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Ok to cut to the chase I think the descriptions of Stanley Tina Dorian tc are brilliant as well as the author describing the little details that might be missed on screen I did find most of Dorian s chapters uite boring however until about three uarters of the way through Unfortunately Peter Greene s weird attractiveness and charisma doesn t translate well to the written word Ultimately I m giving this book a better score because of my love of the film I just don t think ther. Mask a wild ride of action comedic thrills and inventive special ffects stars Jim Carrey In Living.

Watch the movie The issue with comedy films is that I find they don t translate very well to novelizations The humour just doesn t come across which could be partly due to Jim Carrey s manic ad libbing and the fact that this is a well loved film There are some xtendeddeleted scenes and dialogue included in this It has an xtended introduction with just how the Mask came to be which was cut down significantly from the film While it s interesting you just really wanted the bo. A novelization by Steve Perry of Chuck Russel's screenplay based on the Dark Horse comics series The.

E should have been a novelization as I found it uite disappointing overall I would still recommend this book as a fairly decent novelization and at 222 pages it s uite a lengthy one compared to some that I have read For me personally humourous novelizations just don t work particularly when you have such a strong actor behind the main character I m just feeling on the fence with this it has strong writing but just falls short of being closeadding anything additional to the fil. Color and Ace Ventura Pet Detective and promises to be one of the big box office hits of late summe.

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Librarians note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameSteven Carl Perry has written over fifty novels and numerous short stories which have appeared in various magazines and anthologies Perry is perhaps best known for the Matador series He has written books in the Star Wars Alien and Conan universes He was a collaborator on all of the Tom Clancy's Net Force s