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Ulates the following To induce laughter all you have to do is look at your artner in crime even in the absence of said crime OBaby p7 The author soetic descriptions truly Nerds paint aicture in the mind of the reader and often create a sense of mystery or a contemplative mood His countenance revealed an expression of Zack (Areion Fury MC peace yet did not seem to be completely relaxed out of formality and something else that I couldn t uite comprehend at the time4 At times her descriptions leave the reader with a sense of awe And as I had gazed at my surroundings at the muted yet triumphant colors splashed in joyful serenity over the immaculate stone floor at the Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, profiles of my fellowarishioners bent in ContamiNation prayer and finally up above at the flickering lights held in a soft gray ceiling like chandeliers in an ancientalace I realized that my thoughts had been transferred to Someone Else Taxi ins Glück p 38The author explores the vulnerability of a writer whose work is exposed to the reader There is nothing nerve racking than waiting as someone reads your writing The reader becomes the videographer zooming far far into your heart and soul unveiling every inch and corner The writer remains a wary observer at the mercy of the reader clueless as to how he might react The writer is exposed laid bare her innermost thoughts and feelings are revealed in aotentially scathing moment of vulnerability I trusted Peter so fullyin a way that I could not explain For that very reason it mattered so immensely To actually tell him what I knew he had already often seen in my eyes was to allow him to enter a new dimension in that world And it mattered It really truly mattered 82 The author also touches on the relationship between author and character with hints of Miguel de Unamuno NIEBLA and Luigi Pirandello SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR Is it bad to fall in love with a character that you created yourself A bit vain 60One of my favorite chapters involves Rebecca s encounter with someone truly malicious Descriptions of that Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas person and the setting were so vivid that the reader was made to feel the same oppressivehysical burden that Rebecca experienced A coldness nearly tangible due to its extreme weight was The Magic Rolling Pin perceptible the instant I entered the room 171The story within a story was an extra bonus The crazy antics of the jam shop employees are hilarious They become another set of well drawn characters to love although I will admit that Antonio is my favorite The story written by these new characters is a completely different style filled with symbolism and uniue sensory descriptions I was truly transported to another world where the sea the rose music and romance are dominant themes The authors of each drama reveal themselves in their writing which serves to make them human We are. A When she meets Peter a young student from Canada who seems somehow to understand her from the start her Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, perception changes With Intermission the single word in that mysterious note as inspiration the two writers embark on an incredible journey to a new world in the form of a story that will ultimatelyarallel their own.

characters I Thirst The Veritas Chronicles #1

I Thirst is the story of college student Rebecca and the young man she meets who deeply affects her life The story is set during Lent and I enjoyed seeing their friendship grow during those 40 days There is a lot to enjoy in this uniue Catholic Young Adult novel from the delightfully uirky Rebecca the easy going banter she enjoys with her best friend the kind and slightly mysterious Peter to the story within a story and the beautiful Not Without a Fight prose Marinello Sweeney has written a seuel to his novel which will hopefully curb my curiosity as to what will happen next between these wonderfully engaging characters As a reader I love those rare instances where a story blossoms into something unexpected and sends you on an adventure you never saw coming Where you are genuinely surprised at what has unfolded over the course of a few short chapters and end up loving it I Thirstrovides one of those Wow what a cool story experiences The author easily hooks the reader into the youthful world of Rebecca and her best friend Adriana through believable conversation inside jokes and the Garden Bouquets and Beyond playful innocence adults long for Rebecca befriends a mysterious church usher named Peter Through guarded yet flirty conversations the two discover they have much in common The most exciting of which is that they each have an affinity for creative writing andoetry This becomes the roving ground where the loyalty and depth of their budding friendship will be cultivated The two artners in crime take things to the next level by collaborating on a zany stage The Management Bible play about a family owned exotic jam business This story within a story detour is book candy melding all the enjoyable social interactions in Rebecca s world with a whole new cast of entertaining characters Along the way Rebecca and Peter treat us to a wonderful behind the scenes look at their collaborative methods story development andoetic verse I Thirst spoils the reader with a cultural cornucopia of literary styles and clever storytelling You ll find yourself staying up way Zu schnell past your bedtime reading just one chapter while basking in this sweet unabashedly Christian story Escorting the reader through the full emotional spectrum Rebecca and Peter s relationship is beautiful and satisfying leaving the reader filled with hope I highly recommend you treat yourself to this inspiring read I THIRST was a delight to read The characters are true to life believableeople that the reader comes to know and love Readers will find many experiences to which they can relate The concept of true friendship is thoroughly explored Although serious topics are addressed the author s sense of humor is apparent throughout the story Her characters are loveable and often humorous There is an unspoken Sleepless (Bird of Stone, pact between best friends that stip. When Rebecca receives a mysterious note from an unknown source she has no idea how it will change her life Twenty year old Rebecca Veritas is used to being different but has never felt extraordinary She is a Dreamer living in a world ofoetry intermixed with the antics of her uniue family and eccentric best friend Adrian.

Made to feel what they feel Marinello Sweeney s ability to effectively transport the reader to at least three different worlds is amazing especially considering the fact that this is her first novel Marinello Sweeney is a lauded oet in both English and Spanish Her oetic talent is demonstrated in oems written by her character Rebecca who is also a writer Mi concha de mar Lo inmortal and Yesterday s Chalice are beautiful examplesI THIRST is unconventional in structure and unpredictable in lot a refreshing departure from typical stories with expected outcomes I found Marinello Sweeney s use of varied writing styles and settings to be uniue and enjoyable The ending and epilogue revealed a sense of hope and left the reading wanting and wondering what will happen next I am Invisible (The Curse of Avalon pleased to hear that the author is already working on a seuel I would also suggest that she write another spin off continuing the story of the jam shop employees and the mystical adventures of Antonio One could say that Rebecca is living an ordinary life going to college and living at home with herarents and brother in the United States But when she meets the Canadian Peter she does not realize that a beautiful and wonderful friendship is ahead of herThe first thing that struck me as than ordinary in this book were the vibrant descriptions Even if the story had been ordinary the descriptions that Yummy Supper paintedictures in my mind and were never uninteresting would have made up for itWhen I started reading this book I was expecting a romance However I was surprised to find a friendship story instead One could say that there were some elements of romance I can totally see Rebecca and Peter as a married couple one day but it wasn t anything major in the story Since I was expecting romance I might have been disappointed if the friendship wasn t so beautiful I would ut it up there with Frodo and Sam from The Lord of the Rings I enjoyed this book very much It was a great weekend read and I definitely lan on reading it again I was delighted to read in the About the Author section that Gina is writing a seuel to this book I don t think she will be able to write fast enough for me My rating 9 out of 10 Please note This is NOT the author s reviewA 5 star review by a fan of I THIRST Inspiring Review by Seytara This novel is absolutely beautiful By the end I was left feeling so Deep Listening peaceful and nostalgic It reminds me so much of growing up and being in the company of my closest friendsAnd to elaborate on arevious review it tells the story in a fashion that s halfway between oetry and a ersonal diary all the while remaining literary in almost a Victorian manner I always wondered how Jane Austen would write if she lived today Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature perhaps this is itAgain wonderfully done Bravo Sourc. Lives Yet as the storyrogresses events remain ever shrouded in mystery When unexpected circumstances in the real world throw their lives in disarray it will be up to Rebecca to find the true meaning of Intermission before the curtain closes on the final act I THIRST received the 2013 YATR Literary Award for Best Prolog.

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