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Od isn t only the setting I wanted to be a wild life biologist when I was a teenager and move to Alaska to study the wolves so I gobbled p everything set there but the fact that both Jeremy and Madison lied in their letters to each others Not life shattering lies but painting a rosier picture of themselves They talked about the person they wanted to be than the person they actually wereSo naturally this brings along a coupl. L order brideAfter living through an arctic night it had been easy for Jeremy's buddies to talk him into signing p for a pen pal and Jeremy thought he'd found the perfect one in farm fresh Madelaine Price But the moment he saw her he knew the cold had truly frozen

Enjoyed it Started a bit confusing but ironed out in end A nice read I have so many fond memories of this one It s just so wonderful Jeremy was a Wall Street hot shot who grew tired of it all and decided to live a simpler life in the wild of Alaska Only he grew a bit lonely and ended p exchanging letters with Madison From one thing came another and they decided to have a marriage of convenience What makes this story so go. MR AUGUSTWho Jeremy KincaidWhere Holed p in a primitve fishing lodge in isolated Alaskan bush countryWhy To leave his big city blues behind and get back to basicsComplication The luscious long legged blonde who just stepped off the plane Name Madelaine Price his mai.

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E of bad surprises when they actually meet The beauty of it all is that even if they lied those people they painted fit beautifully together and even if they aren t those people yet together they become those people It s how true romance should be reallyIt s nlikely but beautiful and while the last conflict is close to the typical Big Misunderstanding it was an nderstandable conflict born out of fearIt s such a joyful book. Is brain She might have been stunning but whoever heard of a man marrying a woman he'd never met before Yet from the instant Maddy batted her baby blue eyes he was lost Never mind the subzero temperatures Maddy generated a heat that chased away the most blustery chil.

Joyce Thies met her husband in college and it was love at first sight Readers might recognize her as the Joyce half of Janet Joyce or Jenna Lee Joyce the other half was Janet Bieber She also wrote a romance as Melissa Scott Territorial Rights but is now but is now writing under her own name While researching a historical about early Montana Joyce fell in love with the beautiful philosop