Kylee K. Yount: Loving Blackmail

The book is great and I would give stars but there are so many grammatical mistakesso35 stars Pur fect Loving Blackmail i an oka. What Ruxin Novak wants he gets by any means necessary When he finds himself wanting sweet innocent Eva Thorpe he esorts to blackmai.

Here and there Fhcdhc chhc Sensuality PGDNF 18%Shallow juvenile cheesy version of the billionaire tropeHo meter H dunno h virgin. St in her feelings for Ruxin Will she see him as the cold hearted person everyone else says he is or find the eal man beneath it al.

Y story Good to ead once because the idea of it isn t that interesting in my opinion It could ve been incredible with a few tweaks. Ling her With every second he spends with her he feels drawn to herWith a new possessive fake boyfriend Eva finds herself getting lo.

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