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I enjoyed this bookwas a bit hard for me due to the scientific neuroscience information and i come from a completely different background yet the author tried to simply iti oved how he connected emotions to philosophy and artthis mix between neuroscience emotions science philosophy and art was really amazing and captivatingthank you Joy Guilt Anger Love What Neuroscience Can and Can t Tell Us About How We Feel is an alluring book that consists of a mix with intricate research on how neuroscience is behind emotions along with readable personal stories This book gives insight on how our emotions might work which is something that is not often talked about Because of how the author provides his personal experiences it is an easy read and a great way to dive into the world of psychology and neuroscience This book is Undisputed laid outogically and easy to follow The facts are researched thoroughly with case studies evidence and examples in a non intimidating way Frazzetto does a fascinating job of balancing his personal experiences and emotions with neuroscience Throughout the book he explains what we do know and what we don t know scientifically about our emotions The recent developments in neuroscience help us find ways of being in a particular state of emotion and how we deal with them This book caused me to think about the role emotions play into our Seducing Sam lives and how they can affect us This is a very informative and compelling read I recommend it to anyone who is interested inearning about psychology or how the mind can work and develop Overall I was captivated by this riveting book I enjoyed the bits about neuroscience and research made me want to Reconcilable Differences learn I wasess interested in the digressions into the author s GENTLEMEN PREFER SLAVES life especially when he was talking about his own poetry Very insightful as a beginner s venture into psychologyneuroscience especially when it concerns emotions Everything is explained well with examples case studies and empirical research This is exactly the kind of book I needed to read at this point in myife Frazzetto has seven chapters for seven emotions anger guilt anxiety grief empathy joy and Sing Out Loud Book II love Each topic includes a mix ofiterary uotes personal connections to his The Little Death, Goldenboy, How Town (Henry Rios life neuroscience and most importantly wisdom Because he isolates each emotion as a topic the focus on his message remains consistently clearFor example his chapter on Empathy I found amazing He uses the stage and actors to demonstrate his point actors mine routinely the feelings embedded in the text to portray which reuires them to see how another person feels thusook to actors to be the most empathetic people around they model empathy Since I have been known to act in community theater shows I immediately connected to this chapter Additionally I gained from reading about Anxiety Fear and how it cripples us Guilt showed me that I have the tendency to adopt shame from my actions when all I really needed to do was make amends and correct my pattern Joy is one of my favorite chaptersinspirational I want to The National Forgotten League live in the realm of joy Reading Frazzetto helped me to see how The relationship between the scientific working of the brain and the impact on emotions has been brought out nicely The recent developments in neuroscience have helped us understand us better and also find ways of being in a particular state of emotion Am sure this is a pioneering effort and needs to be read I enjoyed reading this It breaks down somewhat complicated neuroscience research into readable information while integrating brain chemistry with ephemeral thingsike Survival Math love and joy It doesn t explain why or how our emotions work but it gives some insight into how they might work Definitely readable Not uite what I was hoping for but I wasargely going off of conjecture Imagine a neuroscience 101 class on emotions and that is basically what we have here It was good but it wasn t anything particularly great or useful Just a uick rundown from a historical anecdotal practical and scientific view It could use about 13 Cream for the Caveman less explanation particularly with physical signs for each emotion smiling furrowed brows etc and the history of the science behind studying each emotion Darwin Freud etc That probably makes it sound boring than it was It still had some interesting knowledge and it had some great definitions for what differing emotions are anxiety grief pleasurejoy etc I would probably not really re. “Neuroscientist Giovanni Frazzetto enters the restless realm of human emotion through the portals of physiology genetics history art and philosophy Anger guilt anxiety grief empathy joy andove are anatomized in turn enlivened with research on everything from the role of monoamine oxidase A in anger to the engagement of opioid receptors as we thrill to music And who knew that surrealist Salvador Dali created an art installation in the shape of a giant cat.

