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Opriateness of Jerome s name jumps out at you when he mentions another of their mutual literary interests We had procured the Gospels in the Vulgate and knew long passages of them by heart It was Saint Jerome who made the first Latin translation of the Bible Jerome wishes to become engaged before moving off to the Ecole Normale but Alissa refuses He is understandably upset by her rejection but is only spurred on by his ecstatic vision again that religious imagery of eventually marrying her Eventually we learn that Alissa has sacrificed Jerome so that her sister Juliette will be able to get married first yet even after Juliette gets married to a boorish business minded vintner Alissa continues to push him awayHe visits her at Fongueusemare while finishing both his schooling and a military stint but every time he mentions wanting to marry her she rejects him and reuests that he leave soon that she cannot bear his presence Eventually she tells him that her love of God surpasses her love for him even though she has always passionately loved Jerome During their last meeting together Alissa has grown thin and pale presumably because of her anchorite like existence she has also removed the books of poetry and novels she and Jerome used to read together and replaced them with works of cheap vulgar piety Even while there is room here to oubt Alissa s love for Jerome a chapter that includes her personal journals makes it perfectly clear that she loved Jerome just as much as he loved her if not so Jerome has a final meeting with Juliette while she is enceinte with her fifth child by the vintner Seeing him calls to mind both her sister s Christ like sacrifice and makes her reflect on her own uneventful bourgeois life As Flaubert said Madame Bovary c est moi For maximum effect as noted above read this right next to Gide s The Immoralist for a most effective couple of case studies Considering the year of publication 1909 and the ideas considered repression sexuality sublimation it should be noted that Gide almost certainly had Freud in mind when he was writing this though it yields wonderful insights into human psychology even without a Freudian readingWhen reading a novel sometimes the most (The Road to Dune) By Herbert, Frank (Author) Mass market paperback on (08 , 2006) difficult obstacle to being able to truly and fully appreciate it is the historical change that has taken place between the time in which it was written and when you read it Judging from some of the reviews I have seen that seems to be the case with this novel too In both this and The Immoralist Gide looks at the tension confusion and repression that can often come about when romantic love is pitted against and forced to compete with love for theivine Since this novel was published this antagonism has almost completely Real estate mistakes How to avoid them how to save your money and live happily ever after died which may lead some readers to accuse Alissa of being frigid Once we are able to bridge that historical gap however and realize that Alissaid not see her torment as self imposed but rather something that was reuired of her this novel proves itself to be a superior meditation on both romantic passion and what was once thought to be its opposite sacrifice This book is been hailed as one of the most sensous and sublime love stories of the 19th century as well as being one of Andre Gide s most vaunted publications Me I have no basis for comment or comparison at this time as this was my first tentative foray into the world of Andre Gide I The Unabomber Manifesto: Industrial Society and Its Future don t think it will be my last but Ion t think I will be charging out the Secret Slave door to clasp all of his other publications lovingly to my bosom It also seems a little ironic that a gay Frenchman produced one of the best received and highly praised butevoutly and notably chaste novels about the ritual trials and tribulations of heterosexual romance Gide was alive and kicking in Paris at a time when you could barely walk Inskripsi Islam Tertua di Indonesia down the Avenuees Champs Elys es without rubbing shoulders with a literary giant artist or poet The avant garde and the artistic were practicallly falling over each other and no Introduction to Discrete Mathematics doubt causing endless obstructions in the bars and backstreets of Paris as the sought out each other forrinking philosophising trysting uaffing absinthe and howling at the moon beneath La Tour Eiffel Ok I m not sure how much of that is true but it is infinitely interesting to imagine it that way non Ultimately I failed to see the great romance of this book and was generally struck by how it portrays the unchecked spiral of a young girl who uite clearly has some fairly severe mental health problems These may or may not have been brought on by all the general ardent ness and love struck mooning which took place around her Yes yes young Jerome is an admirable chap who really Empowerment in Der Sozialarbeit Mit Frauen in Der Prostitution does love Alissa in his own naieve and youthfully love struck way but with all the too ing and fro ing and self sacrifice going on no one actually turns around for long enough to spot the onset of severeepression with religiously zealous overtones which is clearly manifesting itself in Alissa That and I found it a little Jaime mon papa (Livres pour infants, French edition) french childrens books (Livres pour infants, French edition) french childrens books: french kids books, kids books in french,livres en français pour enfants (French Bedtime Collection) dull at timesNil point for joiee vivr. R her is endangering his soul In the interests of his salvation she ecides to suppress everything that is beautiful in herself in both mind and body.

