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Can t stand characters who talk to themselves Days of our Lives style The characters Brutally boring and what s with the names Lafcadio has a shimmer of intrigue to him but not enough to make up for the extreme platitude of the rest of the cast The female characters Wait were there any Except for the characterless fool and the even characterless whoreFrench literature here ou failed miserably A rolicking entertaining satire republished and retranslated in 2014 100 ears after its first publication It makes fun of those of faith the bourgeois the gullible and the innocent All are victims except perhaps the illegitimateA much comprehensive review here at Word by Word Gide has a brilliant ability to weave subplots together into a unified narrative while offering perspectives and shades of meaning from characters who seem peripheral but whose final integration into the novel becomes essential His structural form is uintessentially modernist Lafcadio s Adventures or The Vatican Cellars is the funniest and most satirical work I ve read so far from Gide telling the story of various con artists and ne er do wells who hatch plots to trick faithful Catholics into handing over money in the belief that their current Pope is an imposter and that the real Pope is being held hostage Amid these enjoyable chapters is thrust Lafcadio whose adventures involve a motiveless murder which ends up pulling Lafcadio further into the machinations of the con artists and their victims Throughout the novel Gide provides a sharp critiue of the way religious acolytes exist so separate from the tenants and leaders of their church that they might as well be living totally independent from their own religion at least morally speaking At the personal or individual level our interactions with each other are so full of rationalizations hypocrisies and morally dubious shenanigans that followers of any faith might very well be living as if their leaders were imposters and their religions were shams the impossibility of gaining access to the power of faith both in terms of the structure of their churches and the dogma of their belief places each person in a position of ethical limbo There are no literal Vatican cellars but we are all essentially living beneath them We might as well just be cast adrift to figure it all out on our own And so Lafcadio must do so ultimately caught between the frauds of religion social relations and the law none of which can save him The uestion becomes can love save him or is it another ruse Can Lafcadio save himself at all from the metaphorical cellars Can any of us do so. Che muore gettato dal treno da Lafcadio per un atto gratuito Protos testimone del fatto ricatta Lafcadio mentre Carola denuncia Protos credendolo colpevole Viene però da lui uccisa Lafcadio turbatissimo non sa decidersi a confessa.

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Is the Gate is a work of devout even pseudo religiosity It didn t take long for Gide to have a Freemasons cabal hold Pope Leo XIII captive in the caves under the Vatican and replace him with a lookalike just so that his hero can collect money from the devout rich to release him Lafcadio s Adventures is lighthearted throughout even though one of Lafcadio Wliuki s marks gets pushed off a train to his death near Capua The plot ranges from France to Italy and involves on one hand a cast of what Lafcadio calls slims and on the other what he calls the crusted those who have money and are not a little stupid Wow I really dug this Gide tale Zany and witty I think it would make a great screwball comedy movie I hope someone makes it Then there is this Avant gardeSurrealist fascination with unmotivated murder from the Andr Breton uip Andr Breton Arbiter of Surrealism The simplest Surrealist act wrote Andr Breton founder of Surrealism consists of dashing down into the street pistol in hand and firing blindly as fast as ou can pull the trigger into the crowd to the Surrealist Anti Novel innovator Camus and The Stranger all these random acts of violence and the dwelling on the psyche that leads to a random killing It all seems motivated by a modernistic ennui and chilling when artfully done so Senryu ReviewPapal abductionruffles novelist and kinin muddled caper Andre Gide the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1947 is talked about less now than when I was attending secondary school in the 1970s Because of his great reputation I laboured through a half dozen or so of his works before I tired of him I found several of his works La Porte Etroite La Symphonie Pastorale and l Immortaliste to be remarkable primarily for the lack of joy they created in the reader s spiritI suggest then that someone wishing to know about Gide start with Les Caves de Vatican which is the only of his novels that I have read that I have found to be truly funny It is sparkling and full of Gallic wit It comments on the evil of gratuitous actions and also stands as a good example of the Symbolist literary movementTry reading this short book described by the author as a sotie which Larousse defines as a piece of gross buffoonery written for fools If Bear Boy you enjoy it thenou might try The Counterfeiters Les faux monnayeurs which would be Gide s masterpiece if in fact he has one I find it difficult to fully explain how disappointed I am with this book Not only did it take me uite long to read but it never even came close to interesting me The various plots Bah Couldn t care less The writing Atrocious Rigioniero nei sotterranei di Castel Sant'Angelo da una congiura della massoneria e che è stato sostituito da un sosia Per estorcere denaro organizza una crociata Fra le vittime c'è il cognato del fratellastro di Lafcadio Amédée.

Wonderful but also a bit of a hot mess The Vatican Cellars starts off as a painfully dull 19th century novel of family disagreement roughly as entertaining as Fontane and then for no apparent reason turns into a glorious farce involving a fake pope kidnapping an egregiously intrusive narrator a motiveless murder well before Camus metanarrative silliness a beautifully executed plot resolution and a typically excellent Gidean moral conundrum if we judge morality based on intention can an act be wrong if it s unmotivated This must slot into the fake pope kidnapping in some way but I haven t puzzled that out Black Women in White America yet unless those who charge this book with nihilism are right and the point is that the very idea of intention is useless just as the pope as symbol is this book suggests empty given that we can never be certain that the pope is actually the pope and not someone stuck on the throne by conspiratorially minded free masons All of which is great The difficulty is getting through that god awful opening which Gide clearly knew was god awful but kept there just to make sureou realized that he was making fun of such very respectable people in the text that followed It s intellectually satisfying but aesthetically offensive and certainly I ll be skipping it when I re read this A new addition to the list of my all time favorite novels Funny how that often seems to be the case with things I picked up decades ago and left languishing on my shelves unread A brief mention of Lafcadio in Sanouillet s Dada In Paris finally piued my interestThis is a nasty witty farcical novel which suarely takes aim at the credulous and convention bound particularly those of a pious bent I won t share any spoilers as to the plot so as not to deny the same pleasure I felt reading Lafcadio s Adventures to the uninitiated The eponymous hero is amorality incarnate and recalls Dorian Grey in some respects notably in his beauty A host of cunning rogues and blinkered fools populate his world as the action jumps from Paris to the south of France to Rome and Naples I expect that in 1914 when this was released under its original French title Les Caves du Vatican it must have offended all the right people Is it possible to choose freely to do evil is the uestion that Gide set out to explore in this sotie a kind of light hearted philosophical jeu d esprit and satire interesting too as an early novelistic exploration of the theme of paranoia and conspiracy theory The answer is no but much fun is had at the expense of the Church and bourgeoisie along the way Andr Gide is not always a fun writer His Strait. Lafcadio Wluiti scopre di essere figlio naturale del vecchio conte Agénor de Baraglioul di cui diventa uno degli eredi A Pau un suo ex compagno di scuola Protos ha inventato un colossale imbroglio che il papa Leone XIII è tenuto

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André Paul Guillaume Gide was a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1947 Gide's career ranged from its beginnings in the symbolist movement to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World WarsKnown for his fiction as well as his autobiographical works Gide exposes to public view the conflict and eventual reconciliation between the two sides of his personality s