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Ing from Twice Upon an Apocalypse - Lovecraftian Fairy Tales life for this would simply reinforce our anxiety symptoms but by actively turning away from negative thoughts engaging in pleasurable activities and adopting constructive behavior 12 The future of psychiatric neuroscience Research in psychiatric neuroscience is heading towards the identification of biomarkers These are measurable biological values that work as proof of some distinct change in the body For instance highevels of gonadotropin in a woman s urine are the biomarker of her pregnancy 13 Amusingly uses theatre as a vehicle to teach readers about empathy The power of the mirror neurons has resonated widely within the theatre world especially because it provides a fresh theory to probe the mysterious and tacit understanding between actors and audience 14 Presents peculiar aspects of pleasure and joy In fact of the many emotional sounds she used to probe the auditory capacity of the mirroring system Mistakes (Mistakes, laughter was the most powerful Basically just hearing someoneaugh can prompt a smile on your face 15 The health benefits of being positive In general a positive disposition does improve physical health Feeling calm cheerful and strong as opposed to sad tense or angry can even increase your resistance to developing a cold 16 A ook at the science of happiness Seven main factors that contribute to happiness health employment income freedom personal values family and social relationships and friends Of all the factors influencing our emotional well being by far the most significant is the establishment of social and emotional bonds 17 Provocative uestions So the uestion is can ove be studied in the How to Draw Clifford (Clifford the Big Red Dog) laboratory and trapped in a test tube Indeed from a neuroscience perspectiveove is still only sparsely understood Neuroscientists have the curiosity and ambition to dissect the wonder of Royal Heirs Required (The Sherdana Royals, love into its neural components An increasing number of studies involving genetics neurochemistry and brain imaging have sought to explain all phases and kinds ofove from the passionate establishment of romantic bonds to sexual pleasure maternal Let there be Gwar love relationship attachment and the desolate experience of rejection 18 Many examples of how the brain functions In the case of fear the brain is plastic its neuronal wiring and the genetic expression underlying it can be actively changed Epigenetic modification continues even after childhood Whatever happened in childhood there is still room for change development and discovery 19 A good epilogue that wraps everything nicely The fact that emotion guides reasoning overturns centuries of mistaken assumptions about our rationality and the way we face choices That our emotional experience writes itself somehow in our bodies in our neurons to guide our instinct and intuition and that we may have discovered where in the brain this inscription occurs is an irresistible notion Eually the discovery of the plasticity of the brain is of great relevance if we think of its meaning and importance in for instance overriding unwanted patterns of fear or even honing our approach toove There is endless wonder in the images of neuroscience Yet they do not cover the entire breadth of an emotion 20 Notes and references and a formal bibliography providedNegatives1 The book Doctor Who lacks depth it s intended for the masses and Dr Frazzetto clearly made the decision to go for clarity and accessibility over neuroscientific jargon 2 Many topics of interest within neuroscience were not covered As an example are there gender differences in the brain 3 Some North American readers may be put off by the use of British English Wordsike I Cant Think Straight learnt are used overearned as an exampleIn summary I had fun with this book It s Cease Upon the Midnight light entertaining and provides good information on what we know scientifically about our emotions I alsoike very much that Dr Frazzetto doesn t oversell neuroscience and recognizes the challenges involved Accessible for the masses I recommend it Further recommendations We Are Our Brains DF Swaab Human by Michael S Gazzaniga Decisive and Switch by Chip and Dan Heath The Chemistry Between Us by Larry Young and Brian Alexander Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow The Science of Love by Robin Dunbar by Martin E P Seligman Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Blink by Malcolm Gladwell The Believing Brain by Michael Shermer and The Tell Tale Brain by Vs Ramachandran All books reviewed by your trul. S What can a brain scan or our reaction to a Caravaggio painting reveal about the deep seat of guilt Can ancient remedies fight sadness effectively than antidepressants What can writing poetry tell us about how joy works Structured in seven chapters encompassing common human emotions anger guilt anxiety grief empathy joy and ove Joy Guilt Anger Love offers a way of thinking about science and art that will help us to fully understand ourselves and how we fe.

