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The scuba diving philosopher who wrote Other Minds xplores the origins of animal consciousness Dip below the ocean's surface and you are soon confronted by forms of life that could not seem foreign to our own sea sponges soft corals and serpulid worms whose rooted bodies intricate geometry and flower like appendages are reminiscent of plant life or Grant Cardone LIVE even architecture than anything recognizably animal Yet these creatures are our cousins As fellow members of the animal kingdom the Metazoa they can teach us much about thevolutionary origins of not only our bodies but also our mindsIn his acclaimed 2016 book Other Minds the philosopher and scuba diver Peter Godfrey Smith

Subjective lives of animals Following the LE SAPIN POUSSE DANS LES CAVES evolutionary paths of a glass sponge soft coral banded shrimp octopus and fish then moving onto land and the world of insects birds and primates like ourselves Metazoa gathers their stories together in a way that bridges the gap between mind and matter addressing one of the most vexing philosophical problems that of consciousnessCombining vivid animalncounters with philosophical reflections and the latest news from biology Metazoa reveals that ven in our high tech AI driven times there is no understanding our minds without understanding nerves muscles and active bodies The story that results is as rich and vibrant as life itse.

Xplored the mind of the octopus the closest thing to an intelligent alien on Earth In Metazoa Godfrey Smith xpands his inuiry to animals at large investigating the The Mangle Street Murders evolution of subjectivexperience with the assistance of far flung species As he delves into what it feels like to perceive and interact with the world as other life forms do Godfrey Smith shows that the appearance of the animal body well over half a billion years ago was a profound innovation that set life upon a new path In accessible riveting prose he charts the ways that subseuent volutionary developments yes that track for The Black Eyed Stranger example and bodies that move through and manipulate thenvironment shaped the.

I am currently Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center CUNY City University of New York and Professor of History and Philosophy of Science half time at the University of SydneyI grew up in Sydney Australia My undergraduate degree is from the University of Sydney and I have a PhD in philosophy from UC San Diego I taught at Stanford University between 1991 and 2003 a