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Like Vanessa is categorized under middle grade and children s fiction but I eckon that it will be appreciated by young adults because of its story and because of how uite long it is The novel is about Vanessa Nessy Martin a Black American Heart wrenching moving and inspirational all at once Who d have ever thought I d get involved in the story about a beauty pageant contestant But this book has so much to offer Vanessa s aspirations go so much deeper than beauty pageants Vanessa dearly wants to be loved and to be considered beautiful Her uest to achieve beauty leads her to the discovery that the beauty is inside herself and it has been there all along Vanessa is so genuine so honest in her thoughts although she sometimes holds back in her words and actions She has such heart I could immediately identify with Vanessa though her world and mine are entirely different Very well written at times heart wrenching and extremely emotionally involving throughout I can highly ecommend Like Vanessa for anyone age 12 and older when it comes out in March of 2018 I eceived a copy of this book from Charlesbridge via NetGalley in exchange for an honest eview Update 11202017 There s a giveaway happening for this book n Definitely enter it this is one of my fave eleases of 2018 yes I know it s not even 2018 yet but nothing can beat Like Vanessa sorry Everybody s got their ep Mine I m like oxygen you know I m there but you don t see me I shut my mouth I make good grades And when the bell ings at the end of the day I take my butt home close my door and dream of a place far far away from here Holy crap What a book I try to stay away from middle grade ealistichistorical fiction because it tends to have a lack of diversity and shies away from important topicswraps everything up in the end with a nice little bow. In this semi autobiographical debut novel set in 1983 Vanessa Martin's eal life eality of living with family in public housing in Newark New Jersey is a far cry from the glamorous Miss America stage She struggles with an incarce.

But Like Vanessa shattered every expectation I have of middle grade lit This is a book that parents need to ead This is a book that children need to ead This is a book that needs to be ead in classrooms in homes everywhere It s 1983 and 13 year old Vanessa Martin is full of dreams Dreams of her mama coming back home dreams that her grandfather will stop drinking dreams of winning the Miss America pageant And when I ead this book I was caught up in all of her dreams My heart swelled and was broken with hers Characters are what make or break a book for me and they surely made this book The people in Like Vanessa are eal and hungry and angry and empty and wanting Vanessa was everything little girls and boys look for in a heroine and the struggles that she goes through are sadly still prevalent issues that children and teens face in America today I also eally enjoyed eading about her cousin TJ He loves his family deeply and his struggle to hide his true self is something that many teens can elate to Like Vanessa is a seriously powerful book It caused me to examine my own privilege in a deeper wayThis book deals with a lot of important stuff such as acism colorism classism alcoholism abusive parents drug issues and homophobia but it does it in a way that is subtle enough for Like Vanessa to still ead like a middle grade book If I had ead this book when I was ten I probably would have not picked up on as much as I did now I would ecommend for parents to ead this book with their children so that they can answer any uestions they might have But don t be put off by how aw this book is it is definitely full of important lessons that many young kids can benefit from So whether you e looking for the next book to ead to your class or a book to ead and talk about as a family or if like me you e Rated mother she barely emembers a grandfather dealing with addiction and her own battle with self confidence But when a new teacher at school coordinates a beauty pageant and convinces Vanessa to enter Vanessa's view of her own.

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Anting to venture out of YA for a bit I would highly ecommend Like Vanessa It will leave you thinking and wanting It is sure to be one of the best if not the best middle grade books of 2018 Now I can seethe eal meaning of beauty and it ain t got nothing to do with having light skin and a little waist All these years of watching the Miss America pageant and I ain t never seen a girl who looked like me And all I ever wanted was to live up to that American definition of beautyBut I can see it now You can t buy beauty or pray for it to come in the form of what you see on the television screen It s just something you gotta be I was given an eARC through NetGalley in exchange for a complete and honest eview hooray my first NetGalley I cannot say enough about this story If you are looking for impactful culturally diverse YA this is your book I was totally immersed in the MC s life from the first few pages Everything I want to ave about would be a spoiler so this is a very short eviewI was approved for an eARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest eview This book was Crazy Good The characters the plot and the writing were all well craftedOh how I loved Vanessa Her story had its differences yet it was so similar and familiar to my own I only wish I had been as brave as her when I was her age Her honesty and vulnerability were so efreshing to see I also loved how she was able to accept esponsibility for her mistakes and apologize Her elationship with TJ was probably my favorite I wish every student could have a Mrs Walton I m grateful that I didThis book covers so much from fatphobia to homophobia alcoholism povertylow income and Tami Charles tackles these subjects in an honest way that is ideal for all ages I m so glad stories like this are being written and published I would highly ecommend thi. World begins to change Vanessa discovers that her own self worth is than the scores of her talent performance and her interview answers and that she doesn't need a crown to be comfortable in her own skin and see her own true beaut.