Commend it unless someone expressly said they ike neuroscience and just want basic rundowns of emotions from that perspective A real renaissance mix of art philosophy and science The author casually drops mention of his relationship with another man in the Le Parfum last chapter onove Which is as it should be sexuality doesn t make a difference to science I also have thoughts about the moral dilemma he presents in the chapter on guiltSo two scenarios in one you re at a wedding and there s a drowning child and to rescue her you l have to ruin your expensive suit or dress or shoes or whatever In the second there s a starving child in Africa and your financial contribution can save her ife The Anger Guilt Joy Love book is arguing that it s the emotional valence that makes the one situation obvious and the other nebulousI say that there s than emotions at play but also community connections Like yeah you ruin your suit and then everyone at the wedding hails you as a hero The ruined suit gains you social credit as a sacrifice you ve made And in the second situation who is this writer of a Special Hell, a Hb letter to you You don t know them you don t have any reason to trust them There s no payoff for sending them money no visible reward in return Humans are social animals and context and connections are important to take into account when figuring out what makes us tick Joy Guilt Anger Love What Neuroscience Can and Can t Tell Us about How We Feel by Giovanni Frazzetto Joy Guilt Anger Love is an engaging book on what neuroscience can tell us about our emotions Neuroscientist Dr Giovanni Frazzetto s narrates amusing personal stories in which he applies theatest of neuroscience with the purpose of describing scientifically how we feel This interesting 321 page book includes the following seven chapters 1 Anger Hot Eruptions 2 Guilt An Indelible Stain 3 Anxiety Fear of the Unknown 4 Grief Presence in the Absence 5 Empathy The Truth Behind the Curtains 6 Joy Fragments of Bliss and 7 Love Syndromes and SonnetsPositives1 Engaging and accessible prose 2 Neuroscience is one of my favorite topics This book focuses on our emotions 3 The book is Counting By 7s laid outogically and is very easy to follow and understand Frazzetto is very Occult America likeable and does a good job of balancing a narrative of his personal experiences with neuroscience 4 Good use of diagrams to help the reader understand basic neuroscience5 Does a very good job throughout the book of disclosing what we do know versus what we don t know scientifically about our emotions Acknowledges that neuroscience is in its infancy and we must be careful not to jump to conclusions However no neuroscientist would ever tell you that variation in a gene such as MAOA is alone sufficient to determine violent behavior or to make someone a criminal 6 Surprisingly makes great use ofesser known contributions of Charles Darwin In 1872 about a dozen years after On the Origin of Species Darwin published a beautiful volume called The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals his biggest Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy legacy to the field of psychology 7 One of the great disclosures of neuroscience is the compellingink between our brains and behavior particularly when the brain has been damaged 8 The importance of emotions in decision making Damasio s ground breaking experiments entirely revised the predominant theories that confined decision making to the realm of rationality and established a new theory according to which emotion is essential in decision making and our most seemingly rational choices Emotion and reason are not two exclusive functions of the brain There exists a mutual dependency between the two 9 An interesting Doctor Narendranin Vinoda Vazhakku look at aggression In the case of antisocial and violent behavior factors as diverse as childhood abuse or neglect unstable family relationships or exposure to violence have all been found to be influential It is the presence of the gene in combination with a hostile environment that increases the possibility of developing antisocial behavior 10 A good job of describing what neuroscience hasearned about guilt and how guilt is connected to concepts of moral purity For me at east there s no way gazing at an fMRI image can help draw definite conclusions about the sense of guilt nor map its exact ocus Innumeracy let alone find out how to assuage it 11 Good advice on how to handle anxiety We canearn to avoid being gripped by anxiety not by worrying or withdraw. Erpillar to explore the process of sedation” Nature   Is science ever enough to explain why we feel the way we feel In this engaging account renowned neuroscientist Giovanni Frazzetto blends cutting edge scientific research with personal stories to reveal how our brains generate our emotions He demonstrates that while modern science has expanded our knowledge investigating art iterature and philosophy is eually crucial to unraveling the brain’s secret.

Giovanni Frazzetto grew up on the South East coast of Sicily After high school he moved to the UK to study science at University College London and in 2002 he received a PhD from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg In his work Giovanni connects literature and science He has contributed to the international magazines Nature and Science and has written for Haaretz the Irish