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Expected to be screaming with laughter or at least splitting my face with my widest grin At most I cracked a smile in a couple of pages but I didn t really find this funny I didn t understand what was supposed to be funny about the lists It seemed all nonsense to me Maybe it would have been funnier if performed by a comedian the humor may have been lost in translation I gave up when I realized I wasn t exactly reading it but letting my eyes wander across the lines It was a free kindle book It claimed to be so funny ou d wet ourself laughing It s about as funny as this review this is a book of funny lists well some are funny some are gross and some are just plain stupid i guess humor like beauty is in the eye of the beholde. Nes Ten Bizarre Hobbies Fourteen Novelty Items That Never Took Off Four Things You Shouldn’t Do in Zero Gravity Conditions Four UFO Incidents That Are Weirder Than Usua.

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And I found some of the humour offensive homophobic poking fun at those with mental and physical conditions I didn t finish it and deleted it from my Kindle a first for meIf I could have given it 0 stars I would have OMG parts of this were laugh till ou can t breathe funny Parts not so much probably parts like this than less My husband and dogs were compelled to investigate what had me laughing so much Overall I m glad I read it and will go back to the pee my pants funny parts to read when I need a laugh BOOOORRRIIINNNNGGGGG The introduction said something about pissing myself laughing reading this book I barely cracked a smile Hardly worth the price I paid for it which was free from Not a Good Read Based on the title Ansport ou into a world of nonstop laughter Lists include Seven Examples of Truth in Advertising You Will Never See Twenty Five Really Lousy Jobs The Ten Worst Pickup Li.

I was expecting than this humorless set of lists when I picked up Milking the Rhino I was highly disappointed that I not only didn t laugh but barely cracked a smile This book is going in my give away pile right now Thought I d be laughing or smiling a lotI think I laughed once and smiled 4 times That could have been a result of my crummy mood and hoping to be cheered up but it didn t happen It was a free kindle bookwe may have paid too much for it I think I would have loved the book if the examples uoted were taken from real life and not just made up Sure some of this lists were funny but I wouldn t spend full price on this book I got it for free This was free from and the write up looked promising however it wasn t funny. In Milking the Rhino master comedian Chris Rush uses a series of unforgettable surreal images to create hilarious verbal cartoons presented in a seductive list form to tr.

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