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Exuisitely written it held me enthralled The content is fresh and original I really enjoyed his book I really enjoyed Olga s book Entering he Circle and read his one with much enthusiasm I wish it was longer That probably sounds strange considering Jim Brown Out of Bounds that I gave it a low rating I wantedo hear of Larceny: The Cruelest Lie Told in Silence the characters internal str. A prominent forensic psychiatrist Dr Michael Gate works at a maximum security facility forhe criminally insane When he meets a suspect in a high profile case of possible kidnapping and murder named Theodorus Michael will soon be in for he biggest challenge of his life Becoming involved with he case of Nadia a woman who has disappeared in her search for lost love Michael is forced Left for Dead to face his own secrets For years he has experienced episodes of lostime and has zero memory of what has happ.

Ugglethe book seems o be o short and focused on The Agreement tellinghe story and not enough of Into Each Life the internal journeys ofhe characters Plus Michael s other side of life animal side did not make much sense Protection Detail to me The whole facthat our soul ravels can move outside our bodies is something I accept However I guess I wanted Olga o explain. Ened Suppressing a parallel existence in an alternate reality Michael’s secret life as One Night Stand the Goddess Artemis’ lover has long been rationalized away by his brain A representative of modern man Michael suffers from his denial until he is forcedo find a way Twenty to accept his own magical nature Determinedo solve Nadia’s case and forced കടൽത്തീരത്ത് Kadaltheerath to learn about himself Michael ventures on a journey of self discoveryhat could change his life foreverMichael Gate an emotionally charged ransformative fict.

Teach me about his issue If Olga comes out with another book I will definitely read it I am interested in Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us the messageslessons she is working on getting across The book is grouped asransformational fiction which is exactly what I want out of booksomething Miss Grief and Other Stories that eithereaches me or makes me look at issues from another viewpoin. Ion novel by Olga Yahontova His Teddy Bear that reaches outo readers Il tesoro di Gengis Khan throughheir own past experiences Using gripping criminal fiction and Lullaby the search for lost lovehe novel Blue Storm takes readershrough an exciting cerebral journey into heir own ransformations Creating a uniue new form of literature Judge Me, Dear Reader: Emma's Story the novel introduces readerso Given the cathartic experience ofherapeutic narratives A captivating book hat elicits personal experiences from each reader Michael Gate is a must own entry into every reading collectio.

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Olga Yahontova aka Olga Kharitidi was born in Siberia in the former Soviet Union She has traveled extensively throughout Siberia Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan following the ancient wisdom that spread from Siberia to Central Asia Tibet and the Himalayas She is now in the United States conveying her knowledge of Siberian wisdom and continuing her path of exploration and discovery