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Our library system Essential reading for students of marketing Caples starts the book with a recount of his first day on the job I thought that was awesome to bring his own personal narrative into this mostly informational book Caples has lots of great ideas and does an xcellent job dissecting the processes he used on his most successful ads Brilliant. Rs from cub to chief can benefit from his helpful suggestions This is a valuable textbook for very student of advertising and very writer of ads declared the Christian Science Monitor and Booklist pronounced it of interest to anyone interested in what makes our business conomy wor.

On par with books by David Ogilvy highly recommend on the topic of sales marketing Market and time tested basic principles xactly what one should look for instead of pseudo science over complicated crap which describes 99% of marketing sales literature todayAs he writes marketing techniues change but human nature always and forever stays the same Chapt. Why does one ad succeed while another fails This classic by a veteran copywriter analyzes hundreds of profitable ads offering many side by side comparisons between similar but not Science, Technology and Culture euallyffective ads These analyses yield principles procedures tips and practical suggestions ach te.

Er 8 is golden The beginning is very useful but the nding isn t so great Chapters 1 7 is mostly principlesChapter 8 is chock full of Black Boy examples of those principles appliedChapters 9nd is mostly tactics can get somewhat boring and outdated A timeless classic So good it was worth paying the library overdue fees because it took uite a while to get through. Sted with decades of Nighttime Sweethearts experience that can be immediately applied tovery medium and style of advertising During his six decade career at the top advertising firm of BBDO Batten Barton Durstine Osborn author John Caples pioneered the techniues of ffective copy testing All copywrite.

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Born in New York May 1 1900; graduated from the US Naval Academy at Annapolis 1924; began his career in advertising at Ruthrauff moved to Barton Durstine retired from BBDO 1983; died in New York June 10 1990