Sienna Lewis: Intimate Adventures of an Office Girl

Rgiven for thinking that but I beg you dear charges on this instance to delve deeper to look further because this is certainly than that and I thoroughly njoyed very minute of it You see whereas the Miss P book or the Girl with a One track Mind duly failed in that they turned in unreadable versions of their badly written blogs purely for the sake of producing contemptuous wank fodder Sienna Lewis not only has so much to say but she also transcends the blog format properly into a readable and njoyable diary form something that Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue even Belle de Jour failed at Mind you the problem there was that Belle s book just didnt have the deviance that her blog did And now like Abby Lee she s a meeja dalink so anyway what Office Girl achieves is that she brings a lot of people have against monogamy That forced social institution of being with one person and here she presents her own uniue theories including that of multi dating that of being open and honest with those that you meet on a casual basis to the point. Bad breakup twenty something Sienna Lewis resolves not to commit to one man until she has found The One Instead she starts toxplore the world of internet dating sex clubs one night stands and booty callsBut it's not always The Man Without a Face easy if not getting a call from one man is badnough not hearing from fi.

I couldn t ven finish this book did not tickle my pickle at all I had bought this book as a romance comidy tring to relax my nerves but it returned me to the harch reality My low rating might be due to conflict in timing Sienna has written an honest amusing naughty and revealing book Whilst it s a lot of fun it is presents an astute look at the different ways of motional thinking of men and women on relationships brief liaisons working together sex and heartbreak A great read A lot of people get really sniffy about these sex memoirs involving promiscuous modern women with the sexual appetite you would attribute to a man on the dating scene and yes from first impressions specially with the uestionable cover design you would be fair to think that this is yet another one of these shagging tomes from someone who is happy to talk frankly but then still hide behind the cosy facade of a psuedonym for fear of being chased in the streets with pitchforks and a basket of rotten fruit Yes you would be fo. 'I work in a pretty ordinary office from 9 to 5 I could be the receptionist in your building or the girl next to you on the bus reading a copy of Metro And I'm wondering what happened How did I turn from a spotty teenager into this femme fatale who can't stop falling in and out of bed'Following

Where she happily and confidently settles into a number of open relationships and in most cases her xperiences work out and when they don t it s not on a scale of the life a single monogamous girl has which was surprisingly refreshing I say good for her If it works then head out and have fun There are many other reasons that I liked this book but the main one is that the writing is uber filthy and dirty and cocksure in a very inspiring way Inspiring in that there are women out there who are not ghastly obsessed Bridget Jones clones starving on a diet of bitterness jealousy and Sex and the City marathons The bitter truth is that women should never be afraid to be open and to be so when meeting someone new If that is truly where your heart and loins are then you deserve and should Threads Of The Shroud expect nothing less You are all goddesses and should be worshipped and pleasured by all without shame shunning or conseuenceGod may or may not want to bless her but I think he should I registered a book at BookCrossingcom. Ve isven distressing And then there is the man she can't get out of her head Tall Boy from the office How will she tell him that for her it's than just the sex Sienna's just an ordinary girl from the office with an All Seated on the Ground extraordinary private life and her diaries arexplicit very honest and lots of

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