Harold R. Daniels: In His Blood

Eading but you ll feel you understand him Similarly you understand how Tanager feels about leaving his wife and daughter at the hospital to chase the killerIn the early pages as Raskob begins his descent coupled with the domestic horrors of Tanager s daughter s situation the novel reaches a level of pathos that is far beyond the usual pulp paperback fare The reader is left feeling that the world seems a very bleak and tragic loveless place indeedIf the novel then pulls back slightly from this worldview and allows a little light to shine onto the scene then Daniels has done such a good ob in the early stages of revealing his main characters that by the time the novel is drawing to a close the reader is desperate for the standard cat n mouse happy endingFrom what I can gather after a uick internet search Daniels was no than a hobby writer and while I m glad there are four of his novels to discover I can t help but wish he made a real go of this career On the strength of this his first novel he easily earns his place among the top tier of crime paperback writers Definitely worthy of your attentio. Nd the dogged determination of Tanager and the police to stop him Harold Daniels wrote five crime thrillers in the 1950s 60s In His Blood Daniels' first novel was nominated for an Edgar Award in 19.

Protecting every child in the city other than his ownIn His Blood is told in back n forth third person fashion between the cop and the killer Raskob grows confident and Tanager determined through the pages the police work that is carried out is relentless and laborious and the terrible killings become increasingly shockingNothing particularly groundbreaking in the plot thenWhere for me the novel really shines is in its fair and honest depiction of humanity Daniels whilst willing to depict the stark horror of what Raskob is doing is also brave enough to give the sickening child killer a degree of empathy He is not merely a monster his monstrousness is multiplied by his bland normalityRaskob s actions are not excused by his backstory of insecurity and bullying Daniels empathy for the killer in no way strays into bleeding heart sentimentality or cries of social injustice breeding senseless crime Raskob is depicted as a miserable pant wetting coward who can only fight back against the humanity he feels wronged by when it is barely four feet tall and wholly innocentYou might not like him as you re R leads the investigation and the book's chapters mostly alternate between these two characters and the last hours of the victims A minor classic for its vivid portrayal of the mind of the killer

No element of mystery but fast entertaining and very well writtenperfect treadmill read Wow I wasn t expecting anything when I began this short novel I picked it up from the Munsey s website a little while ago and then selected it on my Kindle with a random pot shotIt took only a few pages to realize that I was reading something specialMilton Raskob a remarkably ordinary looking man in his early thirties works as a colour separatist at a chemical company Like many downtrodden men in nondescript obs Raskob one day receives a slight from his hated boss This slight is one too many for a man who has felt bullied his whole life and to show his boss and everyone else that he s an important man he takes his knife to the streets and butchers a little girlWhat follows is a string of child murders that shocks a cityLt Tanager is the cop in charge of the investigation A diligent but slightly world weary man Tanager s daughter is currently seriously ill in hospital with suspected polio Much to his terrified wife s dismay Tanager seeks solace in his work and his sense of duty is such that he seems to be. In His Blood first published in 1955 is a noir thriller centered on Milton Raskob a downtrodden factory worker who after receiving a slight from his boss goes on a killing spree Police Lt Ed Tanage.


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Daniels graduated from college in Milford Connecticut and became a specialist in the metal industry From 1958 to 1972 he was editor of the magazine Metalworking In the 1950s he published numerous short stories and in 1956 he published his first novel In His Blood nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe AwardLittle known in France Harold Robert Daniels however writes Claude Mesplède and Jean