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Like so many things in life this book is visually beautiful but once you et into it it disappointsthe problem it suffers from is that it is way too short to try to keep redefining itself is it a host story a family story a class story the meditation on chileanargentinian conflict and integration a series of philosophical musings the story of young irl s emotional entree into sexuality and adulthood the problem is it tries to do it all remember when michael jordan played baseball yeah that sucked this is less embarrassing and it has some really nice passages in it mostly involving food shopping and some awesome descriptions of fruit but i was instructed to read landscaper painter and i will A Short History of Ireland, 1500-2000 give that one ao later for now i will just If an Elephant Went to School gaze at the lone white spot on the cover and try to hypnotize myself into appreciating it chokengtitiktitikchokengs in case you were wondering rohinsky this applies to your december rules because of a christmas carol and thehosts therein Ghosts Ghosts everywhere Ghosts hovering in the corners of an unfinished building on its roof telling time extending invitations calling The titular Morse Code for Radio Amateurs ghosts the characters renderedhostlike by their appearance then disappearance from the story The The Ideal Muslim Society ghost of a story hovering over the text to be told but not told Thehost of thought the unbuilt the unwritten The ideaA haunting story that leaves the reader feeling there is to it the knowledge the author predicts will come through a novel rather than from it Subdued deliberate Linux Networking Cookbook gauzy Ahost story for the non Marcus Garvey genre readerA littleem shoved into the last days of the year to complete my GR Reading Challenge FRIENDLY ENEMIES goal thehost of a year spent reading some truly remarkable novels Good friends those hosts I m about to pick my life up and start again 2000km away in the tropics I want to take all of Aira s books with me to be the books I look back on as symbolic of this time There s a warm easygoing daydreamy sensibility to the writing that I coul. On a building site of a new luxury apartment building visitors looked up at the strange irregular form of the water tank that crowned the edifice and the big parabolic dish that would supply television images to all the floors On the edge of the dish a sharp met.

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Rhaps it s the oppressive Buenos Aires sun beating down upon the little unfinished apartment perched atop that toweri He seemed to really want us to understand that these hosts had weiners Fluidly mundane and metaphysical a family drifts through a half finished luxury highrise as the turn of the new year impends Class and cultural division aboriginal dreamtime the semiotics of settlement layout atypical And a Bottle of Rum ghost stories deadly ennui lot ofround covered in a compact 140 pages A patient dense even handedsane attentive purposefully naturalistic short novel populated by what seems like many undercharacterized characters milling about and talking in paragraphless dialogue as naked manly Crochet ghosts hover around and sometimes piss in arcs that produce rainbows with a metallic sheen Excellent active ending like a methodical casually eddying river that suddenly accelerates toward its catarata Aira really shifts from static dense atmospherics to electrified sprints A tricky shifty writer who throws changeups that is intentionally slows things down manifests some serious density so a faster sentence jumps out that much uicker in comparison He was letting his thoughts show in thatentle docile way because sleepiness was overcoming him irresistibly And both aspects of his excuse were reasonable in a way The mood of summery exhibitionism prevailing on the site accentuated perhaps by the imperfect deceptive repetition from one floor So many Playhouse ghost penises I think they were supposed to have Literary Significance but that was an awful lot of them to describe in freuent detail in such a short novellaI mean Iet the implied symbolism there regarding view spoilerunwanted attentionprostitutionrape of the character andor the poor hide spoiler What is Genuine WeirdnessThe is stupendous When I first read Ghosts there are only five things in English four novels and a chapter chosen by Roberto Bola o in an anthology When he is at his best in say one of every ten books Aira has. See large and handsome hosts around their uarters but the teenage daughter is the most curious Her uestions about them become and heartfelt until the story reaches a critical chilling moment when the mother realizes that her daughter's life hangs in the balanc.

D happily bathe in There s a pragmatism to the characters and a sense of irony mixed with magical rea It is New Years Eve and a Chilean family is preparing to celebrate with family and friends The book is set almost entirely in an unfinished luxury high rise in Argentina where the Vinas family stays during a short term job assignment security detail for the building The condo is also haunted by a collection of nude male hosts The oldest daughter Patri is invited to a party that will cost her her life Can her mother s love save her Does she need to be saved The story is creepy even a little unsettling The relationships and characters are authentic in the way that magical realist characters can be a sincere earnest way just beyond your peripheral vision A thoughtful experiment in magical realism GHOSTS meanders through some philosophical ruminations and the reader slogs along Aira muses over Desire and Deceive great ideas life love boredom etc The reader is repaid for their patience however with culminating weirdness at the end This book is really short but if you are the type to absorb vague philosophies from fictionet lost in daydream you might find it takes a surprisingly long time to et through the 138 pages The dusk was provisional indifferent subtle its compartments of light were home to no one for the moment but anyone could see their image cut out of a photograph and stuck to the beautiful heavenly roof It made a lot of sense when I read of Aira s constant flight forward in his writing I find the resulting effect of his form of composition to be alternately distracting and mesmerizing The aimlessness the digressions they can either overwhelm or carry along It depends on whether I ve successfully made it into Aira s hypnotic dreamlike space There was at least one section here where I had to put the book down because I knew I wasn t there and particularly considering the book s brevity it seemed wrong to continue There is a melancholic heaviness about this one pe. Allic edge on which no bird would have dared to perch three completely naked men were sitting with their faces turned up to the midday sun; no one saw them of course from GhostsGhosts is about a construction worker's family suatting on a building site They all.

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