of conversational threads over time of tangents and interpretations that Modern South Asia provide theerfect spacialstructural expression to two smart Picture Theory people s neural networks connecting and firing As a reader you get to observe theair negotiate the boundaries of their newfound intimacy in an ultimately Ancestral Voices pretty staid but intellectually charged courting ritual They cover a lot of ground from Portishead to Pasolini and if nothing else will leave a reader with lots of Wikipedia ing to doToaraphrase Viegener less elouently it s like watching brainy And Bid Him Sing people flirt What s interesting is that even when the conversation turns Ive male female all over thelace space totally together and brain sharp if it wasn't for lay I'd be bored stiff and I think boredom is the emotion I find most unbearable KAfrom I'm Very into YouAfter Kathy Acker met McKenzie Wark on a trip to Australia in 1995 they had a brief fling and immediately began a heated two week email correspondence Their emails shimmer with insight gossip sex and cultural commentary They write in a frenzy several times a day; their emails cross somewhere over the International Date Line and themselves become a site of.

Love it xxx This book is wonderful eriod The Olsen twins star in this great tale of halloween adventure Their family is going through some tuff financial trubles and may lose their house so they turn to the only member of the family with any money a cruel aunt Upo I Bones, Clones, and Biomes picked this book up at my local bookstore on a whim I didn t know anything about Acker or Wark beforehand so I suppose you could say I was unburdened by negative bias towards the authors The foreward by Acker s friend and executor in the will sense Matias Viegener was a nice littleiece of lit in and of itself I love this Bringing the Empire Home phrase In the exchange between Acker and Wark we see the reciprocal machinery of introjection androjection I actually reread Viegener s foreword after I finished the book as I found it infinitely insightful and readable than the epilogue whose author seems unbecomingly. The tempestuous email correspondence between Kathy Acker and McKenzie Wark shimmering with insight gossip sex and cultural commentaryWhy am I telling you all this Partly 'cause the whole ueernessidentity thing for me stretches through everything absolutely everything Slipping between straightgay is child's lay compared to slipping between writerteacherinfluence eddler whatever I forget who I am You reminded me of who I Building the Cold War prefer to be MWIt's two in the morning I know what you mean about slipping roles I love it going high lowower helpless even capt.