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Tick me off after a while Though there were a few moments that made me laugh I can t call this a comedy or label t as humorous Romance fans may swoon however over the very cheesy ending Read this book at your own risk since you may feel like punching something or someone during certain momentsOverall 325 rating I m on a mission to read as many fauxmance books as possibleThis one was a bit light and only took a few hours to read but enjoyable There s a monster of a secondary character who almost ruins the entire book but still a cute romance It s fluff but I enjoyed Lessons from a Warzone: How to be a Resilient Leader in Times of Crisis it anyway Plust s free on KU right now too35 stars. Ut tripping themselves up and giving the game away Or worse getting carried away with their fake relationship But what The Girl Next Door if they do let themselves feel something Could they falln love Or are they Just Married A witty romantic comedy ‘Just Married’ With Patience and Fortitude is the latest book from Natasha West thenternationally bestselling author of ‘By Any Other Name’ and ‘The Plus One’.

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Ok The Light of Days it was cute but could have done with some editing and there were a few points where things were kind of abrupt like denise s change of heart near the end but pretty decent ff adult romanceRep lesbian mcs This was a fun uick read featuring a fake relationship whichs one of my favorite tropes Book 11 that I ve read by this author and unfortunately Sanctuary it didn t meet my expectations The blurb had memmediately Death in Her Hands intrigued because the combination of a drunken Vegas wedding and a fauxmancen one sounded amazingTo be fair the book started off great and The Falling in Love Montage it completely had my attention The pacing was a little fast though but. When uptight British bookshop owner Emily Bartlett goes to Las Vegas to get over a humiliating breakup she’s expecting to make a few mistakes But when she meets Ruby Knight a pessimistic American C list TV actress with designs on a movie career she makes a whopper The pair get soncredibly drunk together that they end up getting accidently married In the cold light of day.

Given the length of the book that was to be expected I liked the main characters well enough even though I wanted to whack them upside the head every now and then for either being a jerk Ruby or being a spineless pushover Emily RubyThe part that ruined this book for me was caused mainly by a secondary character This person s manipulative behavior and abrasive personality was too dramatized and so very over the top that I had a hard time not getting angry for real The other minor part that had me baffled was how two grown women both allowed someone to treat them like unruly children scolding and all It really started to. Both women are shocked to find themselves wedded to a virtual stranger But maybe Summer on the Bluffs it’s not such a big mistake Could Ruby’s marriage to Emily help boost her profile and get her the biggest role of her life earning Emily a big paydayn the process Only Freehand Perspective and Sketching if they can maket seem like they’re really Stepbrothers Rules Part 1 Forbidden Firsts in love And onlyf they can navigate the treacherous LA movie scene witho.

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