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Interesting case but presented with such utter wankery to make it not really worth the read Don t waste your time with this bookIt is so badly written it s frighteningPretentious structure which makes it clunky The author goes on about the ins and outs of the friends lives which is tedious and irrelevant Don t authors have editorsThis could have been an interesting book sadly ruined by the author trying to be clever A real shame Jack Of Jumps by David SeabrookThis was a random buy in a bargain book store I was drawn by the cover picture of a woman as a playing card with the words naked orgies nudes killer and dead wanted for murder did you see this girl which when arranged as it is on the cover drew me inIt turns out the book is the third or fourth book I ve read about Londons notorious Nudes murders or as some of the Tabloids put it the Jack the Stripper murders of the late 1950 s early 1960 s and this time rather than a fictional take on the murders by Cathi Unsworth we have a blow by blow look at the events by David Seabrook who was a unior police Between 1959 and 1965 eight prostitutes were murdered in West London by a serial killer in the most notorious unsolved.

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An involved in the actual suad that failed to bring anyone to ustice for the 8 murders this book coversThese crimes are deemed sensitive enough to the British establishment that all the records and interviews and cold case details to them have been sealed for 100 years and the author somehow manages to gain access to the files so we can hear the lives of the victims told in all there sordid detail as most of the victims were prostitutes and we are taken on a tour of London s seamy underbelly full of car girls and illegal drinkers in Notting Hill and Hammersmith and all over London really The murders themselves were often gruesome and the killer stored the bodies for weeks before stripping them and dumping themThe suspects are looked at in detail we learn about the ponces and pimps and angry punters etc and of how the cases connected with other notorious crimes of the times such as the alleged suicide of the boxer Freddy Mills and once you read about how he shot himself in the Eye and all the other detail you will be scratching your head at how the case wa. Crimes since Jack the Ripper By the time of the and has examined the evidence the rumors and half truths Every detail.

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S handledThe book tries to explain why the murders stopped without the murderer being caught and who the author believes might be guilty and why the crimes have been as covered up as they have been A truly fascinating read A really good read despite the ultra collouial writing style and some convoluted imagery that at times forced me to go back and re read in order to know what was going on This was originally advertised to me as a novel but it s the true story of the lives of the victims of the Hammersmith Nudes Murderer walking us through the circumstances that led the 8 women to their terrible deaths What seemed at first to be a completely random detour into the criminal doings of the Kray twins proved to be a detailed examination of the favorite suspects in the case clearing some of them and finally focusing on the one the author thinks is probably the real killer There is also considerable police corruption theft illegal surgeries racketeering and many other shenanigans going on in this story Not to be missed if you are interested in Jack the Strippe. Of the investigation is reconstructed in this recreation of the dark brutal world of prostitutes in 1960s West London.

David Seabrook studied English at the University of Kent Canterbury Following his BA he continued his studies at UKC and completed his MA with a dissertation on French author Marcel Proust Following his studies Seabrook relocated to Greece where he worked as a teacher He returned to the UK in order to pursue his literary ambitionsDavid Seabrook's All The Devils Are Here was his first pu