Cruella Pain: Miss Ballbuster

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Ory is told as a retrospective with Amy living with her mother barely making nds meet and trying to get a little ahead Her plan to get ahead involves The school failed by society in general No ualifications no prospects no life Then one day after an life changing ncounter with her creepy bank manager she researches ‘woman who kick men in the balls’ and a whole new world is opened up A whole new.

Pillar of society who foolishly misuses a position of authority Amy s xploration leads her to Mistress B who tutors her and transforms her Recommended. Life She meets Mistress B who introduces her to the spiteful delights of ballbusting and she learns to see the world very differently She discovers what is already within her She becomes a very ager student as her bank manager learns to his painful co.

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Amy Martin AKA Miss Ballbuster is now living a life of leisure courtesy of her slave who craves her singular talent honed by kickboxing classes This st. An Extreme FemDom StoryA hardcore ballbusting tale of one young girl’s ventful journey of self discovery and her re birth as ‘Miss Ballbuster’Amy Martin was young pretty nergetic and talented She was also a failure Failed by her family failed by.