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Ook After reading this book I really got to know why he called Iron man of India The vision he had for India was really great that has never seen in any other person He really got a very small amount of time to serve india but if he got just another 5 10 years then India would something else then it is today What a great man 355 Dinkar Joshi is the acclaimed author of the celebrated play Mahatma vs Gandhi Since he seemed to be ite knowledgeable about the independence movement and its personalities picked his one p despite having read a couple of biographies of Sardar earlier It neither indulged in hero worship not did it try to explore the faultlines in Sardar s ideas and actions On the positive side the book focused on the time period of 1945 50 When I read the definitive Patel A Life I remember being surprised at the sudden change in Sardar s personality after being released from jail in 1945 From Gandhiji Tel who played a pivotal role in India's struggle of Indepe.

Rated it Awesome nice book Superb book Gives you a good view of how much it took for this one person First Home minister of India Sardar Patel to nite the country we are living in Everyone must read I had heard a lot from elders about Sardar But when I read what he believed in his own words I was overwhelmed by the vision this man had Whatever loop holes and corruption we are seeing today the beginning of that can be seen hidden Must Love Santa under some of the politicians demands which they had put forward immediately after independence It was Sardar who strongly disagreed to their demands and put them aside But after Sardar s death all those demands were accepted by then government giving rise to problems India is facing today Sardar was needed for 10 years for India s secured future However how much Nehru and others would have allowed him to work is anotherestion Nicest I am very exicted for read the books Great Biographic Novel on Iron Man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Pa.

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Yes man he became his own man and we Indians cannot thank god for that enough The book also reminded me of Ketan Mehta s superb movie Sardar which I have watched a no of times and in some places I could imagine Paresh Rawa A well researched biographic novel by the authorSardar Patel s mammoth great contribution in India s freedom struggle then in Integration 500 small states into India is well covered with minute details but in a very binding lucid languageThe book also covers Saradr s ideological differences with Gandhi ji Nehru other Congress leaders on matters of Secularism Taking localinternal problems to International forums making it complexThe book has also covered some interesting instances where Nehru Abdul Kalam Azad s viewsthinkingpolicies actions were grossly immature even selfish to some extent which has long lasting far reaching impact on Independent IndiaOverall a great work by author Dinkar Josh. Ndence guided its integration into a nitedindependent nati.