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This novel sometimes translated into English as Strait is the Gate after a passage from the Gospel of St Luke was published in 1909 It is at once searing and haunting often misunderstood and misinterpreted and remains forever enigmatic The young and earnest man Jerome falls in love with his cousin Alissa She in turn has suffered the awareness of her mother s infidelity and eventual abandonment of the family by running off with her current lover Aware of Alissa s espair Jerome Council Helga Finnsdottir determines toedicate his life to her happiness Alissa refuses his proposal of marriage first trying to arrange his marriage with her younger sister Juliette who The Undoing of a Libertine desperately loves Jerome until Juliette sensing that Jerome will never love her turns elsewhere and makes an unsatisfactory marriage with a merchant Alissa then spendsecades alternating between sending Jerome passionate love letters that keep him on tenterhooks and in perpetual hope and refusals to see or accept him when he repeatedly comes to be with her usually at her invitation Alissa s progressively intense religious involvement which can only be Flags of the World described as a mania becomes and convoluted and obsessive and she claims to be trying to save not only her own soul but that of Jerome Years pass and ultimately Alissa essentially starves herself toeath not before realizing that she has saved neither herself nor Jerome never having raised her love of God above her love for Jerome and perhaps most of all her love for herselfThe work has often been misinterpreted first as a lovely praise of religious Huck The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family and a Whole Town About Hope and Happy Endings devotion or a rather charming account of thwarted young love but that is toistort the novel entirely It has also freuently been understood as a condemnation of religious extremism of the 4 มือปราบพญายม ตอน บุปผามหาภัย dangers of carrying religiousedication beyond reason There may be an element of truth to this interpretation but that begs the uestion as to why Alissa has chosen such a path Perhaps her horror at her mother s sexual libertinism has so traumatized her that she cannot ultimately give herself to Jerome physically subconsciously instead choosing a life of sexual and ultimately physical in all senses renunciation her most available alternative being religious monomania Why Jerome chooses to tolerate and perhaps even collude with this is unclear his own alternative being to leave her and seek his own fulfillment elsewhere an alternative he seems never to consider even മഞ്ഞ മരങ്ങൽ ചുറ്റിലും decades after hereath refusing to establish any other romantic relationshipThe novel is beautifully written I read it in French even as it is claustrophobic and anguishing This is my first experience of Gide s writing I certainly shall read Is Andre Gide always pointing in the wrong Seducing the Straight Husband and Other Stories: A Gay Story Anthology (English Edition) direction Andoes he ever have any fun Can someone please tell him that the First World War s coming and that very soon we re all going to be living in a world of if it s a bit warm take off your jacket You Turtles All the Way Down don t have to move your entire household 200 miles to the northI think I probably have been kinder if the secret The Lower River diary had been fun A book with a boring secretiary That s just rubbish isn t it A haunting tale of oomed loveSad powerful and eeply movingStimulates the emotions with beautiful proseSuch a sad ending Le Havre Franceview spoiler Strait is the Gate is a story of love between a man and a woman But it is a love beyond the love of a man and a woman They sought mental love which is akin to ivine union the love through union with God the fellowship of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit They sought a love without happiness a love too elusive between two mortals a love at once holy pure and sublime which our mortal passions would likely taint In the end they must give up the love between a man and a woman to reach for that holy and pure love without joy and passion Andre Gide through his personal struggle between puritanical virtues and personal happiness created a thought provoking story about love which challenges the reader to assess the variations of love hide spoiler Strait is the Gate is for some reason the first of Andre Gide s books which I have read espite his having been on my radar for years I had written his name upon the list of authors whom I hoped to get to uring 2017 and also thought that he would be a great inclusion upon my Reading the World list First published in France in 1909 and in Dorothy Bussy s 1924 translation I could not pass up the chance of adding yet another marvellous classic of French literature to my list Strait is the Gate also seemed a wonderful place to start being as it is the first novel by the Nobel Prize for Liter The worst kind of person is one who uses the love of another to hurt herself someone Alissa who willfully provokes feelings in another Jerome then uses them in cheap furtherance of a self glorifying martyrdom Make no mistake the about face from self indulgence to self enial is itself an indulgence and especially espicable when it makes casualties Jerome Juliette of others Morality is not algebraic cessation oesn t undo and. A elicate boy growing up in Paris Jerome Palissier spends many summers at his uncle's house in the Normandy countryside where the whole world seems.

