Don Ladigin: Lighten Up!: A Complete Handbook for Light and Ultralight Backpacking (Falcon Guide)

E s book goes into a lot detail and there wasn t much in Lighten Up that wasn t covered in Mike s book Having read both my impression is that Don Ladigan is an xcellent ultralight hiker but Mike Clelland is a better writerHowever the book was well organized and gives a good overview of the topics important to hiking lighter Judged on its own I recommend this book because it gets you thinking about what you can do to reduce weight on your backpacking trips This was a very good guide in how to select lighter backpacking gear I admit I come from a traditional backpacking approach and as I m getting older a lighter approach is needed I had no idea there where Alter Ego euipment choices that are half the weight orven less Using gear that covers several uses instead of taking specialized stuff is perhaps obvious but I hadn t actually gone through a check list and weighed ach item in my kit Now I have and I ve already shaved off a bunch of weight I m now prioritizing uipment purchases to focus on the heaviest items for replacement The backpack shelter and sleep systems are the Big Three as Don calls Uncommon Wisdom em Each should be 2 lbs or less My knees will be so much happier This book and it s illustrations appear to be done in cartoontongue in cheek format but that s not really the case If you put the humor attempts aside the illustrations there is a lot of valuable info here on techniues to lower your pack weight There is a goodxplanation of how lightweight and ultralight guidelines are determined how to calculate your base weight tc There is also a list of pros and cons which make you realize that you can pick and choose what works for you to keep you confident and comfortable when in the outdoors I didn t find this book that useful Wish I d never bought it Great book loads of great advice. Afe comfortable and well fed while carrying a very small and lightweight pack.

When I started backpacking I put my traditional canoe camping gear in a big pile and then bought a backpack big nough to carry it all It weighed over 60 pounds with food and water for an overnighter I was like a Sherpa only not as physically fit as one and the hills ate me up I jut figured this is how it had to beThis book should be reuired reading before buying a backpackSince I have read this book I have upgraded some gear that was really unsuited to backpacking and have gone from an 80 liter pack that had a base weight of over 50 pounds down to a 50 liter pack that has a base weight of 20 pounds My feet and my knees thank you DonI now Art enjoy the walk instead of dreading it Instead of praying for the campsite to come into view and dumping the pack with a groansigh of relief and collapse for a while until I muster up thenergy to set up camp I now arrive with plenty of God Is in the Crowd energy and feel great I no longer carry all kinds of just in case items and now I look atach item and decide if it is really worth bringing along and I have found I do just fine in fact I do Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard even better without all the unnecessary gear I am a pack rat and my pack weighs 50 pounds Further I am anngineer that believes in multiple redundancies I was going to have my gravestone The Matriarchs (The Family engraved with Death by backpack I needed this book It has given me a fresh look at how I can make hiking fun instead of barely bearableThanks The illustrator of this book Mike Clelland has a way of drawing some neat sketches of the important concepts in this book and these sketches work particularly This is a good book to readven if you have reduced the weight of your backpack I got my pack down to 1343 pounds and after reading Don Ladigin Book Lighten Up I managed to reduce the weight some His suggestion were some things I never. Short to the point and humorously illustrated by famed outdoor illustrator Mi.

Thought about but made perfectly good senseIf you just want some good reading or want to lighten your pack then this is one good book to readI was a little disappointed that he did not discuss Hammock Camping since I prefer a hammock I found a lot of useful hints in The Ultimate Hang by Derek J Hansien on hammocks This book is sadly lacking in relative information for those considering a lightweight trip There is nothing in it that couldn t be found on Notes for the Everlost euipment manufacturer s websites and there are a number of lightweight backpacking sites offering free guidance of far greater relevance Save weight and money and type Lightweight Backpacking into Google instead good tips Don Ladigan s book is a good introduction to the theory and practice of lightweight camping and hiking Evenxperienced hikers who have read other authors and been thinking about this for a long time will find some pearls of wisdom to mull over Mike Clelland s illustrations are When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) entertaining and I also heartily recommend all of his books on ultralighting and backcountry skiing Innovations in lightweight gear and techniues have made it possible to hike with a very light pack and maintain a level of comfort undreamed ofven a decade ago to say nothing of the Trapper Nelson pack board and tube tent days of my youth Lighten Up is a good introduction to the principles of backpacking light It doesn t go into a lot of detail on any of the subjects but presents topics like shleter clothing sleeping and food in a way that helps to sort out what s really important and what types of things can be done to reduce weight This book was highly recommended by the illustrator Mike Clelland in his book Ultralight Backpackin Tips with two mentions in the text plus listing it in the recommended reading section in the back Mik. Ke Clelland this book presents verything hikers and backpackers need to be

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