Grace Burrowes: Les Lords solitaires (Tome 7) - Andrew

La passion de nagure renat toujours aussi imptueuse Au fond Andrew sait bien uAstrid est la femme de sa vie Alors pouruoi persiste t il fuir le bonheu.

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Andrew Alexander a uitt lAngleterre pour sillonner le monde et fuir son pass Aujourdhui il rentre au pays inuiet de revoir ladorable Astrid son amour

E jeunesse jamais perdue pour lui depuis uelle sest marie un vicomteuel choc lorsuil apprend uAstrid est veuve Veuve et enceinte Ds leurs retrouvailles.

I started writing as an antidote to empty nest and soon found it an antidote to life in general I am the sixth out of seven children and was raised in the rural surrounds of central Pennsylvania Early in life I spent a lot of time reading romance novels and practicing the piano My first career was as a technical writer and editor in the Washington DC area a busy profession that nonetheless left enough time to read a lot of romance novelsIt also left enough time to grab a law degree through an evening program produce Beloved Offspring only one but she is a lion and eventually move to the lovely Maryland countryside While reading yet still romance novels there is a trend here I opened a law practice acuired a masters degree in Conflict Transformation I had a teenage daughter by then and started thinking about writing romance novels This aim was realized when Beloved Offspring struck out into the Big World Mom why doesnt anybody tell you being a grown up is hardI eventually got up the courage to start pitching manuscripts to agents and editors The uery letter that resulted in the call started out I am the buffoon in the bar at the writers retreat who could not keep her heroines straight could not look you in the eye and could not stop blushing and if that doesnt narrow down the possibilities your job is even harder than I thought The dear lady bought the book anywayYou can contact me though email at graceburrowesyahoocom or through my website at graceburrowescom