Neither human frailty nor youth nor the absence of ill intentions excuse There are conseuences for action and inaction The narrow way and the strait gate are not attained by such monstrous irresponsibility and thoughtless sacrifice of others Pretty writing but enraging subject matter Some have convincingly argued that there s a larger message to this novella namely the ill effects of taking religious notions too far but I on t see any awareness of that in the narrative itself I guess I have little patience for cautionary tales Forgive my righteous rant but I feel as though my emotions have been preyed upon for no good reason and I ve wasted my sick What Niall Saw day reading this and that makes me gra ha um py Gide said that he meant this book to be treated as one half of a pair together with L Immoraliste I took him at his word and read them in rapid succession By the way I should say this was atypical I m a when all else fails read the instructions kind of person but I found both books together at a second hand bookstore and it seemed silly not too what he saidLooking at other reviews I seem to have a fairly تمثیل و مثل different take on the book and perhaps my reading route has something too with it So here we have a guy who s in love with this charming girl Alissa and is hoping to marry her Alissa however takes it into her head that God Perekonnaloo uurija käsiraamat doesn t wants her to marry her nice fianc but rather to contract a form of anorexia coupled withepression which eventually kills her On the way she also manipulates her unfortunate sister into marrying someone she Wishes and Promises doesn t much like trapping her permanently in a loveless marriage Well if Alissa was someone I knew personally I wouldn t be rhapsodizing about her moving closeness with the Divine I be trying to get her into therapy as uickly as possible and meanwhile reading up the literature on religious mania When I Surprise Healing: How To Activate The Miracles In Your Spirit did what Gide suggested and compared her with the main character in L Immoraliste Iecided that his take on her wasn t very ifferent from what mine would be in a real situation He thinks Alissa is falling into one of two possible errors with religion allowing it to take such a large part in her life that it rives her mad Dead As Dutch destroying her and also several people she supposedly cares about The hero of L Immoraliste falls into the opposite trap He rejects religion entirely living an utterly selfish life which ends up killing his beautiful and loving wife in a particularly horrible waySo to sum up both books I say Gide was telling people not to abandon religion but also not to overdo it and not to forget to listen to their normal human feelings and their common sense Pretty balanced advice in fact Much about this novel could lead some current readers to brush it aside maybe even with a sneer overheated teenage romanticism a struggle with a literalistic but now somewhat passee notion of what Protestant Paradise Salvage devotion should be freuent Biblical references and uotations a somewhat old fashioned use of letters andiary entries to present several points of view etc But I confess this novel enthralled me precisely because I have seen in my own religious tradition so many of the same tendencies portrayed here particularly the tendency to construct a relationship in such a religious romantic way that only Second to None disappointment and frustration can follow The narrator is a young man Jerome who spends much of his youth with his female cousin Alissa reading poetry side by side in a lovely family garden ie Eden these are children of a hyper educated Protestant bourgeoisie Alissa for Jerome is obsessively enticing and entiringly maddening the latter for me as well She isetermined not to fall into the sensuality of her creole mother which so pained her father and also to sacrifice her own life in some Christ like way for the happiness of her rather mediocre sister But let me say without raising the necessity of a spoiler alert that one must withhold judging her too harshly as I had Le rgime microbiote en 60 menus : Se soigner par les prbiotiques done before reading the final bundle ofiary entries which conclude the novel These add a layer of Bloodlines Bloodlines depth or at maybe confusion to Alissa s fascinating personality As with most all of Gide s best novels this one concerns the anxiety and yearning at the heart of human experience A very young Jerome Palissier regularly spends holidays at the house of his aunt and uncle s estate in Fongueusemare in rural Normandy Oneay he happens upon his cousin Alissa who is A Place For Wolves distraught at her aloof hypochondriacal mother Bothesperate to rescue her and rawn by a genuine affection Jerome takes it upon himself to sweep in and rescue her like a good Christian knight errant The subtle imagery of Jerome as a kind of salvific hero is only a foreshadowing of the religious unease that rives this novel forward toward its foreordained conclusion As Jerome portentously Gateway To All Marvels declares uoting Baudelaire Bientot nous plongeronsons les froides tenebres Jerome and Alissa spend irenic summers together reciting poetry reading from books to one another in their splendid garden and enjoying music The appr. 'steeped in azure' There he falls eeply in love with his cousin Alissa and she with him But gradually Alissa becomes convinced that Jerome's love fo.

André Paul Guillaume Gide was a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1947 Gide's career ranged from its beginnings in the symbolist movement to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World WarsKnown for his fiction as well as his autobiographical works Gide exposes to public view the conflict and eventual reconciliation between the two sides of his personality s